Monday, July 7, 2008

Peterborough Sprint...Yes Sprint!

Haha. Wasn't going to race this weekend but was asked to keep Bob company heading up to Peterborough..which only took us 2 hours to get there...Bob is a solid driver!

Was feeling tired after a hard day Saturday of training but was gonna have some fun...cheer the boys on in the half and hope for the best in my race!

I came out of the water just behind the lead back of Juniors. Thanks to 2XU, Xterra and Sable water Optics! I then got on the bike and hammered my new Blackwell Wheels, which go really fast...haha After catching up with the Junior Draft Pack...(there was around 5 of them!) I was able to pace them and come 2nd off the bike! Although my legs were sauced.

I was able to run the 5km in 18min, which put me in 5th overall...not too bad after the prior day of training. The boys did great though! Sean said it was going to be a training day...yeah right...turned into him winning the Half Ironman in 4:03...killed my time by 15min! Dave came in 4th with a solid 4:11...Good work boys!

Post week of training!

Saturday turned into a festival of fun..haha Jenn and I met up and ran 11 miles in the Valley, which are crazy hills and rolling! I made her hurt..great work Jenn. After that we hit Kelso for a 2km swim...nothing crazy, worked on some sprints and swam some laps. Then we hit the bike for 90min. Took it out to the hills and brought along my buddy Derek. It was a solid day and knew it would hurt Sunday..haha

Friday: I took the day off and did a solid Golf game with Mike!

Thursday: 80km bike ride and a 5km run off the bike..swam during the day too

Wednesday: Another Solid swim, 10 mile run with a 2 hour bike..nothing crazy!!