Monday, September 21, 2009

Milton Caution to all Runners

I was excited for today's workout. I did a great swim in the morning with Mike and I was off to do a 90min tempo run. The goal was to do a solid 60min tempo and get around 13miles done. It was a light rain, which I was excited for because I find it always keeps me a bit cool. Now for the run.....

Started off great with a 15min warm up. I ran along the paved path, which was made for runners. I was around 3miles into my run when I heard someone yelling. I looked to my right and some guy in a beat up oldsmobile was yelling and all I could make out was something about runners need to get off the road and a middle finger in the air? I shook it off and kept on running. I was around 6 miles in and again I heard someone yelling? It was a different guy! I couldn't believe it? I didn't smell bad and I was running on the path? I waved and again I was given the finger. At this point I figured it wasn't my day for running outside, although I was running great! ..... On my way home I was still doing my tempo run and ran through an intersection, with the little white man telling me to go and what else could have happened but a car hit me!! The lady in a Ford Edge was not paying attention at all, looking the other way and on the cell phone had me up on her hood. Luckily i braced with my arm and ended up on her hood, but honestly how hard is it to look both ways.

So that is my running story. Quenton Cassidy has had a long day and going to bad after a serious episode of CSI MIAMI

Montreal Pictures

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 10km

Look at me posting 2 x in the same day!

I just got off the phone with James and he told me about a 10km race in Guelph that uses Qualifying times! It is the 10km Thanksgiving Day Race on October 12th.

Supposably in Guelph, this race made front page news because people were upset with a Qualifying time. Many runners felt that would not allow them to race. I have looked at the times and to be honest if you train hard enough you can attain the times. Males is below 43min and Females is under 48 min. Seems like reasonable times right?

I have signed up for the race and am calling out all runners and triathletes to come and play! No excuses October 12th - 10am race start!

...Quenton Cassidy out!

Call me Quenton Cassidy

After a solid effort in Montreal my body shut down (may have been from the alcohol consumed after the race) but it was time for a rest. I took Monday and Tuesday off, and just focused on getting my clients into train. It was nice for a couple days not to worry about getting a run in or heading to the pool. By Wednesday though it was back to business.

I met up with Mike at the pool and it is time to get my swim going. We hammered out a serious 300m set and I was hitting them around 4:20, not too shabby. Going to have to get much faster then that! Thursday was a 2.5 hour bike into a 30min run but Friday was a bad azz training day! Sean Bechtel and I met up for a 3 hour tempo ride. The weather said sunny but it seems every time Sean and I ride together it has to rain! So 60 min into our tempo ride the sky opened up and of course it rained again! This time I was ok with it and just smiled it off! We ended up doing 100km in around 2:47. Not too shabby and off the bike we dropped a moderate tempo 30min run. Should have been easy but we seem to always be racing.haha

Now for the weekend! My new alias is Quenton Cassidy. You have to read Once a runner to understand where I am coming from. My only goal right now is the Marathon coming up on November 1st. I would love to drop a sub 2:45 marathon, which I know is attainable. The run for today was as follows: 15min warm up, some strides, into 10x 1 MILE!!! 2min rest in between each Mile. I decided the best way to get it done was to head to the track. Mentally it was going to be tough. After all the mile's were complete I averaged out around 5:45 per mile. Rufus helped me on the last mile and dropped a 5:42 mile! That's my puppy.

Off for an easy run and ride will keep everyone posted on the Marathon training