Monday, December 28, 2009

Saucony Pic

Finally a descent looking race picture!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day 10 miler

Let me take you back a bit. In 2005 I started Triathlon and started running. I used to play football, weigh 200 lbs and not eat that healthy. When I took up this sport, I started with a great group out of Port Credit. This consisted of people who have done Ironman, Boston, New York and many other races you can only dream of. In this group I met a guy named Bob Rose. I outspoken 55 year old who was fast! Everyone told me to be careful of this guy and not piss him off. So I did the opposite and pressed on him every chance I could. After he would shatter me every run and bike we would get together and talk about Triathlon, goals and anything you can think of. I need to first give a huge shout out to Bob because I wouldn't be where I am today without is help, inspiration and drive to succeed, in life or triathlon!

After a run on Christmas Day 2005 Bob said we should do the race tomorrow. I had no perception on running at this point and was just completing 12km without keeling over. The race was the Boxing Day 10 miler in Hamilton. At this point I thought it was a 10km and said sure lets do this, not knowing it was a mile race. The race was cold in 2005 and as Bob explains it almost had me at the line but I out sprinted him and finished in a time of 1:12. Now if you know Bob this story has lasted with me to this day and pretty sure forever. After the race we went out for breakfast and Bob said to me, "If you can go Sub 60min on this course, you can call yourself a runner!! Until then you are just a jogger!" This quote has stuck with me.

Now to the present. The temp was amazing, 4 degrees, no rain and no snow!!! my goal was to 58-59min. Something I haven't done on this course before. I come so close and just can't hang on. my goal was simple, take it out for the first 5miles around 5:45 per mile and hang on through the hill section. 5 miles in I was at 29:22 right on pace. I only gave up 20 seconds on the hill section and kept the legs moving. I was pretty much on my own for most of the race except one female runner who was super fast on the downhill and I would catch her on the up hill. To bad the finish was downhill..she got me..haha.

The great part about this race is I went 59:44. A great way to finish off the year! I can call myself a runner and all the hard work is paying off. This medal is the best medal I have because it means a lot to me and to the people who have stuck by me and pushed me to be the best. Thanks Bob!

The race this year was great and I have to also say congratulations to my wife, who is super fast! and ran a 1:23. She is back racing ladies and gentlemen and I can't be prouder! Also Bob did a 1:21 and Kelly did a 1:22. I also have to thank Saucony for the wicked gear and shoes. Their A3 Flats are super fast...just don't wear them when the ground is wet and running through trials..haha..holes in the bottom. Lastly thanks to Gord and the Nomads who are going to help me kill it this year in the run!

All the best and have a Merry Christmas!

2010 is going to be insane. Next year 57 haha

Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Tri Geek Talk

Everyone knew it was coming. Talking about the upcoming gear for 2010! haha

I have been given insider trading tips on the new gear, swag and endurance formulas coming out in the new year. Mostly from my sponsors, Saucony Canada, Gears Bike Shop, Cera Sport, Xterra Wetsuits, ISM Saddles, Trigger Point and Altitude Tech. Let the fun begin:

Saucony: 2010 is a Big year for Saucony. They have new shoes coming out, which will blow away the competition. 2009 was great the shoes such as the Triumph, Fasttwich and their best flat ever the Type A3 kept me injury free in some tough terrain races. I can't give it away but watch out 2XU and Nike in 2010, I have seen what is coming and it is going to be huge! Also if you are knee deep in snow the new Razor will keep your feet warm, dry and you will have full traction! Amazing.

Gears Bike Shop: Gears is coming on strong in 2010 and giving some of the best deals around for Specialized bikes. Not going to lie, I bought one myself for the deals that are going on right now. They bought all the 2009 models so if you are in need of a bike and don't want to spend the 3-4 thousand dollars head to gears and pick up a top of the line 2009 bike for half the price. Also get ready to see the new colour designs of the Transitions for 2010, they look super sleek!

Cerasport: Cerasport is the best product on the market in terms of electrolytes and osmolarity. I was excited to try their formula and haven't looked back. Many athletes such as Richie Cunningham and Mirinda Carfrae have switched to the formula which is easy on the stomach and keeps the engine going. Remember the last thing you want is hyponotremia! (Hope I spelt that right!) Also I ahve introduced CeraSport to many clients and athletes and they say the same thing. It keeps energy in the bank!!! 2010 Cerasport has some new tricks up their sleeves so check them out online or link through my website. Can't tell you what is coming out buy pretty excited!

Xterra Wetsuits: What can I say expect they are making me swim fast! The Vendetta has knocked time off my swim and I can't wait to put it on again in 2010. It is the most flexible and bouynt wetsuit around. 2010 they are going strong and taking over Ontario. If you don't have one get one because Xterra is taking over! Also not to mention their Fastskin, which in non-wetsuit swims have kept me in the pack and able to put time on my competitors! Amazing

ISM Seats: If you haven't seen their oddly shaped seat in 2009 get ready! 2010 is the year of ISM. Many of the pro's, like myself have switched to the saddle to increase power and save my bum on the bike. Doing 6 hours a day on the bike hurts and it is the best saddle around to decrease saddle soars. Not to mention the power it allows you to produce! They have new sleeker designs and endless reviews that will blow your mind. Check it out.

Sable Water Optics: They came on the scene a few years ago and haven't stopped. They are the most recognized goggle in triathlon and have some of the top professionals wearing them. They decrease the chance of fog and allow you to see a lot more of the water during a swim. In 2010 they will keep being one of the most desired goggles around.

Trigger Point Therapy: I am lucky to see a physio everyweek, but when I am away TP keeps me healthy. It hurts, but man does it work. They have many new tools to help with all the injuries a triathlete gets during the season from ITB pain to tight calf muscles. They help emmensly and if you don't have one get it! You will be fixed!!

Altitude Tech: As a professional athlete having a tent has kept me in the pack. Having a full time job means I can't train in Boulder or Arizona for parts of the year so I bring it to me. I have a tent in my house, which fits easily around my bed and is quite comfortable to sleep in. You can sleep at different setting but usually I am around 9000ft to increase hemocrit and also allow me to sleep. It is a tool I will keep using into 2010 and am glad I got one.

That is all for now have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Wolfman Out

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Allied Force 2010

So it has been finalized by our Mascot Maverick that Team Allied Force is on the highway to the Danger Zone in 2010! This was Posted on James Loaring Blog a couple days ago!

Several months ago, Mike Hay and I began acting on a vision to create an informal "field of dreams" squad (or team or club or group or network or call it what you will) that consists of a few other local passionate tri-geeks. The goal was to combine a few talented endurance athletes/coaches together for the occasional sparring session here in Guelph. Mike and I are both busy with family and full-time jobs, and we wanted to find a way to maximize our training time that is available after engaging to our more important family and work priorities. This state of time poverty is a common place that most triathletes find themselves in. While we are both more passionate about coaching others to success--then we are towards our own athletic goals--we feel that it is important for our on-going coaching development, to continue to train and compete with purposeful structure and goals. We knew there were other talented elites (several who also coach) that were training solo for part or much of their training program. They also head their own teams, or are loyal to other well respected and established teams. But sometimes they train on their own, and would prefer to spar with others during some of these occasions. Allied Force was born.

What is Allied Force?

Allied: "Joined or united in a close relationship"

Force: "Strength or energy of body or mind; active power; vigor; might; often, an unusual degree of strength or energy"

Allied Force is an informal, unofficial, non-sanctioned, not-for-profit, non-recruiting, tri-geek stomping ground for elite triathletes and/or endurance coaches--whom might benefit from training with a few other like-minded individuals for the occasional work-out--if the alternative is to train solo. The primary purpose of Allied Force is to encourage on-going learning and development while exercising...and having fun doing so.

It will be an opportunity to combine forces and put to the field our knowledge that we have gained from the lab, or books, or from our own training/coaching/racing experiences. We will continue to be our own guinea pigs, continue to search for clues. Similar to attending a coaching conference, or clinic, or seminar, we will be passionately engaged while out on the field playing, swimming, biking, running.

But it won't always be serious! While techy talk might comprise a portion of the chatter, make no mistake that a large portion of chatter will be comprised of mindless blabber and trash-talking.

The Current Roster:

Mike "Stinger" Hay
Steve “Houdini” Hewick
Mark “Merlin” Linseman
James “Viper” Loaring
Tyler “Wolfman” Lord
Dave “Iceman” Sharratt
Ryan “Hollywood” Smith

Maverick, my fearless bichon-poo, is the Team Mascot. His bark is much bigger than his bite. He has frightened many, even the likes of Thomas the Tank.

Why the cheesy code names?

Priority #1 in the sport of triathlon is.....(insert drum roll).....HAVE FUN! Every triathlete needs a nick name to help fuel more humour to the process of the Daily Grind. You can be serious and structured and focused, while having fun, at the SAME time. One without the other will never lead to optimal results.

Onwards and upwards we go...along the highway to the Dangerzone

Going to be a Great year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More SC Pics

Had a few extra to put up!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

South Carolina Training Camp

Sean, Bob, Glenn and I headed to South Carolina on Tuesday to get in some much needed training. This trip was to keep the motivation up as the weather started to get cold and to put miles on the legs!

Day 1: We got super lucky and the weather turned out to be 18 degrees! Amazing. Sean and I were trying to avg around 250 watts on the hills and keep it steady. The roads were beautiful and smooth, which made it ideal! Honestly for anyone looking for some amazing training head to SC! We ended up doing around 120km on day one! Close to a 5 hour ride with around 4000 calories burned oh yeah!

Day 2: This was going to be a fun day. Everyone told me about Caesar Head a 5mile climb with some solid switch backs. George Hincapie rides here with Tyler Hamilton and other Pro Riders on the Tour. I was super Excited! The word on the street was George did the climb in under 30min..damn!! I started a bit earlier but was around 40 min! I figured I was avg around 300 + watts the whole way up!! Sean then had a scenic route planned that almost cracked me! haha The route was a 20km loop, which broke both of us. 115km of Riding.

Day 3: It got chilly out. The weather was around 1 degree celsius and looked as if it wasn't going to get warmer. We did Caesar Head again then started a loop....until we couldn't feel our hands anymore. The weather was so cold ice was forming all over the place. We decided to call it a day and ended up doing 70km.

All together we did over 300km of riding in 3 days and I also got in a run on day 3! Oh yeah!! Check out the pics!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mileage vs. Quality

It is 6:48 in Victoria right now and I can't sleep so I decided to blog. It has been great to catch up with Kyle and Kelly. There apartment is great, a 2 bedroom located just outside downtown. Down the street are some of the best trials I have been on and as Shannon would say some of the best hiking!

I have been doing a lot of research on the difference between mileage running and Quality running. I came into the sport late so for me building up some serious mileage is necessary because other athletes have been doing it for years running and in the pool. This year I am excited to finally focus on quality running.

There is a great site called which calculates your VDOT number. This number will help you put together quality workouts based around the speed your are going at now. I showed it to Kyle and it was sent to his coach right away! Thanks Mike. Looking at the times for most guys in my field you have to run a sub 1:20 off the bike to compete...I am close, with hopefully with a lot of hard work I will be running a 1:18 off the bike this year and placing well within the field!

Ok Back to bed, check out the site!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wintercross 5km and Ride and Tie Event weekend

This weekend was non stop with Saturday being the Wintercross 5km open in the morning then watching Kyle and Simon race in the afternoon in the AGSI Cross Country Championships.

Larry Bradley did a great blog on the race so I would say check out his blog for a great race recap! Thanks Larry. It was a great race and to be honest I just went in to go fast! Need to start getting that speed up!

After my race I headed over to the Saucony tent where I met up with Matt Merko who is the man for Saucony!! He showed me the new line of shoes which looks awesome. They have a great new shoe for 2010, which is comparable to the Nike Lunar...but of course better! Also the Winter Razor shoe looks great and allows you to go through the snow or mud well saving your feet! After looking at the new line of shoes, Matt hooked me up with the new Vizi Pro. Now this gear is crazy. It is super bright, like orange bright and lets people see where you are. This will be great when I am running in the winter and don't want to get hit by any cars. In the states this stuff is crazy! Thanks Matt for the Gear, 2010 is going to be crazy!

After I had a wardrobe change I geared up for the 10km Men's race. Simon Bairou was going to be racing along with, Wyke, Gillis, Milne, Whitfield, and Jones. It was a great field and was going to be a great race to watch. Bairou got out front and never looked back! 5km he was gone and finished with a 28:51! 10km cross country....dear god Kyle and Simon did great and placed 2nd in the team event! Great work guys.

The next day I made it to the pool and put down a 4km swim before heading over to Dave and Lisa's for the yearly party and the first annual ride and Tie. It was a 6km race with 2 partners and 1 bike. I didn't really understand the event until it got started. I figured I would run the whole thing, which as my partner Jody explained to me wasn't the best way to go. Jen and Mike went out hard and got us on the turn around. I later learned the more switching you do from Bike to Run the faster you go...more energy saved! Lesson learned..haha.. It was a great night and everyone involved did awesome, including Richard Pady and his wife pushing their kids in a stroller..amazing!!

Thanks again Dave and Lisa and to all who were there!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Personal Training

I was training clients last night at Kim Gym and I was having a blast and thought to myself how great it is to not only be a professional athlete but also a person who loves their job. Training is tough, don't get me wrong. Waking up at 4am every morning, being on call for clients all the time and then heading back to the gym, when most peoples days are over to train some more. I know some people say it is easy but stay motivated 24 hours a day, be on your feet most of the day and be there for people who need your help, with no time to rest....Try it out and tell me how it goes. I am one of the lucky ones who has only had mono twice from not resting haha.

I get asked by cleints if being a professional Triathlete is your dream and will I win the big show one day, and too be honest my goals are to be ranked in the top 10 in Long Course Triathlon but not to win, that would be a bonus. I love working with people, giving them the skills to do what I have done and help them lead a healthy life. Also I enjoy providing for my family and going out with Shannon. Not going to sacrifice that!

I have formed some great friendships along the way with training and helped a lot of people through difficult times. I am super excited about the path I have chosen and thanks to everyone who has been there along the way. Also to my wife who puts up with my blackberry going off every 2 seconds Thank you and I love you Shannon.

Lift Weights and Run!! it's good for you..haha

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trainer or Outdoor Riding?

As most of you know the weather in Ontario has been, how you say, ridiculous. Today was 10 degrees outside and no need for a winter jacket or even snow tires on my bike. I headed out with Larry, Glenn and Brian today for a Aerobic 3 hour ride..Brian averaged about a 150 bpm so he was working a bit kidding Brian! It is great to be out riding right now and back into the groove of things. It was also great to hit the road and want to ride. I find during the months of October and November my motivation to ride decreases as the weather turns.

The past couple of weeks my motivation is back and I have cranked out the trainer pretty much everyday! 2 hours is easy! I find the computrainer an essential tool to get me faster on the bike because it doesn't lie. You put it at 300 watts and it stays there and you can't take it easy or avoid it. When doing tempo work it really forces me to suck up the pain and push my threshold. Don't get me wrong riding outside is a blast and great for mileage but power is needed to keep progressing in this sport of Triathlon.

After looking at the splits in Clearwater I am going to have to walk harder then ever because sub 2 hour seems easy for some of these professionals out there. 2 weeks South Carolina, Sean and I are putting in the miles and getting ready for 2010. Bike splits are going to be insane!

Over the winter anyone who wants to put down my miles on the trainer you know where to find me...!!! Keep the good weather coming!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Incentive Program

I have decided to set up a little incentive program around Gears Bike shop. I am super excited to have them behind me for the 2010 season and thought of a great way to help them out. My goal for 2010 is to get people on their bikes and getting people in shape riding, which is the best cross training you can do for running or weight training. I talked about it with Shannon and I have come up with a plan! Oh yes a Plan.

If you know someone who is looking for a bike, gear, fitting or anything to do with cycling you can send them my way and in return I will give you free training sessions at my gym, which, funny enough is located across the street from Gears. Not bad eh! Also sessions will range depending on the purchase of product. So help with a sale of a bike and you get 3 sessions, which is 240 dollar value.

Really think this is a great idea to get new people involved in cycling and also helps you stay in shape!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mid-Winter Training Camp

I want to get 2010 started off with a bang so Sean and I are looking to head down to South Carolina and train. Leaving on the Tuesday night and training until Saturday, when we will return home. I will hopefully have my new Specialized Transition by then so I can get comfortable on it before the winter season!

If anyone is interested in a little mid-winter road trip let us know. We will probably stay near clemson, which puts the pool around 30min away!

On another note training is going great. The pool is my new home because I am there everyday getting my a#$ handed to me. Loving it though..haha

Just came from a solid in the secret trail..oh yes..the secret trail. Feeling good and just loving the training right now!! Except I came back with only one sock...upset tummy haha

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Ironman Pro Membership

This week a new membership came out for Pro Athletes who race 70.3 or Ironman events. WTC has made a membership, which costs 750 US, and allows professional athletes everywhere to race any event at anytime. They also explained that the money raised will be used for anti-doping costs.

Thoughts anyone?

2010 Gear Up

So the colour scheme has changed for 2010. Pink is out and Red is in! Was over at Gears Bike shop the other day and was able to get a sneak peak at my bike for 2010. I will be riding the Specialized Transition Pro. This bike is Crazy! Not only did it win the Prologue at the Tour De France but guys such as Macca and Tj Tollakson, who are throwing down the fastest ride splits in Ironman ride it! I am super excited to get it and start training. After talking with the team at Gears I can see why they are one of the best bike shops around. Not only do they care about their cyclists but they are also super knowledgeable about everything to do with bikes. Head over and check them out! 2010 is going to be great!

I have started back into light training for 2010. I fell weird not heading to Florida right now and getting ready to race the 70.3 World Championship but on the other side of things I am able to recovery and get ready physically and mentally for the long winter and the large amount of training I will be doing! To allow the pro's and age groupers who are racing good luck!!

Many athletes have asked me what the plan of attack is for November and what to do during this time? It has taken me many years to finally say a break is needed over the month of November. Not totally off but running for me is fun right now and just enjoying being out with friends...who I usually can't run with because of the speed I am training at. Also I love getting out on the Mountain Bike with Sean or Bob and just kidding around! This is why I do the sports because I enjoy it, not because it is a job. I am however getting ready to swim fast. I have talked with my coach Mike Rutledge from Mississauga Aquatic Club and the goal is simple. 26min for 2km in the water. I was hitting 28 last years and that just doesn't get it. I kill myself on the bike to catch up and then I am burned on the run. Time to swim.

So to everyone enjoy a month of fun training and plan the goals for 2010. Always good this time to thank the people who have stuck by you over the season wether it be sponsors, family, training partners or friends!

....In saying that thank to;

Gears Bike Shop for supporting me in 2010 and gearing me up with the fastest cycling bikes and gear around
Saucony Canada who has the best racing and training shoes ever made
Cera Sport who is keeping me hydrated during the long training sessions and races.
Xterra Wetsuits for keeping me fast in the water..even in a non-wetsuit swim
Sable Water Optics for allowing me to see in the water! They are the best googles
ISM saddle sore or bum pain..need I say more?
The Running Company for being there since I was an age grouper back in 2004
Altitude Tech who lets me feel like I am living in Colorado at 9 000ft!
LG for Gearing me up with the fastest Aerodynamic Helmet around and light carbon shoes
2XU for the best compression around
Trigger Point Therapy for keeping me injury Free

Also I have to thank my coaches Mike and Lisa who deal with me on a day to day me that is tough!
and last But not least my wife Shannon and Rufus who are my two biggest supporters, when I don't want to she is the one who tells me to get out there and train. Love you Babe.

Sorry for the long post but had stuff to say!! Good luck guys in CLEARWATER!!!! RICHIE WIN IT!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Weekend Away

What a great weekend!

Shannon and I were going to drive to Chicago but thanks to a close friend we ended up flying down! We left bright and early to Chicago boarding a 8:15 flight. We landed and were off! Shannon and I headed to the Magnificent Mile, which is actually pretty neat! We went to town hitting all the shops along the way. Of course we got a few things!!!

We finished off our day and headed back to the hotel for 2ish then got ready to head to the fight. Now the funny part about this is we kept asking people were the fight was and nobody had a clue! We were getting a bit worried until someone said it is 22 miles outside of town?? Weird. So off we went! The Undercard fights weren't that Shannon took a nap and I got a Fedor Shirt!! Now for the main event! Fedor vs. Rogers.

Rogers got a stiff jab out of the gate on Fedor and broke his nose. The crowd was going crazy chanting USA....I guess it's what they do. The Fedor got in some bombs until he was mounted by Rogers who landed a few heavy blows! Now Shannon and I had to think fast. We wanted to see the fight but being in the middle of no where meant we had to act fast at the end of the fight to get out and back to the hotel...22 miles is a long way back! 2nd round began and again Rogers put the pressure on Fedor who was bleeding from the face. Then it happened! Fedor stepped in, faked the shoot and gave Rogers a right hook that landed square on the chin of Rogers sending him to the floor!!!! Man what a fight!! As he was hitting the ground Shannon and I ran out the door got a cab and made it home!! So good! We jumped on the plane in the morning and I was able to get in a game of golf on Sunday!! haha

Back to Business now. Great Practice this morning now heading out for a 2 hour ride!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Festivities!

This weekend is huge! Main fight event in Chicago. Oh yes, the windy city! Shannon and I are heading out tomorrow 6am to catch a flight to the Strikeout Fight to watch Fedor!!! So most of you are like who is this guy Fedor and why does he get to exclamation points!! haha He is the best fighter in the world. I googled him, I know. He will be taking on Rogers, who is a big dude, but Fedor is undefeated and looking to take another win. Ideally Fedor and Brock Lessner would be a good fight, but lets me serious! Lessner will get dropped!

Amazing! So this morning I headout out early to Lisa's house to do a 3 hour training ride which was pretty good. Hurt a bit but haven't really hit it hard on the bike for a month now! Will be taking training off tomorrow to head to chicago then back for Sunday morning! Monday is go time.... Time to get back into things!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

And Now.....

I am never saying I have exciting news again. After 5 different people asking if my wife was pregnant I have learned my lesson. Right now Shannon has to deal with me and Rufus and many of you who know me that is work in itself.

Still going to make you wait....

Want to do a huge thank you to Ian at IMFIT.CA and Younique As many of you know the past year I have been with Guru and They helped me with bikes, set-up, VO2 max testing and just being a great guy to talk too. I put my all into helping Ian because I truly believe he is guy who is very passionate about making people better, faster and stronger. I also recommend anyone in the Area to check out his shop located on Main St. In Milton. If you want to get fast then heading to Ian is the way to go.

Now for the exciting news......

Our Personal Training Studio, Kim Gym (after the owner Steph Kim) is located in Port Credit Mississauga. We have a great facility, which is for private personal training and attached to the gym are 2 yoga studios. Across the Street is Gears Bike Shop and on the South East Corner is SPC Physiotherapy. It has taken a bit of time to get everything set up but there is a huge opportunity to make Port Credit a powerhouse for athletes!! Training, yoga, cycling and Physio...what more could an athlete ask for!


In 2010 I will be riding for Gears Bike Shop on a 2010 Transition Pro. I am excited about the new partnership and what it can do for both companies as we get bigger into the future. Gears is a world class shop with amazing mechanics, bikes and anything you need to cycle. I am super pumped about the Port Credit Area! PC WHAT!! just kidding!!

More To babies

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Road 2 Hope Race Report

So...marathon... one word...hurts!

Ok, so now it is over and many people asked what I was looking to do. My goal was to hit around a 2:48 marathon, and I ended up doing a 2:51:33...this is how it went down.

Going into the race I was a bit nervous. Not because of the distance but because I was scared I would have no one to run with. I was going into the race with no knowledge of the pain I was going to feel. Lisa and I had a plan and I was going to stick to it as well as I could!

I race started fast and right away I was sitting in 8th overall. I ended up running with a guy named Roger, who was great to work with! We each took a Km and held around 3:53 per km. At the 21km mark we were sitting around 1:22 and by the time we hit the 30km mark we were at 1:58! This was perfect we were right on pace for a 2:48 ish marathon finish. At the 21km mark we headed down...and I mean down the Red Hill Valley Expressway, which was 8km of pain on the quads. This I believe set up the last 10km to hurt as much as it did......

Before I get into the pain, I must say the weather was perfect and I had a kit from Saucony, which was perfect. Arm warmers, singlet, shorts, Type A3 Racing flats and 4 gels tucked away in the arm warmers. Thanks again Mike for making my first marathon feel not so bad in the chaffing department! haha

Onto the hurt.... I hit the 32km and started to feel fatigued. I have felt tired before but when Lisa said it would hurt a lot I didn't expect this. I went from 4:00 per km to 4:15 -30 per km. I was starting to fall apart. At the 35km mark I was passed by the lead female and Roger was able to keep with her. Figured he knew what he was doing when it was his 10th marathon! My goal now was to survive and not stop. At the km marks Lisa and Dave got me going by telling me to surge and keep surging until the end! I pushed as hard as I could to get that sub 2:50 marathon but came up 90 seconds short....

I am super happy with my result and have signed up for the Boston Marathon in April. I am still not walking properly today and respect every Marathoner and Ironman around. I have never been in that much pain and for some weird reason am excited to do it again! Thanks to Saucony, Cera Sport and of course LB and Dave! Couldn't have done it without your support and telling me Rufus is beautiful! Oh and can't forget my main crew (Shannon and Rufus)!! Love you both!

Time to rest and have some very exciting news coming in my next blog!!!...stay tuned!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Loyal to the Sport

With the marathon around the corner I am proud to announce that Saucony Canada is standing behind me in full support! I have been wearing their Type A3 Racing Flat for 3 years now and honestly there is no shoe out there that will beat it! The shoe is light weight, breathable, good support and looks awesome. Thanks Saucony, I am very excited for this weekend and your support!

My coach called me today and it got me thinking. She asked me what I am going to think about during the marathon? I have trained my bum off for this race and the running side is ready to go now just have to get my head around the mental. People always ask me what I think about and I will let you in on a few thoughts. My main drive is my wife She has put up with countless hours of me not being around training so when I race I always look at my wedding ring and say "I can walk for the next week if I have too...not now." My other main drive is taking specific workouts like 13 x 1 mile or running from Port Credit to Milton. It hurt so much but I got it done!

This marathon is going to be great. I have my thoughts in place and mentally prepared for this race. To all racing good luck, I will see you all out there.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Taper Time

I am 6 days away from my first marathon! It is nice tapering my long run yesterday was 20 min easy 20 min around 5:50 miles then shut it down for the last 20. I hit the trails off of Bronte Creek, which is inside the provincial park.... This is another one of my secret trails.

I will let everyone in on the best trails around! Oh yes..better then neyagawa and Hilton Falls. This is a single track run were you never cross a road or see a car. You start by entering through the trails of Monarch Homes off Bronte and Dundas and cut into the Provincial Park. From there you go into the camp ground section, cut through camp site 343 then BAAM! Single track. I go on my MTB and it is an hour our and hour back! Running is awesome. You run along the Bronte Creek then under Dundas and into another single track. You see the odd person walking but when you head more north on the trail CyclePath as built a park with tons of obstacles! I have run pretty much every run there this fall and done the fast stuff on the track!

I am feeling good and starting to rest. It has been a while since I have had some down time so to be off my feet at 10am is pretty awesome. They are calling for 12 degrees and cloudy with some serious wind on Sunday so we will wait to see what is in store. The hard work is done now to perform!

Other then that life is good!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Allied Forces

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen!! Look at those handsome men! haha. James has formed a great team of Elite athletes to work together and share their strengths to be the best! This is a pic of the elite men!

I have to give a major shout out to Cerasport. For getting me through some serious training. Lisa has been kicking my bum and hydration is key for me to have max potential in this upcoming marathon. On my long runs it was a mixture of water and Cerasport Lime EX. It has tons of potassium and the osmolarity allows me to run, not cramp and the worst feel bloated. My peek weeks I was doing 80+ miles and Cerasport powered me through every step of the way.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Good news I need to speak of! My brother in law Kyle just popped the question to his long time girlfriend Kelly and they are now engaged. Shannon and I couldn't be happier for both of them as they have just got a new place in Victoria! Let the festivities begin....!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Since I have moved to Oakville it seems I am always 10 min early to work so I thought I would do a blog. Kona was on the weekend and I have to give a serious shout out to Rinny for a crazy race at the Worlds. A 2:56 off the bike is silly..haha I just got an email from her and even with a 2nd finish is still talking trash with me! This mean there is no way in hell I will post anything higher then a 2:56 at the Marathon in a couple weeks!

Work has been a bit crazy but clients are working hard so it makes it fun with the weather constantly turning from good to worse. Today I will be taking off training and going out on a course (Golf Course) Serious match today!!

Have a great day and stay warm!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 10km Race Report

What a day to race. The weather is turning quickly and it was a solid 7 degrees out this morning. Shannon was a trooper and held strong to watch me suffer through a 10km!

James Loaring, Mike Hay, Mark Linsmen and I (Team Allied Forces) showed up to throw it down. When we arrived, we also noticed that Speed River and Tayler Milne...1500m Olympian had come to join in the festivities. We found out that they were getting ready for the 10km race next week and were just doing a tempo run...33km tempo that is.

My goal was to hold strong and run a tempo. 35min is my tempo..haha I went out and put down a fast few km's. It was a fun course, which had 5 1/2 laps of Exhibition Park. I knew I was in marathon training because I couldn't go faster or slower just consistent. I felt solid right up through the finish line and just came in under 36! Not too shabby.

2 weeks till the Marathon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road To Hope

November 1st is coming quick! I have a goal set in mind for my marathon, which I feel I can hit. Training has been going great and after a solid 10 mile run on the treadmill yesterday sub 60min and another 12km run in the afternoon the legs are feeling great.

Last week mileage I hit 80 miles and am on my way to another big week. I am still hitting the pool 3x a week and cycling 3 x but the main focus is the run. Guys are going 1:11 off the bike in the 70.3 races and if I want to compete my 1:22 off the bike isn't going to cut it.

This week is another big week of training but keeping most of it to myself right now. Focused on the job ahead. NOVEMBER 1st!

- Quenton Cassidy out!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Milton Caution to all Runners

I was excited for today's workout. I did a great swim in the morning with Mike and I was off to do a 90min tempo run. The goal was to do a solid 60min tempo and get around 13miles done. It was a light rain, which I was excited for because I find it always keeps me a bit cool. Now for the run.....

Started off great with a 15min warm up. I ran along the paved path, which was made for runners. I was around 3miles into my run when I heard someone yelling. I looked to my right and some guy in a beat up oldsmobile was yelling and all I could make out was something about runners need to get off the road and a middle finger in the air? I shook it off and kept on running. I was around 6 miles in and again I heard someone yelling? It was a different guy! I couldn't believe it? I didn't smell bad and I was running on the path? I waved and again I was given the finger. At this point I figured it wasn't my day for running outside, although I was running great! ..... On my way home I was still doing my tempo run and ran through an intersection, with the little white man telling me to go and what else could have happened but a car hit me!! The lady in a Ford Edge was not paying attention at all, looking the other way and on the cell phone had me up on her hood. Luckily i braced with my arm and ended up on her hood, but honestly how hard is it to look both ways.

So that is my running story. Quenton Cassidy has had a long day and going to bad after a serious episode of CSI MIAMI

Montreal Pictures

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 10km

Look at me posting 2 x in the same day!

I just got off the phone with James and he told me about a 10km race in Guelph that uses Qualifying times! It is the 10km Thanksgiving Day Race on October 12th.

Supposably in Guelph, this race made front page news because people were upset with a Qualifying time. Many runners felt that would not allow them to race. I have looked at the times and to be honest if you train hard enough you can attain the times. Males is below 43min and Females is under 48 min. Seems like reasonable times right?

I have signed up for the race and am calling out all runners and triathletes to come and play! No excuses October 12th - 10am race start!

...Quenton Cassidy out!

Call me Quenton Cassidy

After a solid effort in Montreal my body shut down (may have been from the alcohol consumed after the race) but it was time for a rest. I took Monday and Tuesday off, and just focused on getting my clients into train. It was nice for a couple days not to worry about getting a run in or heading to the pool. By Wednesday though it was back to business.

I met up with Mike at the pool and it is time to get my swim going. We hammered out a serious 300m set and I was hitting them around 4:20, not too shabby. Going to have to get much faster then that! Thursday was a 2.5 hour bike into a 30min run but Friday was a bad azz training day! Sean Bechtel and I met up for a 3 hour tempo ride. The weather said sunny but it seems every time Sean and I ride together it has to rain! So 60 min into our tempo ride the sky opened up and of course it rained again! This time I was ok with it and just smiled it off! We ended up doing 100km in around 2:47. Not too shabby and off the bike we dropped a moderate tempo 30min run. Should have been easy but we seem to always be racing.haha

Now for the weekend! My new alias is Quenton Cassidy. You have to read Once a runner to understand where I am coming from. My only goal right now is the Marathon coming up on November 1st. I would love to drop a sub 2:45 marathon, which I know is attainable. The run for today was as follows: 15min warm up, some strides, into 10x 1 MILE!!! 2min rest in between each Mile. I decided the best way to get it done was to head to the track. Mentally it was going to be tough. After all the mile's were complete I averaged out around 5:45 per mile. Rufus helped me on the last mile and dropped a 5:42 mile! That's my puppy.

Off for an easy run and ride will keep everyone posted on the Marathon training

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demi-Esprit Triathlon Race Report

Leading into the weekend I was feeling great. I have been doing a ton of training really focusing on my run. I was excited to get to Montreal and see the course, which is mentally tough! The 2km swim was in a water basin, the bike was on the race track (20 laps) and the run was around the swim course (4 laps) The course was located on the island where Expo 67 took place. I was told if it is a windy day it would be fun on the race track! Of course it was windy!!

We drove down on the Friday, which left us little to do some race prep because the race was on Saturday. Morning came quickly and I was ready to go. The race started fast and I was able to get out front with the lead group. My swimming is getting much stronger and I came out of the water in 28min. I transitioned fast and got onto the bike! I was feeling good and ready to throw down a serious bike split. My goal was to average around 40km an hour and put down around 290 watts. The head wind was a bit tough but I was able to fight through and come off the bike in 2:12, which is right were I wanted to be. Time to Run!! I was excited and legs were moving fast. Mentally, I was ready to hammer and started putting down sub 6min miles right away. I figured it was time to go fast!! First lap was awesome, 5 miles in I was sitting around 30min, which was right on pace. I was told by the lead bike that I was 2:30 down on the leader and tried to pull him in. Jerome was looking strong and I couldn't pull him in! The last lap was getting tough and I finished with a 1:23 run. Finishing time was a 4:07 and a 3rd overall finish. I am super happy with the result and will be working a lot on my run. I need to be throwing down a 1:18 to really be in the top 10 internationally!

I also have to thank my support crew for this race. My wife is always great to have with me. She doesn't mess around and keeps me going strong! Also to Steve and Sam! They are my celebration crew and took care of the night festivities. I have never seen so much champagne. Also couple other shout outs!

Mark "the ironman" Parsons just completed his first Ironman in 11:15! This is a guy who got bird poop in his eye and caused a huge viral infection and was on antibiotics right up to the race start!

Also to Sean for killing it at Muskoka and taking a 6th overall! Killer buddy! Also Richie you are an animal and what can I say killed it! Must have been the marble slab we had before the race..haha

Next on the list is the Hamilton serious training mode. Time to become a runner

Friday, September 4, 2009

LG Superleggera Aero Helmet Review

Louis Garneau just sent me the new Superleggera Aero Helmet. It came out in 2008 and is similar to the Rocket but has a golf ball effect on the front. The idea is to resemble the flight of a golf ball to decrease the wind resistance flowing over the helmet. I was able to test it out yesterday. Sorry everyone I wasn't seen outside, but on the trainer. I really like how the helmet fits. It is comfortable and fits my Oakley Radars, which was always an issue with other aero helmets. It was a ton of air flow so I won't over heat during a race and it is easy to adjust on the back! I am so excited to race this helmet next week.

Also Louis Garneau's Tri shoes fit great. They have been a solid shoe that allows for fast transitions and comfort! What more do I need! Now I will put them to work on my Guru Crono Pro!!!

Thanks Karine and LG!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Demi-Esprit Triathlon

It has been about a week since I have posted a blog. I would say that is a good thing! Means I am training hard. I am feeling good...tired...but good. Sean and I headed up to Meaford for a weekend training camp. The weather could have been a bit better for us but we got the job done.

I am really excited for the Demi-Esprit in Montreal, it will be fast! I have my goals, which I think I can achieve so now I am in my last week of preparation before I get ready to drop the hammer!

Mark Parsons will be joining me in this adventure to Montreal and he will be doing the Full Esprit race, which is more mental then anything. Picture running 26.2 miles on a course that is only 3 miles long! That is insane! He will do great. I am heading off to nap right now. Just took my bike into Younique Cycles for some pampering after getting poured on over the weekend! Also Bob was a great help today putting on his fins as we did an open water swim. He really helped simulate the guys I go against in every race!

PS. Shannon and I have just sold our house in Milton and will be moving onto the Neyagawa Trial in Oakville! Our house will be closing in May and we couldn't be happier!

Will do a big email before I head to Montreal!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Run, Run and More Run

First off, I have to say congrats to my bro Kyle. He just raced Nationals and took 2nd overall in a strong field with Simon leading the way. It will be awesome to see what he does on the Gold Coast!
Training has been great. I haven't ran so much in my life and I am enjoying every minute of it. I never thought it would feel this easy to run. Once I get my ass out the door and legs moving, running just flows and it is the best feeling ever.

On Saturday after a 2 hour hammer fest..on the traine, (It was raining) I headed to Neyagawa and did descending loops. I started out fast and wanted to punish myself a bit. The loop is around 8ish km and nailed it in 38 min then my next lap before hitting the street was down to a 34min. I was flying! On the road I cooled it down to make 13miles.

The next day was tough. It was Raining and just not nice out so I went out for an dumped on ...then headed back and made it on the trainer for about 90 min then called it a day. I went swimming in the morning so didn't feel that bad. That night I had to do a 45min acceleration run so when Shannon had to go out I went with her. She was meeting a friend at Starbucks in Oakville. I decided to run home......I should have checked the distance because it ended up being 13km up hill! Whoops! 45min turned into 59 min but felt awesome!

Today was key though. The bike was a tough one by myself. I took my bike to work then road 110km from the Gym to King Rd, which is a crazy hill for training near Waterdown, then home. OFf the bike I killed it. Got in the door, put on a pair of running shorts then set the treadmill to 10mph and ran. I was flying and 3.1 miles in I was at sub 18min! Feeling great I finished my run off then headed out for dinner with my beautiful wife!

The Picture above is the closet I have ever been in a race to Craig..haha

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Long Run

This week has been non-stop! Shannon has headed north to Sudbury for a course on Tripping. She is living in a tent, canoeing and sleeping under the start! It's what she does and I am super proud of her. It is a 7 day event where she is learning essential skills to do this sort of adventure, or trip, with her school kids! However, this has left me in charge of the house!

For all who know me, without Shannon I can be pretty boring. Eat, Sleep, Train and work. Well That is about all I have been doing this week!

Monday was an easy day after going hard on the weekend. After heading the AM Masters swim I went for a 45min run on the treadmill. It was really humid outside and wanted to save my legs for the long run that was coming on Tuesday. I did a lot of Fartlek work and polished off 6 miles. After that went home and played with the puppy!

Tuesday was going to be fun! I had a 2:15 run, which I figured I could polish off 19 miles. I parked my car at Simon's house at 4:30am in the morning and we headed to work. This left me with no excuse to run home. The route I was taking was only 14 miles so I had to take on an extra 5! I started from the gym and headed West on Lakeshore to Ford Drive. I went North on Ford to Upper Middle. By this time it was around 30 + degrees out and thank god I sucked it up and wore a fuel belt. I usually do a lot of lap long runs because I hate wearing be honest I think it looks dorky. I had two gels and 2 bottles of Cera Sport and 2 bottles of water. Once I hit the top of Upper Milddle Lisa wanted me to drop the hammer and keep it around 6:20 mile, which is around a 4 min km.. don't quote me on that haha I felt awesome and headed North up to Glen Oaks made a right and cruised it all the way to Bronte. I looped back onto Heritage Way from Upper Middle and called it a day. When I stopped it took a minute for me to regroup. All and all did 18 miles and change. Not a bad day at the office. I opted out of Swimming. Legs weren't doing so well!

Today I had a solid Swim in the am and now getting ready to cycle! Going out for a 3 hour ride then heading back to work!

......Like I said pretty boring haha

Monday, August 17, 2009

Solid Session

Mostly recovery up until Friday. I put a lot of miles on the bike and was riding around 3 hours each day. Feeling good. Friday was a big transition Workout! It started with a 2 hour bike on the trainer! Yes, Brian and I sat on the back deck and rode our computrainers for a solid 2 hours. The main set after some warm up was 2 sets of (5x5min hard intervals) My goal was to hold 305-310 and Brian was looking for 270-275 watts! After doing that set 10 times our legs were pretty smashed so what better time to go to the track!

Off the bike we did 3x1mile, I was coming in around 5:45 per mile. Then it was a 15min tempo run. I was feeling good and stuck 45sec per 200m which was right on 6min miles. It was hot and I was feeling the heat. After that I took a regroup and did 4x800m. All out! I was sticking around 2:50 per 800m. I was cooked!

Saturday I was able to get a quick run in with Kyle then we headed to the pool before Kim And Drew's wedding. Congratulations again guys on a beautiful day, wedding was great! Shannon and I danced it up!!!

Sunday I started early...tried to start earlier but slept in! Sorry Bob! We got out on the bike at 7:30 and did a ride to Belfountain. We did 3 x30min tempo and was sticking around 290 watts for the 30 min TT. I was really tired today after a busy couple days. Have to give a serious shout out to Jen who dropped a guy off her wheel into the 4 hour mark of our ride!!

Off the bike I got right into it and threw down 30min in Neyagawa at a 6min mile tempo then shut it down for the next 30!

Off to run and great seeing you out there Falcons! Larry you are a should have attacked haha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bracebridge 70.3 Race Report and Anniversary

Sunday was a great day. It was my 1 year anniversary and I was racing another 70.3 Race. I have a very understanding wife haha and I promised to get her something pretty if I could race..!!!

In all honesty my wife is amazing and everyday I am glad I found her and married her. She is caring and very understanding to a sport that takes so much physically and mentally. Even when I am down and tired she is always there to pick me up and make me smile. So I know I am not good at the sappy stuff but I love you babe!

Ok back to business haha!!!

After a solid performance in Calgary, not the best run, but a solid performance non the less I decided to enter the Bracebridge 70.3. The course looked great, and although I knew I would be tired I couldn't miss the opportunity! Shannon and I drove up on the Saturday night and decided to camp. What better thing to do then sleep on an air mattress on a camp the rain!

Surprisingly, I was feeling really good. I had some solid workouts throughout the week and was thinking it was going to be a good day and it was.

The Swim was tough with a solid current in the river. My goal was to come out not too far back to catch the leaders. I came out 7th and with a fast transition I was in 5th! Onto the bike I quickly caught the leader 10km in and never looked back. I really wanted to work the bike and in 45km I hit 1:07 on my power meter. My goal was to stick the same pace back, but like my season is going the sky opened up again and dumped a crazy rain storm on us, so I really was careful not to skid out or blow a tire! I came in 2:19, with an avg of 39 and change. Not bad for the rain. That gave me a 10min lead going into the run. I have to thank Louis Garneau for a great pair of carbon shoes. I can honestly say I have never had a shoe that has such a solid transfer of power from my foot to the peddle. I avg 285 watts for the race and my feet felt comfy the whole time! Amazing!

It rained like crazy 12km in on the run and my goal was to settle into a 4km pace. Mentally the run is tough, especially when you have no lead vehicle, no one around just you and the road. I was clicking off the kilometers and when I got to the out and back and didn't see anyone, I know I shouldn't have, but let up the pace just a bit and started doing 4:15's still not bad!

I took 1st overall and won by 14 minutes over the next athlete. It was a good day and I am very excited to have gotten the win. I have to thank John and HSBC Triathlon Series for a great race and excited to do it next year!

Thanks to all my sponsors, Cera Sport, Trigger Point, Guru, LG, Altitude Tech, ISM Saddle, Xterra, and of course my coach LB!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Calgary 70.3 Race Report

Wednesday I headed to Calgary. I found out real quickly that the weather is chilly in the morning. I am talking 10 degrees chilly. I settled in at the Murray's place. John, Dona and Madison Murray, welcomed me into their home. John has done 6 Ironman's and after his recovery from a cold will be getting ready for his 7th! His goal was to get to ten! Dona has also done many Ironman races and also both have ridden across Canada in Support of Children with Cancer! They are truly an inspirational family, which I am grateful to have met!

So after waking up to freezing temperatures I headed to the pool for a 3000m swim to get the feet wet. I was feeling good in the water thanks to Mike. Been really working on the swim and it was feeling good.

Thursday came quick and I was out training with Lisa at the Race Start. The water was 16 degrees, which was chilly but we found out that there was a bit of altitude 3500ft to be exact. After some head up front crawl we were able to get our faces in the water and start swimming. My Xterra Velocity wetsuit was feeling great. It has a bit more bouancy to help me me I need it. Next we hit the bike and I was feeling good. My Guru was cleaned up by Ian and I was ready to hammer the bike course!

Friday and saturday I did a little bit of training but was tapering for the race!


The swim was a tough course. It was said to be long and also we headed back into a current. Off the gun both female and male pro's headed out together. The first pack went off and I was in the second pack with Lisa and around 12 other elites. I was feeling really good and got out front of the group and lead them in. We came in on 30 min just 2min down on the lead group. Thank you Xterra and Sable for getting me out of that water..haha

Onto the bike I was excited. I hammered my ass off. I have been working really hard on the bike and felt a little sluggish after my 2 week vacation but new the legs would be fast. So, after averaging 40km on the bike for 90km I came out with the 17th fastest bike split in the pro field. I couldn't believe it! I got passed by a few of the elites and couldn't hang on. I have to give a serious shout out to the American Triathletes, they are animals on the bike! The course was tough and I avg 300 watts! What more could I do!! My fueling was solid I got in my Cera Sport, and mixed a Cera Sport Original with some EX 1, which has a bit more calories to keep me going. Like always the drink was awesome and I was feeling good into the run!

Off the bike I was good for about 12km then the wheels came off. It was a super tough run course, which ate me alive! It was in a trail and I couldn't get a rhythm like Peterborough. When I felt like I was doing well, there was a hill!! I pushed on and ran a 1:30 half. Ok but need to get it together!

All and all it was a pretty solid day! The bike ended up being 94km, which put my finishing time around 4:20:00 Not to shabby but lots more training to go!

Thanks to all my sponsors for making this possible!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

Before I talk about my day of training, I have to mention a novel I read on my trip to Greece. If you are a runner then you know Once a Runner. It is a story about Quiton Cassidy, a miler, who's only go is to break a 4 min mile. This book is Probably one of the hardest books to get a hold of and if you google it on EBAY, it starts at around 300 bucks! Anyone who is interested they have republished the novel and that is how I attained a copy! Long Story short, it is a truly inspiring novel and that is what lead to my training for the day!

Today was a 4 hour bike and run off to get ready for Calgary. I worked from 5:30 am to 12pm and it left a nice window in the afternoon to train. As we know in Ontario, mother nature decided to throw down a storm and a half! It looked like night outside and the rain was coming down hard! I had to train though. I thought back to Quinton Cassidy, going out in any type of weather and getting the job done! JUST F$#$%KING TRAIN! I jumped in my card and headed to Neyagawa. Not going to lie, as I was driving I was having doubts with my wipers on full blast!

I decided to do tomorrows workout today and ride tomorrow. This workout was a 90min run with 10 min at 6mile pace and 5 min at 7 mile pace repeat 4 times. After the serious amount of hill training I did in Greece, Neyagawa was easy! I started to run and just got slammed. The puddles were so did they were going up to my shin but I pressed on. I again was having doubts heading into the last 400m of the 5mile loop so I turned around and ran the other way! I figured if I couldn't see the end I had to keep going! Best decision around! I was flying! I was soaked head to toe but just turned off my brain and ran! That is why I do this sport for days like today.

After 10 miles I took it to the street to finish up the run.... in the crazy rain! As I finished up the run, no word of a lie, the rain stopped! I am talking sun come out, birds churping, stopped! I couldn't believe it. I was cooling down and as people were started to go for walks I was getting some weird looks being drenched head to toe!

All and all I had a wicked run. I only had 1 bottle of Cera Sport on the run due to me worrying about my bottle being washed down the side of the cliff.hahaha

Off to work the legs out on my Trigger Point! When they are tight it is the only thing that gets them loose!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Back and filled with Greek Salad!

My wife and another couple went to Greece for 9 days and we had a blast. It was good to get away with her and spend some time away from our busy lives....want am I saying..haha I train for a living! Her busy life as a teacher and dealing with me.

Our trip started in Mykonos, which was beautiful. Our hotel was right on the ocean. My goal for the week was to run and swim like a mad man! First day we got there I got for a 60 minute run and learned real quickly that Greece is a hilly place! The next day was some interval work and funny enough I found a track! Oh yes, Greek people run! I got there and did 10 x 1km. I was mentally ready for it but some how I got lucky when I guy, who didn't speak English, asked if he could run with me. We started the workout and I hit the first km in 3:10....he was right next to me. By the time we hit the 5th repeat I got down to 3:06...and he was right next to me still!! I was asking myself what the hell is this guy on!! After the workout and getting down to 3:04 as my fastest repeat I asked him where he ran?? All I picked up was National Running Team and 1:14 half marathon! Boy had Speed!

After that I hit the pool, which was salt water and didn't taste good when I got some up the nose! The next day we were off to Paros, where again it was more hills. We rented an ATV and headed to the Caves and all around the island. I had to do a 90 min tempo run and felt like highlander running up and down the hills! I found a path and it was like running in Hilton Falls on rocks! It was pretty crazy but was well worth it when I was in the middle of know where enjoying the sound of the ocean and just being happy I could see that view!

I had a few other runs but nothing beat the run in Santorini. To get to Santorini you have to take a Ferry to the island then travel up around 100m! There is a path, which is cobblestone, and gravel which ran along the cliff edge! I woke up bright and early and got out for a 2 hour run. I didn't want to stop, it was amazing! The view kept me going fast!

Oh and before I forgot here is the break down of our day

wake up at 9am eat.......
go to the beach from 10 until 2......
Nap until 6pm.....
Go for a walk or train then eat at 9pm....
Party until 2 to 4 in the morning.... same thing everyday!!

Crazy!! Calgary is coming quick, so back in the water and excited to get back on the bike!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Travel Time

What a week of training. It has been nuts. I have been working and training like a mad man and my hobbies now include sleeping and napping..haha

This will be my only blog for the next 9 days. I am off to Greece with Shannon, Steph and Tara. Should be fun. Also I know everyone told me to enjoy but still have some serious training! Run and Swim focus! And of course being the best husband ever!

This week has been about recovery and hurting!

Monday was a good day at Masters. My coach Mike is great and never lets up on me. I had a great swim in Peterborough and again he asked if it was 26..I said no and that lead me to another shattering in swimming..haha After that I got out on the bike for a couple hours. Just had some fun!

Tuesday I had a 2 hour cruise on the bike, so decided to bring out my blue stallion and hit the single track. I love cross biking and had so much fun. Headed into Kelso and ripped it up for a bit. I kept my composer and didn't do anything stupid although the jumps did look good...haha Off the bike I took my puppy for a 30 min run. My dog is usually good at dropping a 25min 5km but got emotional today and had issues...32min later we were home ..haha Love my boy! Hit the pool that night and was killing it. Was hitting 50's on 35 seconds. To swimmers that sounds slow but for me that is blistering!

Wednesday was fun. I took my client Mike out for a little spin and we did big gear work. The idea is to put it in the hardest gear you have and grind it out for 4x 10 min. We used , I think, 8th concession off Britannia. Legs were feeling great! So I headed to the track. The guys were doing 6 x 1km I did 4 x 1km because I was only supposed to do an easy 60 min run. I was slamming down 3:14 per km. It's coming! After that I finished off the run with Bob and made up the 60min. I also hit my swim in the morning and if I remember correctly it was a 400m set. It was long..haha

Thursday was a good day. Kelso swim! then ran the Milton course. Doing a lot of running. Need to get fast! Sub 1:18 here I come!

Friday was the money maker! 6 x 6min Bell school line climb, into 30min TT above 300 watts Easy into 2 x 1 mile then 2mile TT then do another 2 x 1 mile ...killed it!!! All miles were were around 5:54 Sub 6 is were I gotta be!

Saturday was good. it was a 5 hour ride. The weather was very emotional so I got out early. I had to bring someone for this 130-140km ride so I called on Young buc Parsons! I woke him up and told him to get ready. The weather said 70% chance of rain but we attacked and got hit hard!!! 2 hours in we got smashed by rain and that is when Mac blew his tire. Now most people carry a spare that doesn't have a hole in it! Not Mac, he doesn't mess around haha....long story short I gave him my spare. We were only 2 hours in...soaked and had an option trainer or suck it up and keep going. Lets just say we got it done. Sun came out, we dried off and kept going strong! All good. Off the bike we threw down a 30 min run!

Sunday was shattering..! Worked all day. Swam in the morning but that is all I could handle. Came home and slept.

So here I am today leaving for Greece in 20 min and did a 3km swim this morning and 2:15 run! Tired and ready to sleep on the plan.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Peterborough 70.3 Race Report

After a week of rain, and I mean constant rain, the weather was perfect for race day. Wind was coming from east to west, which is ideal for a disc. I decided to use my HED Stingers with my powertap. The day before the race I had a talk with my coach and my training partner Dave and the goal was stick the pace. Not to be stupid and go with the leaders and blow up. That was the goal.

The morning came quick and I was getting ready to start the swim. a 1km 2 loop with a beach run in the middle. My goal was to get on the front group feet and hang on. I did just that and came out of the first km in 14 minutes. Solid! Was feeling great and my Xterra Vendetta was feeling great and my shoulders were nice and loose. I came out of the 2nd lap in 28 minutes, which was awesome! Now onto the bike.

I have been working a lot on nutrition and that was the main focus for this race. I have been tweaking it for the 90 km bike ride and finally dialed it in! I was feeling awesome, best I have ever felt and came away from the 90km bike ride in 2:14, 3rd fastest bike split of the day. I averaged 280 watts, which was perfect. Since I started using Cera Sport it has really kept my energy levels up on the bike and feeling awesome off the bike. Thanks Jennifer!

The leader and I came into transition together and we were off. I took the lead and was feeling awesome. I held the lead for 12km before Bruno caught me but didn't really pull away from me. My goal was simple, stick 6:30 miles. Nothing slower, nothing faster! Bruno got ahead of me and then Mike Hay caught me around 16km. I stayed right on his feet but didn't want to blow up so didn't push it. The goal for today was time not the win. As my coach put it the win will come! The leader won by 90 seconds and I came in 3rd but felt awesome.

Finishing time 4:13

Getting ready for Calgary! Off to Younique Cycles to get my bike pampered! She worked hard yesterday and love the fit Ian has got into on the bike. Also my bum feels great after a 90km bike ride on my ISM saddle.

Thanks also to: The Running Company, Sable water optics, Xterra wetsuits, 2XU, Guru bikes, Altitude tech, ISM Saddles, Cera Sport and Trigger Point

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend of Training

What a week. Peterborough is coming close and I have been training like a mad man to get ready for it.

Saturday was awesome. I met up with Sean, Dave, Taylor and John. We met up at 8:30 Saturday at the Quarry for a solid swim. The goal was to hammer! Week before the holding back! After the swim we headed out on the bike. Sean had a 2 hour threshold ride, which worked perfect for me. My goal was hammer for 15min then recovery 10-15min. Worked awesome! Thanks for the ride Sean. We made 75 km in 2 hours. Off the bike I wanted to hammer. Sean had to do a 20km tempo run and said he was going to go controlled but 5km in and we were around 17min flat I knew that wasn't happening. On the way back we came in around 34 min for 10km. I called it a day and let him attack the rest of the run!

Sunday was a fun day. Sean and I headed up to Buckhorn, just outside Peterborough. We started with a 2km open water swim race with the Runner's Life Group. It was a great event and recommend it to anyone looking for a race scenario. The competition was fierce and I had to take it out hard!! Sean got out a bit ahead of me and I let him get away from me...haha None of that is true. He is so fast it scares me. Picture a Shark (Sean) against Nemo (me)haha. Sean did 25min and I did 29. It was nice to get out in the water!

After that we headed out on the bike. We wanted to take the group through a training session we would do and also answer any questions or concerns with racing and nutrition. It was a great ride until the rain started! It didn't stop for 40km! After taking my Guru on single track..yes Single track! Thanks Dave!! At Least we know the wheels hold up! We packed it in and headed home.

Monday was a awesome swim with Mike. Again I got my ass handed to me in the water and feeling ready for Peterborough. Today was a ride with Jim and Shannon on the trainer... Nothing Special, weather hasn't been great!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Workout Report and Can't Believe there is no more MJ

The past few days have been great. Training has been awesome and really excited for my upcoming races!

Tuesday was back to the run. I headed to Bell School Line and did a 15min warm up into 30 sec sprints up a 10% grade. It was just enough to make you bum hurt!! The I did a 15min cool down. Bobby Rose came out for the hurt fest! He did great!

Wednesday was insane. So First I headed to Rattlesnake Golf and Country Club for a round of golf! I was on feeling great and my swing was looking awesome! After a solid round it was time to work. The weather was hot, which I like, so I decided to do my ride on the trainer. Yes the weather was warm but for strong repeats and a TT it is a lot more consistent. I did 10x2min around 500 watts then did a 30 min TT holidng 280 watts! Feeling good!

Off the bike Shannon, Nate, Jen and I headed to the track for a brisk 10 x 1km haha.

The goal for me was to drop the first 4 repeats under 3:30. 1)3:21 2)3:23 3)3:25 4) 3:22.

Next was a 3km repeat, which didn't go too hot. I wanted to smash it and took the first mile out a bit too hard and came in just over 5:30..lets just say the wheels came off and I threw up! I regrouped and did another mile, this time being a bit more consistent and running a 5:45 mile..haha

Now came the fun part. 3 more 1km repeats. This hurt a lot. My goal was to get under 6min miles...the way my legs were feeling made it tough. I was trying to stick 43-44 per 200m and did so every repeats! 8) 3:40 9) 3:39 10)3:41


Today was a rest day with a Master's swim. It was a great set, which broke me down like every other swim!!!

Also I can't believe MJ died today. 50 years old and had cardiac arrest.