Monday, May 17, 2010

April Flowers Bring May Showers?

What a month it has been. May is the time when all the athletes return from training camp, are excited to be back home and out on home turf. Not this year. Ontario has seen an odd mixture of cold, rain and even signs of snow. Muskoka had a blizzard and Colorado still has snow on the ground. I will be the first to admit it is hard to get motivated to go outside and do a bike ride or a run after being in Arizona and not seeing a single cloud in the sky.

I guess where I live I am sort of lucky and have an amazing trail system to get me through this weather. It protects me from the crazy wind and rain so I can take out my cross bike or mountain bike and not spend all my time riding a trainer. Usually, I put in 2 rides on the trainer a week even in season because I find the power output can be sustained and you can't cheat. Another good one is to take your bike and trainer to the track for a brick workout and run repeats off the bike, just make sure you have someone with you watching over your bikes haha. Those are the days I can't go out with the guys to Hamilton to do some major brick workouts!

Running has been going well have been doing a ton of tempo work with the help of the Saucony, and Nicole Stevenson I went into The Mississauga Half Marathon yesterday, without taper and put down a respectable 1:18. On another note Nicole has waged a war because she told me to kick with 2 km left and she kicked at 5km! What is that about..haha

Next weekend is the Vic Duathlon, so excited to meet up with everyone at the start of the season, but the real race is in 3 weeks at Rev 3! First 70.3 of the year and super excited!