Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy Day

I love the rain! For some reason I have great workouts when it rains! Today was a 90min ride into a run. Mat and I were supposed to get together on Wednesday but I had an emotional day and did my training on the trainer and Treadmill.

Ride was solid and then the sky opened up! The goal was 6x800m and Mat wasn't playing around today! He took it out hard and I was just staying on his ass! The rain was coming down and we were sticking 2:38 avg. Not bad for running in the 2nd lane!

Great workout. Had to work like an animal today so I decided to opt out of the swim. It would have broken me so I am going to get it done in the morning! It's what we do!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Younique Cycle RETUL

After St.Croix I got back my pink Lady from Guru. It was sent back to Guru in Montreal to get a stronger rear end! Upon its arrival back, I had the new Shimano Pro aerobars waiting, which are amazing! I was excited to get out on the bike and hammer but something wasn't right. I wasn't getting the same power as St.Croix so I had to go see Ian!

Ian is the 'Guru' of fitting. I have been to a ton of bike fits and nothing compares to what he can do! The fit is done on a Retul system, which gives perfect measurements from your hips to shoulder. The whole goal for me was to get aero and not sacrifice the run! I was a bit uncomfortable in the shoulders but after a lowing of the bars and a longer stem I was rocking! I did a workout today prepping for Milton and REV 3 and the power was awesome. The workout was a 5 x 5min interval on the bike then a 800m run! I was pushing over 300 watts easy and running around 5:30 per mile off the bike! Ready for the weekend!

I recommend Ian to anyone looking to go fast! I also have attached some pics to show what he does!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Neyagawa Route

After my last blog I had a lot of people ask where that run course was. It is located in Oakville off Neyagawa Blvd and River Glen Blvd. If you are coming from Milton head East on Dundas and turn south on Neyagawa. I park at the baseball diamonds. It is a great run bike transition workout also. I have a planned out bike route too. I head north on Neyagawa to Burnamthorpe and then across to 6th line. I take 6th line to Lower base, down the hill and then stick lower base until Bronte (25) then on the way back head north on 5th line and across derry! I then head south on 6th line and do a double loop. For transition work it is a great workout with right turns the whole way. Also if you do it twice you get close to 2 hours. Now for the run course.

Park in the Baseball Parking lots and make your way across the street. The path is a smooth path, which is always groomed! Wicked to get strong. Once you enter the trail make a left and start running. Stick to the outside which is the West Bank trial. If you end up on the road you are out of the trail. You then run down the hill and make you way along the inner trail. There are 2 major hills, which are great if you are doing a race like St.Croix or Placid. Get the hurt! You then make your way through Lions Valley and onto the East bank trial. You hit another hill...if you make it to the stairs you forgot to go up the run hill. It is about a km once you go over the bridge in Lions Valley. After that run up the little beast hill and make a right onto the East bank trial! That is exactly 8km! Wicked for negative split work or a transition run. Too many people run flat and need to hurt!

Here is a map (This is a great 10km race that goes through the trails at night!)