Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year Means New Goals!

2012 is just around the corner and as I sit down to write this blog I am planning out my 2012 race schedule.

I have been working with Toronto Olympic Club for some time now to improve my run and it has really paid off. Saucony has a lot to do with it but I have a great group I run with and can always count on them to be out. It has lead me to a new PB in the Half 1:16 and as of yesterday another Golden Snowman from the Boxing Day 10 Miler.

Luckily, we avoided the snow this year but the wind came out to play. I was feeling good leading into the race and cut out drinking during Christmas dinner, so I meant business! Another special guest was going to be racing and it was Kyle. He was looking fit and it looked like he was going to have a good day too.

The gun went off and I was nipping on the heels of kyle...for 1 mile.... then he was gone haha. My goal was 57 min and pretty sure his was under 50 min..big difference. My issue is always the same when doing running races, I am always stuck out in no mans land between the super elite and the age group!! This race was no different.

As we hit mile 3-5 it was a solid wind in the face, but I was feeling strong and kept pushing, at the 5mile mark I hit 29min and new I was going to have to work it a bit harder to get anywhere close to that 57. After getting up the first hill my legs were feeling it and Chedoke felt awesome...honestly that is a mountain!! haha. After getting my legs under me I was able to get to the finish in 59:34, not bad for the conditions. Side note, Kyle won the Boxing day 10 miler in a time of 50:28.

Next on tap is Miami Half marathon then a great season of racing. Maybe even a little trip to AZ in January to start getting those bike legs back!

Have a great New Years everyone, I will be with my family (Shannon and Hayden) bringing in the new year!