Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tapering Down

I have had a couple wicked days of training! After the smash fest on the weekend it was time to cool it down for Chase...which is no longer the chase! Come on lady professionals! We want to hunt you down!

Tuesday was a good day. I had to put the fast back in my legs so I headed to the track. I had Jimbo Slice meet me there after he did a killer swim of 200's! The set was a 15min warm up 4x1km then shut it down. Feel fast was the key of the workout. I was feeling great and had some solid splits! 1) 3:32 2) 3:29 3) 3:19 4) 3:27. Wanted to see what I could do on # 3 haha. Then I called it quits during the evening! Sorry Mike for not making the swim, have to work sometimes!

Today was great. Jim Met me at 4:45am at the gym for a build bike workout into a run. I forgot my watch so we did it by songs. After a 15min warm up we did 5 x 5min hard as you can with a song easy. We were moving and feeling fast. Off the bike we had to run a 10min run at race pace. So for me was 3:43 per km around 6min mile pace. It was feeling good. Excited for the weekend in Muskoka!

Here is the morning set up at the gym, with Tara representing the morning crew at 5am! Also I put up a clip of my trip to Mt.Ventoux! Was looking at my camera and forgot I had movies!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling Today already

I was feelng great yesterday after a solid workout, even had a solid golf game! BTW AVG Power yesterday was around 582!!! Woke up this morning and it felt like I was hit by a truck! My legs took some serious punishment over the weekend and today was the day I felt them! I had a 7am swim practice with Mississauga this morning and when you can't kick that is no fun. My coach Mike wanted to put the hurt on me too..haha

The main set was

6x50 hard
200 negative split
100 easy
4x75 (50dps 25!)
200 negative split
100 easy
4x75 (25dps 50!)
100 easy
200negative split
Then 8 x 25 all out

Lets just say Mike felt bad for me and let me use a pull for the 200 set...I was struggling to hold 3 min .haha all good rest time!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


First off, have to thank James for the name!

What a solid day today of training. Headed to Guelph to join the PTC group in a ride. The workout was 35km warm up 20km Tempo, then 15km threshold! We had an issue with keys (Hewdog) so we headed to Waterdown. The warm up was solid and we all expected an out and back. Steve had the route we thought! The 20km Tempo was solid, James has the wattage but I believe we were around 250-270 watts. Then the pain started! My goal was to lay it out there and see if I can hurt anyone! I was trying to stick around 310 watts + I was a ball of mess after that ride and laid the hurt into a couple of the guys! The group of guys were amazing to ride with. The consistency was great and we all worked together and kept each other motivated! As James put it we are the Magnificent 7! The Group consisted of Conor (Youngblood) Hammond, James (Ride the Bone Loaring), Hewdog (I lost my GPS) Hewick, Mike (Bionic Man) Hayes, Adrian (I have a P3) Del Monte, Dave (I train with Kenyans) Sharratt and Tyler (Joanna and I ride the same bike) Lord..haha

Off the bike the boys ran a 40 min run and I had to shut it down after 20 min.....had a golf game...I shot an 85 today! Solid day of training!

Muskoka is coming fast and ready to race!

Also I tried to get Annika out on the ride but she wanted nothing to do with it!