Friday, October 30, 2009

Loyal to the Sport

With the marathon around the corner I am proud to announce that Saucony Canada is standing behind me in full support! I have been wearing their Type A3 Racing Flat for 3 years now and honestly there is no shoe out there that will beat it! The shoe is light weight, breathable, good support and looks awesome. Thanks Saucony, I am very excited for this weekend and your support!

My coach called me today and it got me thinking. She asked me what I am going to think about during the marathon? I have trained my bum off for this race and the running side is ready to go now just have to get my head around the mental. People always ask me what I think about and I will let you in on a few thoughts. My main drive is my wife She has put up with countless hours of me not being around training so when I race I always look at my wedding ring and say "I can walk for the next week if I have too...not now." My other main drive is taking specific workouts like 13 x 1 mile or running from Port Credit to Milton. It hurt so much but I got it done!

This marathon is going to be great. I have my thoughts in place and mentally prepared for this race. To all racing good luck, I will see you all out there.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Taper Time

I am 6 days away from my first marathon! It is nice tapering my long run yesterday was 20 min easy 20 min around 5:50 miles then shut it down for the last 20. I hit the trails off of Bronte Creek, which is inside the provincial park.... This is another one of my secret trails.

I will let everyone in on the best trails around! Oh yes..better then neyagawa and Hilton Falls. This is a single track run were you never cross a road or see a car. You start by entering through the trails of Monarch Homes off Bronte and Dundas and cut into the Provincial Park. From there you go into the camp ground section, cut through camp site 343 then BAAM! Single track. I go on my MTB and it is an hour our and hour back! Running is awesome. You run along the Bronte Creek then under Dundas and into another single track. You see the odd person walking but when you head more north on the trail CyclePath as built a park with tons of obstacles! I have run pretty much every run there this fall and done the fast stuff on the track!

I am feeling good and starting to rest. It has been a while since I have had some down time so to be off my feet at 10am is pretty awesome. They are calling for 12 degrees and cloudy with some serious wind on Sunday so we will wait to see what is in store. The hard work is done now to perform!

Other then that life is good!