Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Believe in the Run

I had a great workout with Jen on the weekend. Saturday we met up at Neyagawa and the plan was to do a 2 hour TT and off the bike go 60 min tempo! Also we were running in the Neyagawa Trails, which is all hills! An awesome 5km loop. This day was to see all the training come together and get some mental toughness behind me going into St.Croix next week.

The bike felt great! I got right into the groove and was smashing it avg around 270 watts into the first lap. I also want to apologize to all the riders out there who kept waving at me. I wasn't really in the mind frame to wave back! I will on my road bike..haha The 2nd lap was going strong. I finished off my bottle of eload from The Running company and got a gel into me and turned up the tempo and avg 280 watts for 2 hours. I did a quick cool down on the bike and got my shoes on! The goal was to run just over race pace. I was able to finish the 5 mile hilly loop in 30:50! Not bad at all! Feeling good.

I was smashed after that workout and headed to the pool for a little 3km swim!

Sunday was good. I did a 4km swim with Mississauga and then did a cruisey 2 hour ride!

Monday: Woke up in the morning and it was pouring rain and there was no sign of it letting up!

It was also the Boston Marathon. I was excited to watch it unfold and watch Kara Goucher take the win. I must say she is amazing to watch and how hard she trains is inspirational! With 600m left Kara was out kicked and came 3rd! Still a great effort for her 2nd marathon!

I got inspired after that and decided to hit the rain. I headed to Hilton Falls and did a 10 mile run. It was an amazing run and it all came back to why I run. I was by myself, working hard, and knew that I was the only person out here working! What would Lance Do! He would bust his as 24 hours a day! ....I even stopped and took it all in half way through my run and smiled! I love training!

Everything is ready to go for St. Croix. My Xterra Fastskin is ready to go fast. My 2xu Tri suit is ready to take the heat! Sable goggles will let me see everything out there in the water! ISM saddle will keep my butt comfortable on the long ride. And where would I be without my Bike Sponsors Guru Bikes! Thanks Ian and Younique Cycle! The best fitter around! You want to know how I go fast call Ian! Also The Running Company is Oakville has been behind me from the start so Thanks to everyone!!

Time to kick Ass This year!!

Pics! Good Friday

I find Running pics make me look fat..haha!