Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back to the Grind

After some time off, it's time to get back to work.

Last week The Jones crew set out and had a great day racing at the 5km Jingle Bell Run. Running along side them was the Rose Family, Me, Kelly and Kim Miracle, who also had a great day racing. You will have to check the results to see how we all did.

This week involved swimming Monday though Thursday. A few runs and Track on Wednesday.

The track workout was fantastic. It started out calm with a 5km warm up. The talk of the night was to drop 7 x 800 meters. After deciding on a time we set out for 2:45's...this however did not happen. John led it out with a 2:41. The 2nd I led out with another 2:41. Keith decided to get crazy on the 3rd and dropped a 2:39. These were followed by three more 2:37's and finally a 2:48. which was supposed to be our cool down! haha. Great run boys.

After spending a great weekend at the cottage and coming home in a major snow storm it is time to take it easy for the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day to cross country ski!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time off

After a great race it is now time to take a break.

The next couple of weeks will consist of 2 x 40min runs. A couple swims and no biking.

I will need the break come December 1st!

Time to get fast.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Post Race

I arrived in Florida on the Wednesday and was greeted by the Astrab Family, who for the 2nd time have welcomed me into their home! Thanks again John, Anthony, Rose, and Big John, for your hospitality!

I was able to fit in a massage on the Wednesday from a lady named Andrea, who looked like she would be a softy, but turned out to kick the crap out of me..haha. After getting broken, we went down to the race site and gathered all the packets and headed home.

My taper was awesome so after a 1km swim and a 40 min run with pick ups we rested! However Saturday came quick!

Race Day! I woke up a bit tired, which meant my body was rested. We arrived at the site around 5:30 and of course it was rammed with people running about like they haven't raced before. I went to my bike, but my shoes on the clips and went and sat down and listened to my music. I found out my wave didn't go off until 8am so I had time to chill out.

Swim Start: I was able to get good position entering the water and got on the 2nd pack, we rounded the 1km around 13 high and headed back inland with a blinding sun. It took us off course a bit but we quickly got back at the swim and I came out in 29min. Transition was quick and I headed out on the bike.

Bike: The bike was fast. On the way out there was a headwind so I was only avg around 38 but at mile 20, it got crazy. East Park Road at a tail wind, which got my bike up to 50km at some points. I flew the whole way back and came off the bike...feeling good in 2:12

Run: I felt awesome. Legs were turning over, my hair was blowing in the win and for the 1st 7 miles I was holding 6min miles, and came threw 11km in 40 min, which is just below a 4min km. The next 10 km were tough. But after a grueling causeway climb I came through the finish in 4:17 min. I broke my previous time by 15 minutes.

After taking time to look back at the race there is always room for improvement. I am happy but not satisfied. I am going to take a little break from training, then come back strong and ready for 2008. I am racing all 70.3 as an elite and want to represent myself, my team and Canada to the best of my ability. So that means lots and lots of miles over the course of the winter. TRAIN SMART...TRAIN HARD!

Monday, November 5, 2007

OFSAA and Relaxing!

Friday was a great day. Did a 2 hour bike into a 40 min run with some pick ups. Felt really good and the legs were feeling strong!

Saturday I took as my off day. I went to Niagara to watch the Cross Country OFSAA meet. Wow, the winner of the boys senior race went sub 21 min for 7km. It was ridiculous to watch. He had a great stride and deserved the win. Other congrats go out to Connor Hammon, who took 8th overall, chad and Taylor from C3. Good work boys. Also I can't forget my fiance Shannon who's first year midget girls team qualified and had a great race. Also her senior boy who placed in the top 1/3!

Sunday was a great training day! I must say, tapering sorta sucks because mentally you feel out of shape but you know your body is in full recovery. I did a 1:30 ride, which turned out to be a bit longer and pushed Bell School Line Hill. Jim came out and threw down a great ride, although Bell school didn't treat him so well. Off the bike I went into a 30 min tempo run working on my pick ups!

Today will be a solid day at the pool and some pick ups at the track!!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Almost There

After a great weekend of training with Sean (we threw down a 2:30 ride and 60 min hard run)...we just stayed out of the rains way! Sunday came quick with some intense running. 2 x 45min..negative split! yes it hurt!


Monday was a solid swim with a 20 min easy run
Tuesday was another great swim 90min
Wednesday...PB! 6x 1km Last repeated was 3:08!
Thursday was a 50min run...took off swim
Friday....we will find out tomorrow!!haha

Have a great night..sleep has to pee time!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Started out the week great when I stepped on the scale and it said 156! That is a decrease from 161. It has a bit to do with the amount of running I am doing and also the Altitude Tent, which I am sleeping at 12 500 feet now! What a rush. After no sleep because someone had to go to the bathroom I was able to have a stellar swim practice and throw down and easy 10km on the Monday.

Tuesday...again no sleep was a workout I was dreading but very excited for. It was pouring rain so I took the workout inside. 2km warm up 3 x 3km repeats with 1km run in between. I WANTED TO HURT TODAY...Ran the 1st repeat in 11:23 just to get the legs going then it went down from there. 2nd repeat was 10:40 and my final 3km repeat was 10:23 which is sub 3:30 per km! I hurt but it felt great. That night hit the pool and threw down over 3km of Free and IM work...felt great!

Wednesday was all about track. After reading Alan Webbs Sub mile performance in Belgium, setting the new American record I wanted to hurt and throw down another great workout. 20 min warm up 8 x 400 with 200m rest on 3min. I took the 1st out fast and ran a 73 second 400m....feeling great and effortless I was able to do 6 more 400m on 73 seconds and everyone hurt...the final I tried to push out but ended up with a 76. The Nomads were at the track and I was feeling strong so I decided to push out 2 more 600m repeats. The 1st repeat went great. rounded 400 in 80 seconds and was able to go sub 2min into the final 200m. Led it out! The 2nd and final 600m Carlos led out and rounded 400m in 77, 3 seconds faster then we wanted...we held in strong and but down another sub 2min 600m! Great track workout!
Took swimming off tonight...need the rest big day tomorrow!

Almost There

Had a low Key weekend with a good amount of training. Did 1:45 on the bike into a 45min tempo run off the bike Saturday and Sunday threw down a 21km run in 1:32. Felt really strong and did some major hills which is great prep for my upcoming race!

After a great golf game of 89...should have been a 87 but man long story but one hole didn't go so well after hitting a tree, we got a new addition to our lives and his name is RUFUS! A beautiful baby boy..golden retriever.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More and More Training

Wednesday was another solid training day. Made it out for 2 hour hard bike into a 10km hard run off the bike. Listened to the new Avril Song 'Hot' and MAN! was I flying. Today hurt so I didn't go to swimming, needed the sleep!

Thursday was a great day of training. The weather wasn't playing in my favour so I took'er indoors style! Did a good 20 min warm up on the bike into a 3 km run. Now for the main set. Was on the cycle ops, which shows WATTS and threw down 30 min avg 260 WATTS into a 2km run sub 7min. Then took a couple minutes to regroup and did another hard 30 min at 280 WATTS into a 4km run sub 14min! At that point I was spent...after some more training I went to the pool and got owned. The whole practice was 200's IM.

Friday was a rest day

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good Start to the week

After a great weekend Monday came fast. On schedule was an easy swim with a lot of technique. I was feeling good and after talking with Barrie, did a double swim practice. 2500m during the day and 3500 during swim practice. Stroke is feeling really strong. Worked a lot on arm position in the water and was flying by the end of the night. Also wasn't supposed to run but the wifey wanted to get in a good 8-10km so we did! Nice and leisure run. I threw in some pick ups because that is what Pre would have done..haha

Tuesday was an ok training day. After feeling the effects of the weekend...and getting little to no sleep because of my work schedule I opted out of the 90 min tempo run and did a 40 min tempo hard as the body could go. 20 easy 20 hard and 20 mod. Felt really strong, then headed off to the pool. Had another great swim practice a lot of work on my back stroke, which is coming along and ended with some 100IM in the water. Lead the pack out...moving up!

My favorite part of the day came when Shannon and I went shopping for new clothes.....ok hoodies! Long story short, we ended up in the Youth section and I am now the owner of XL Boys fits so why pay the GST!

Tomorrow I have a big training Day ..hard ass bike with a 90min fartlek run...night time

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Training went great today. Started off at the pool and did a 1km warm up into 6 x 200 odd pull, and even free mod. I was supposed to do 10 but that got real boring. To my luck a couple old swim buddies were doddling around and wanted to do a fast set. We finished with 300 pull hard into 3 x 100 ball busters! Then 200 pull hard into 4 x 50 on 50 then 100 pull hard into 4 x 25m IM. Cooled it down and called it a day.

That afternoon Shannon called and wanted to get out for a run. I had to do a 60 min ez run with pick ups so Shannon stuck in strong and had a great run! We then headed up North to visit my friends in Walter Falls. (Very far north)

It was shitty weather but we had a great time Saturday, and might I add my first day off in ages! We went caving and off roading, so the weather didn't hold us back that much. We would have liked to climb but the weather would not let us.

Today (sunday was a great day) The day started on the track with 4 x 1km repeats. They felt ok, legs were tired from the past week so was able to hold 3:23 per km, that is 3 seconds slower then Thursday. Then I was going to head down to the Toronto Marathon to cheer on Steve in the Marathon and the Craven's in the 5km Corp Race. After almost getting run off the road my plans changed quickly and I headed north. I ended up at Rattlesnake Point throwing down some repeats on the biggest hill in Southern Ontario. Then did a mod 30 min run off the bike. CLEARWATER 4 WEEKS AWAY

NOW FOR THE EXCITING NEWS!! Steve Santia Qualified for the Boston Marathon in a stunning 3:04:44. After months of training, injuries and dealing with me he has done it. CONGRATS, I couldn't be more happy for you! I will be there in Boston cheering you on! ALSO! Jim throwing down a 5km in 21 min and Deb throwing down a 27min 5km! That is aweomse....hard work pays off. Congrats to all and I am excited for the training over the next year!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Not To MTB

This is a video of Sean and Mike as we did a MTB ride in Albion Hills on the Monday. First off I just wanted to say I did not attempt this because of the World Championships coming up.....and also I would have ended up in the water..haha After Sean warped his wheel we did a 10min HARD ASS RUN...into 20min easy, that made it about 6km. Then into a 1.2 km swim at the quarry. Sean sent me out like a zebra to get hunted down. Felt really good and he didn't catch me..( I would hope not considering he gave me a 6min head start..) Then we Ate like kings for TG!

Tuesday Came quick and it was back to working out. Today it was rainy and got the courage to go run 21km. A classic route from my house to Neyagawa through the trails and run home. I was able to get that done in 1:35...not bad for a training run. At night we had a 90 min swim was a blur to me

Wednesday was another good workout for running. This would be the 6th day in a row of running and it is feeling good. I threw down a 75 min run and did 3min hard Fartlek with 2min rest for the whole run. Shannon and I went out for dinner after that and man, when you run that much you gotta eat!

Today was a great workout. Sean met me at the track and we did a 15min warm up...Sean took a shit, and then we got to work..haha...6x1km repeats on 6 min. I opened up with a 3:18km and Sean threw down a 2:58km...after the 6th Sean was able to hold 3min per kilometer and I was holding 3:20 per legs felt like jello. After that I hit the pool and was not informed we were doing IM repeats off the blocks...always fun.

Tomorrow is a 4km swim with a 60 min pick up run....60 miles and counting this week in it!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Put It Down

Tuesday was another solid day of training 75 min Fartlek run. It turned into a fast 10 miler! After that headed to the pool for a 1:30 swim practice

Wednesday was a good one: Met Steve at the track at 10:30am and we did 5 x 400m with 200m rest. We were coming in sub 80 and brought it home in 74 seconds. In between we did a 10min tempo run and were keeping sub 3:30 pace on the track. We then finished with 3 x 400m with 200m rest. Thank you Bowerman for the workout! Swim practice at night. I can never remember the practice they come and go in a blur.

Thursday I met Sean for a brick workout. It was a humid day. We warmed up then did a big loop into a flat hard loop. It was just over 23km and then ran 4km hard off the bike. I came in just under 14min, which is holding sub 3:30km.

Friday it got fun. Sean and I headed to Meadford where we threw down a 108km bike ride averaging 32km. That is a good speed and man did we feel that. After we headed to his neighbors pond and did around 2km in the water. I worked on catching the water and drills. Then we headed to Ted's Road Range where we had Buffalo. We didn't try the Elk, sorry James.

Saturday we woke up early to a Torrential down pour. We contemplated life and decided to head out for our 10mile fast run. It was the best run I have ever done. There were hills, off roading and rain. All of my favorite things. The run flew by and we came in just over 70 minutes for 10 miles. It was too crazy to bike so we packed up and headed home for Thanksgiving.

Sunday started early at 5am with Steve. We met before the world was awake for a 10mile run. We came in at 72 minutes, which for running threw the woods without lights is pretty damn good. At 7:30am I met up with Bob and the guys and we headed to Dundas Valley for a great MTB ride. It got muddy because of the rain and man was I dirty. But a solid 2 hour ride.

Time to eat

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All about Hurting

After an epic training day, it was time to lay the hurt. Woke up Sunday morning in my tent to a 6:00am alarm clock. After sleeping at 7000 feet it was hard to get up. Upon moving I found that my training from the previous day toke a toll and the legs were feeling...let's say good! It was time to get ready to race!

Steve felt good as we headed the The Run For the Grapes Half Marathon. After trying to do a warm up I gave up and waited for the start of the race. It started out fast like it always does and I was able to settle into 4min Kilometers. That felt comfortable for about 16km. As Bob put it I did not look good and did not say hi to him.

I broke pace for a Km then got right back on the 4min pace. I came in at 1:26:00, which was pretty good for having no legs. Little did I know but Steve decided to Smash!! his old record by 5 minutes and run a 1:26 just 9 seconds behind me! Damn!

I can't forget Bob too, who stuck it out considering he did not want to race! Good season, time to MTB!

Monday came quickly and did a 75min MTB ride, which felt awesome then headed to the pool with Tyler. I opted out of Swim Team practice to work specifically on my freestyle. After a 1000m warm up we did 5 x 200 on 3min with a 1min rest. Then I did 300m K with Fins, then a 200m warm down. Felt Awesome!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Train Hard

This has been a great week for training. In the words of Sean, nice crisp air and a ton of scenery!

Wednesday it was a bit wet, we did have a slight thundershower but I made it out of the bike for 90km. I kept the pace high and pushed the speed to make the legs hurt. Was able to go past Shannon and my house and they had a second floor which is pretty good. That night I headed to the track. Gord made me do 5x400. Not a tough track workout but was coming in around 75 to 79, which felt really good! At night hit the pool for a great 9pm swim!

Thursday I was on a course! haha i mean Golf course. I was unable to make the brick, but threw down a 10km run, where I ran it hard just above 4 min pace and then went to the pool that night!

Friday came quick, and was going to take an off day but wanted to get the legs turned over for the race this weekend so I did a 5km run sub 20 min.

Saturday turned into a big day! Started out in Caledon in the Quarry for a 3km hard swim with Sean and Jenn. Followed by a 70km ride. Sean and I brought out our stealth's (TT bikes) and threw it down. After that followed a 30 min run, which was supposed to be easy but turned into a a nice little negative split run. Felt great. This of course was followed by a dip in the local creek. Oh and yes the water was around 65 this morning!!

Getting ready for tomorrow half marathon run for the grapes. The tent is doing great too. This is the 2nd night Shannon has slept at 6000 feet in elevation!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Does Anyone Else see the resemblence!!

Shannon won't let me grow the mustache though! But look at the form!! Now I just gotta get as fast as Pre

Pre Lives

Another Solid day of training. After a couple of clients canceled on me I was able to get in my much needed run! The run was a 30min warm up, 2 x 10min hard, 5min good tempo, 15min cool down. 75min run. The run was great. It was humid in the morning but took her easy and was able to drop the pace sub 4min for the 10min hard. Felt good and fast. I felt a lot better on the 2nd 10min hard. What would pre do

During the day Steph, Simon and I headed to the range to work on our golf game. We have a serious game on the Thursday with a client. Jeff wants to play from the tips and all we had to say was bring it on!

After a humid and smoggy day I headed to the pool for my annual swim practice! It went well 30 min dry land and then hour in the water. A lot of work on the kick today, which is nothing new. But was really working on my back stroke and keeping my form together. Felt great! Am feeling really good and excited for Nov 10th in Clearwater.

Train Hard! It is supposed to rain tomorrow but will still be out on the bike! 80km and 50 min fartlek run or track!

tent time

Monday, September 24, 2007

Start to a great training week

This past weekend was a great ramp for Florida.

After heading to the Trials in Neyagawa, which by the way are some of the best trails around. If you are heading into them start at the West Bank and Work your way to the East Bank. I was able to throw down a solid 11 miles holding just over 4:15 pace. It felt solid, except for me running into a tree and getting a nice cut down my side. By the time I ended the run I was bleeding!

Later that day got the call from K. Jones to head out on an easy 1:30 bike. Sometimes nice to have company. Except somebody hit a speed bump and ended up ass over tea kettle on the school parking lot. Won't mention any names...Kyle.

Saturday after working in the morning, was able to get out on the mountain bike for a hard 1:30 bike ride in the trails, mainly hills, and then 5 x hard hill repeats off the bike.

Sunday was great and I thank my fiance for the push. After a horrible golf game, I was able to make it out for a solid 1:20 run, finishing with 4min k's. Shannon threw down an hour flawless!

Monday was the start of a great training week ahead. With great weather I made it out for a 90min ride with Pick ups then 20 min core off the bike. At night I was able to throw down 2500m of free style at the pool. 500 warm up. 5x400 swim, pull and pick ups! Tonight we increase the levels on the altitude tent to 6000feet. Boulder Styles!

Oh and Before I forget Good Luck to Matt Maracle and the rest of the St. Catherine's Baseball team in Shanghai China next week. For anyone who doesn't know the Special Olympics are being held there and these athletes are amazing!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Swimming Breakthrough

This has been a great week for swimming. Early season, so that means a lot of work on things I usually don't do. Such as kicking!! A lot of kicking. Every set since Monday has had some form of intense kicking, with running a ton this week takes its toll.

Running as been great, I have logged in over 40km this week and am looking to do a 90min tempo run tomorrow morning with an epic bike before hand.

Biking I have put out over 120km riding and is feeling good.

Oh and I can't forget about my tent! is wicked!

Big things Poppin' this weekend

Sunday, September 16, 2007

ITU Duathlon Parry Sound

It was a cold weekend to race. The temp made it too 8 degrees and the wind was howling.

Besides making it to the race 40 min before start, Sean and I were feeling as ready as we could to hurt in the duathlon.

The course was 10km run, 40 km draft legal, 5km run. It started out fast and Furious. The main group took the pace out around a 3:20 and soon dropped down 1km in. After a fun little course, I came out with a 35:47km 10km run. That is actually a new PB for me!! And Sean ran 33 something. He was looking good.

As we hit the bike I was rounding out the pack...yes 35 doesn't cut it in a du you have to run sub 33 to be in the main pack. I rode the 40km course solo and did a 1:07...not too shabby for solo. The main group did a 1:05 and Sean the best he is did a 1:02!

After coming into transition I called it a day.... my legs were shot and I was not excited to do the last 5km. I came out to kill the 10km and hurt on the bike, which I did.

All and all a great training day! Sean hurt the duathletes on the bike and was able to take 3rd Canadian and 4th overall. After a little helmet incident and was given a 3min penalty and given a 10th place finish.

Back to train. Start altitude training tomorrow.! Time to get fast

Friday, September 14, 2007

Feeling Ready

This week as been a great week for swimming. The focus has been a lot of Breast stroke, kicking and aerobic build up.

I am feeling really comfortable in the water and with a ton of kick am starting to get the core working with the stroke. The repeats on the kick were wicked.

Have been tapering down for the weekend. Du Nat's! This means a 10km run 40km on the bike followed by a 5km run. So it will be puke to more puke.

I am feeling good and gonna throw down a sub 36 10km...that is the plan.

Off to eat and rest for tomorrow's event!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Training Day

Today was a big day of training. Headed to Neyagawa Trails and had to put out a 20 min warm up 3min hard 3 min easy x6 then 15min cool down. I was feeling strong and was holding 3:20's for the 3min hard and was recovering well. Was able to run a nice 14km.

After a reload of food I headed to the pool. Man!! pre season involves a ton of kicking. It was another fun night and am excited for the improvements in my stroke.

Also I am very excited for my new acquired sponsor. I have to say I love my Fiance and am so happy she understands...and excepts me..haha...

I am excited for the improvements in my overall health and performance!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Was suppose to head out on the bike but am really focusing on the running side of things right now. Want to go sub 1:30 at Worlds!
Went out easy this morning between clients. Felt really good so I dropped down the pace to a 4:30km and pushed out a 12km run with a fair amount of hills.

Mid day I was about to take a nap when I put in the new Transformers DVD...oh man! I must say in the top 2 best movies ever!! Bumble Bee is the man!
After a little nap I got ready for the night events....swim practice.

Swimming hurt tonight. 500 warm up choice...that was the easy part. Into 3x (75 swim, 25 scull - 25 kick-50 kick-75 kick) There was much more but it hurts just to think about it....

Big training day tomorrow. Hard run...swim and bike

It hurt...I am working hard on getting those ankles to bend!

Bed time

Owen Sound Race Report

What a weekend!

We headed down on the Friday to get a little R and R before the race. I raced on the Saturday and what I thought was going to be a sprint triathlon turned into a duathlon due to freezing water temperatures. I am talking 54 degrees!

It turned out to be a 2km run, 20km bike, 5km run. The run started fast and furious where the leaders took it out in a 3:15km pace. I stuck a 3:37km pace and ran 2km in 17:14. I headed out in 4th onto the bike. I pulled everyone in and was just behind the leader who was biking like a maniac. The headwind held other athletes back as I got a longer lead into the 5km.

Off the bike I was in 2nd and wasn't able to run down the leader and took 2nd overall. Ran a respectable 19min 5km to finish the race.

Sunday got crazy! What we thought was going to be an interesting race turned into a C3 powerhouse day. Sean took out the swim and lead the race right onto the bike. Next out of the water was James, Shags, Jenn, Dave, and Yorke. They got together and formed a great pack where they were able to have a good lead into the run.

Sean went solo and took the win with a stellar run off the bike. 2nd was Shags...congrats bro, the quest is on! Dave took 3rd with a "Pre" like run, and James, came in rounding out the pack.

The girls looked awesome! Rachel great work on a 2nd place, Coombs, we be runnin! and Jenn Great race stuck it strong!

Well all this was happening I threw down a 75min tempo run!! oh yeah...Du nats next week

Friday, September 7, 2007

September 7th, 2007

Today is a light day because I am racing Owen Sound tomorrow. I haven't trained yet, but when it cools down James and I will be doing a 20min swim followed by a 20min run to get the legs moving and ready for tomorrow.

Feeling good and ready to go in and Give'r

September 6th, 2007

Today was a hot one! Started off cool this morning and by afternoon the temperature got up to 35 degrees. But you know how we do, I was out on the bike!

Todays bike was a tough one 2 hours hill repeats. I decided to make my way down lower base line, through Hwy 25 and up Bell School Line to the Escarpment. Now for anyone who knows the area that is a tough little incline. I repeated it twice and was averaging over 500-600 watts going up. I decided to hammer the way home from flat to hill section and keep my race pace, which is around 260 watts.

When I got home I jumped off the bike and ran a 3:30km and headed straight into the pool. I did 30 min of water running to cool off.

I had a swim practice but found out when I arrived. (Actually I was told the night before just not paying attention), practice was cancelled and will be next Monday.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

September 5th, 2007

Woke up this morning, and not going to lie, the legs were still a bit sore from the previous race.

Today's training was a track workout 4 x800m with 2oom rest and the start of the season for the BMSC Swim Club.

After a 3km warm up I hit the track and threw down 4 great 800m. I came in on average around 2:44 per 800m. Getting Faster! Felt comfortable and ready to hold a 3:30 7km this weekend. Had a great cool down and headed home to eat. Bob and Steve were also running great! They are on the to some fast times this year.

Swim practice was pretty low key tonight. We had a chat about provincials and nationals this year...and how we are going to win!
Main set was 900 ( 150 IM, no free)
(100 IM, 50 kick)
(50 Free, 100 kick)
2nd Main set was 6x ( 5o Kick, 50 free)
Only did 1500m in the pool today...Don't worry it will be increased with the 5 practices a week!

Eat and Sleep time

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September 4th, 2007

Wow! Woke up this morning and the legs were like lead. I guess it was that extra 10km I did after the half marathon yesterday. Instead of breaking myself I did 30min of water running, followed by a 30 min MTB.

Time to rest. Owen Sound on the weekend!

September 3rd, 2007

Oakville Half Marathon was Today. Was a great morning for racing. Slight overcast with a low humidex. I was feeling good and well rested for the race. When the gun went off I came out for the first 2km in 3:30 hitting the 2km mark at 7min. I was a bit fast but felt good.

I was able to hold a 4km/pace for most of the race, until the 14km marker where I lost a bit of focus and ran a 4:30km/pace. I quickly regained focus and crossed the finish line with a respectable 1:25:43.

Three more PB's were set with Jim Craven running a 1:35:00 for his first half marathon. ( with a ton of training put behind him!) Also my other half, running an amazing 1:45:00. Great work Babe! And I can't forget about the man with the plan Steve Santia running a 1:31:00 (number 666) in Quebec! We are on a roll for the Toronto Marathon! See you at the Track

Will be taking tomorrow off. But will be hitting the track hard come Wednesday. Running with the Buffalo's