Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day 10 miler Report

So once again I was out on the cold day of December 26th racing, after having a few to drink the night before!  My goal was to hold or break 6 min miles, which in training I am doing consistently.  I was feeling good going into the race and ready to hurt.  I was going to stick with Mat Reid and hold tight.  

The gun went off and we hit the streets.  I took it out a bit hard with.  We hit the 1st mile in 5:30 and the 2nd we came in at 11min.  I tried to regroup and calmed myself down before blowing up.  A few of the Brooks Project team was there and wow, was that fun to watch them through down 5min miles over and over again.

At 5 miles the pack separated and I was around 29 min, which was right on pace.  Next section was the tricky part, all hills!  I dropped the pace down a bit to get myself up the hills and was caught by the 2nd female Lauren King.  I wasn't letting her go and with her help we hammered out the hill sections and made our way through the streets of Hamilton.  Into the last mile we were off pace by a 1 min and we couldn't get it back.  After a sprint finish  ...she called me out.haha we both came in at 61 minutes.  Not to bad, around 6:08 per mile.

The story doesn't end there....after Jen Coombs crossed we gathered our gear and headed to my car.  When we got there Shannon noticed glass everywhere....  Long story short, our car was broken into and someone stole our GPS.  At least they were nice enough to leave my wallet and money?  F#@#$#@ing Hamilton, was the quote of the day.

I need to make honorary mention to Jen ( who had a great race for 74 minutes, and Mat who shattered me and ran 58 min.  I am coming after you!

Training is going well.  There are days it is hard because of the weather but really feeling good with the run and the swim is coming!  

Off to bed 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

December is a busy month

This week has been a bit rough with training due to work at the gym. around December clients always want to get in and decrease stress before the Christmas Break! all together I will be working around 46 hours this week and this doesn't involve my training.

I have had some friends stick by me and attack the -10 with weather out there and have put in some solid training. My goal this week was a focus on the running and swimming. Bike was just getting on and being able to ride for a whole movie. Usually around 2-3 hours...hurts but that is what the schedule says.

My best workout of the week was done on the treadmill and it was a 15 min warm up 8 x 1 km with 1:30 rest in between. The goal was to be consistent and I pulled off the last 4 repeats holidng 3 min per km, which is getting there. I stuck most of them around 3:05-3:07...not bad for off season.

This morning I had to get in a 1:30 run so I woke up at 5am and headed out. I will say that it is quite nice running by yourself that early. There is no wind and just you out there. You have a lot of time to think and focus on the task at hand. I have a 3.5 hour bike later on today then going to hammer a swim in the afternoon. Can't stop..and I won't stop!

PS. Becoming a pro golfer..haha..thanks Conor

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Year end video

I am putting together a better video with some training footage of my Guru and ISM Seat!

Going to be insane!

Hope everyone likes!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Check out the ride!!  The new saddle is fantastic!!...Did I mention it is pink!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

World Championship Report

So the year is over and I first have to thank my amazing sponsors for a great year and sticking with me. First off 2XU for a great workout, which has made me cross the finish line in style.
Next Guru and Blackwell Research for making a very fast bike, which people always want to take a picture of! Probably because it is pink..haha
Out of the water in those non wetsuit races I want to thank Xterra for making me stay with the pack and of course sable water optics for allowing me to see!
A few other sponsors which have stuck with me over the years are The Running Company, who deals with me going through shoes like you would believe and Altitude Tech who makes me fast well I sleep!
The race came quick, and after a solid year of training and racing I was feeling confident in my abilities as a professional athlete.
The gun went off and we hit the water like an ITU race. I can honestly say that was the toughest swim I have ever done with people grabbing and pulling my legs. I was pulled so much someone ripped off my chip!
Out of the water I was a couple minutes down and had to make up some serious time! I mounted my new Guru and started picking off people! 23 miles in I was at 1:02 and killing it! I passed one athlete and as I did he surged and passed me back. As he passed me a marshell came up and gave me a Red Card, which is a 4 minute penalty! I was pissed! He said I was in the drafting zone for longer then 25 seconds, which didn't make sense because he just passed me back! I had to pull over and wait 4 minutes and watched the athletes I passed blow past me!
I got back on and rode like a bat out of hell to make up time. I was excited to run and put the crazy workouts Lisa gave me to work! My goal was to stick 6:20 per mile and hold it! that would bring me in around 1:24 for 13miles! I killed it and felt awesome! I got into the groove and was hydrated. The heat didn't bother me and was excited crossing the finish line!
Next year is going to be a great year and I thank everyone for supporting me during this season. Also I can't forget my wife and friends for dealing with me being tired all the time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week to go!

Counting down the days!  World Champs is coming and I am feeling good.  Had a great weekend of training, tapering, but training!  Goal is to hammer Rinny....I said it!  100 bucks on the line and I am feeling good.  Running is feeling great, swimming is coming and bike is going to go fast!
Get ready Florida!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold In Canada

Finally gearing down for Worlds and was excited to get the boy out to the park yesterday! Its cold!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pink Lady

Here is the first look at the weapon for Clearwater.  Who ever is racing me will see it pass them!  I will post a picture with the Blackwell Wheels!  It looks Dirty!

Training is going great.  Just threw down a serious training day yesterday with a 2.25 hour run with Steve. (Sorry for breaking you bro!)  a 3km swim just felt awesome in the water, and then hit the road with Parsnips and D-Rock!  We pounded out some hills then I hit the dinner sesssion!

First off I wanted to congratulate John and Stephanie on there marriage!  Welcome to the club!  Secondly I wanted to thank C3 for an amazing year and great training!

I have decided to train with Lisa Bentley, who will take me to the next level!  Barrie has been an amazing coach, friend and I thank him for everything he has provided me with over the year!  Running is everything and Lisa is going to make that happen!

Heading into Clearwater I feel awesome.  Bike feels fast..running feels fast..and if I can get on some serious feet I am gone!  4:07 is the goal at hand and I see no reason why not!  What do you think Rinny!  Canada dollar is down meaning I am going to make some money!

Got a new treadmill today so waiting for that right now then doing a serious bike run session, into a wicked pool set!

Will keep everyone posted on the end result!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trek or Treat and training

Friday was a great night.  Not only did I get to race with my beautiful wife, but also got to spend time with my close friends...and of course Greg..Thanks Running Company!

First off I just wanted to say how proud I am of a few people.  Derek has worked so hard this year, and after sitting with me and having a thing you know he is 30 + pounds down and running his first 10km race in 50 min! His wife was right along side him...who by the way is jacked already in 55 and her sister Alison, who has worked so hard and did a solid 66 min 10km!  I am glad they were able to take part with Shannon and I and we are excited for the future for them!  PS  my wife smashed it and ran a 48 min the dark..and up hills in a forest...animal!

I decided to take 2nd..after working hard the whole run I found out that I am a triathlete and not a runner...(I have a horrible kick and was out sprinted with 10 m left!)  All good though, it was a tough race and was hard to pace in the dark!  All and all can't complain ran a 36 min 10km and knew I had to wake up to run with Lisa at 8am.

SATURDAY!  I headed to Caledon to run with Lisa, Jenn, and Bob.  It started out fast...I think Lisa wanted to break me and with a crazy loop my goal was to run a 6km loop....hilly as hell and be consistent and do it 4 times!  I pushed the first lap with a 25 min, then stuck another 25 min, then had to pee and she wouldn't stop the time so ran a 26 high then blew up with a 27 ish...all and all I can't complain running 28 ish km that morning.  I am feeling strong and will take the mental side of that run to Florida...I am going after Rinny!

Later that day I got a ride on the trainer for an hour then hit the pool with Drags...I was shattered and slept like a baby!

SUNDAY!  I woke up bright and early and headed to the pool and met Jenn.  It was a hard set of 24 x 100 dropping each 100.  By the last 6 I had the pull buoy and paddles on and thank god for Jenn being there or I would have sunk!  After I met up with Bob and did a 60 min hill repeat run ....headed to T.O ...ate at the King Eddie, then got on the bike for a 40km time trial!


MONDAY was a solid recovery with an easy swim and a run with Shannon...she out sprinted me at the end

TUESDAY ...decided to run at 4am with Jim...I figured being that early I met as well work hard.  started out easy and the goal was to increase the pace every 15 min for 60 min.  started out around a 4min km then dropped it to a 3:50 km and finally finished at 10.6 for 15min holding 3:36 per km.   Its coming..
Headed to the pool that afternoon and dropped 30 x 100...I don't even want to talk about it!  It hurt

That night took it to the trainer for an easy grind! 4 x 100 big ring...Tomorrow is going to hurt

Race Review

Been a while since I have posted.  Sorry to everyone who keeps up with my blog.  I always try and find the time to post but get busy with life.
Back tracking a bit I headed out to Austin Texas to race in the 70.3 Longhorn race.  Also this was Simon Lessing's last race and I was glad to be a part of it!
I was feeling great going into the race, with the help of Lisa I was feeling confident in the water and really felt strong for the run! I ended up staying with Richie...we didn't snuggle this time as I took the coach!  I just wanted to thank Fred (never met him) but let me stay at his place during my stay in Austin.  On a side note I loved Austin and can't wait to go back to train!
Heading into the pro meeting there were 51 pros who came out for this race.  It was a big field and I was excited to be there.  The swim was a non wetsuit swim and with the help of Xterra I was able to come out in 24?? for 2km??  I think it was a bit short but got on the bike and hammered.  I didn't have my Guru yet so had to use my Cervelo, which we have parted ways and also my blackwell wheels!
I hydrated great on the bike and was feeling awesome going into the run.  I didn't have the best timed run but felt great and had the legs moving.  I ended up 25th in the pro field and 28th overall...finally starting to come together!  Finished with a 4:23 70.3!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fresh Start

This year has been a great year with ups and downs...but mostly ups. I haven't written a blog in a while, probably because I have been training my ass of getting ready for the 70.3 Worlds. I have had some great help from friends and family to prepare me for this race.

Training as been great! Muskoka was solid but knew going into the run I didn't have the mileage in my legs to hold the pace I was going at and that is how I ended up 14th!

It was a wet day but weather was fine and the field was strong. After Luke decided to jump the gun we were off. The front pack got away and I stuck on with 4 other pro's and we same together. It was a slow swim and I came out in 30 min. On to bike I lead the attack! I was feeling awesome. The hills were flawless and after training on that type of terrain I made back a few spots and came 12th off the bike. I picked my way into 11th overall and then I derailed! There is no excuses on how it happened, just not enough miles in the legs ..remember I just got married.

I have some new help, who I will mention later who is going to take me to new levels of fitness. Training has been going amazing with the weekend a 5 hour bike with 30 min hard intervals into a 60 min run, paced by a MTB ! Thanks Derek. After making a few comments I wasn't letting him go!

Swimming is improving day by day...swimming 4km a day will do that. The set yeserday was 4 x 800 in a 25m pool...don't know about anyone else but that set almost killed me. Also yesteday did a build 90 min bike ride into a hard 30 min run holding 6:20 miles....! It's coming and I can't stop....I know that everyone is training as hard as me right now and that is why I have to keep going.

Will keep everyone posted on progress!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breaking Compu Trainers

Today was an awesome set with Mat Reid. We met at Runners Den Waterdown and got to work. After a 15min warm up we got into a few pick ups and then hammered a 20 TT . I can honestly say I have never seen Mat work so hard. He hammered in the warm up and I had to hunt him down like a cheetah to a zebra! I pulled out holding 280 watts for 20 min and Mat did 235 (don't quote me on that!) ....that was just the beginning

We then got into a little set that I like to call hurt! It was supposed to be 5 x 4 min hard but we found a course which was 5.83 km and decided to break ourselves! The first set I was able to avg 301 watts for 7:34 seconds, Mat was 251 watts for 7:54. Next set I went to break! I average 310 watts and killed the course. Mat decided to give it too and came in with over 260 watts!

We cooled it down and tried to rehydrate!

PM Workout: Interval set: 15 min warm up with strides then got into it. Main set 2 x 800m then match it with a mile this twice. First set I was running with consistency and did a 3min 800 and did it again. I ran the mile in a solid 6min..but it didn't hurt enough so I made it hurt....! Next set ran a 2:48 800 and then dropped a 2:38 800...then meant I had to throw down a 5:26 mile. I got it done with a 5:23 mile ...i was broken.

I did an easy swim at night with Derek and work on a lot of technique to get the catch and body position down.

Wednesday: I was a bit sore today but had an awesome set with Mat at the pool! (Mat is killing the training) We threw down a 200m warm up then 4 x 50 drill swim. Then came the hurt. 6x (50-75) on 1:05. make the 75 hurt, which it did. Then the main set 12 x 100 on 1:35. I wasn't feeling that great until I came in on 1:28 and thought it was going to be a good day. Slammed out the set and went home to bed!

That night I had to do a 2:30 bike and 30 min run off the bike...nice and easy. I ended up doing a 2 hour bike with Derek and my wife! It was a fun ride then we went out for dinner!

Today is a hard set so will report after it is done hurting!

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st!

I am back and ready to go!  After a fantastic wedding and a spectacular honeymoon with my wife in France I am good to go for training and getting ready for Muskoka!  I have new goals, new sponsors, and a new outlook on training!  

First off I wanted to say thanks to Ian Maclean and Guru for providing me with a fast ride and getting going faster then I already am.  Also I would like to thank 2XU who makes me look good, Sable for great vision in the water, xterra for making me even faster in the water, and of course Blackwell, which makes my wheels go uber fast!!

I am keeping the wraps on my new ride until it is finished and will bring it out for 70.3 Worlds!

A little background on France.  I know most people reading this will know the Tour de France and stage 15, which is Mt. Ventoux.  This is where Lance there down a serious climb and raced Pantani to the top!  I rented a bike well I was over there and headed for the summit!  What a ride, to think what the tour riders do and to what I was doing is hilarious!  I climbed up in 1:28 and descended in 20 min..haha

I am glad to be home and focused on the task at hand.  My goals are solid and I have people backing me and helping me for the Worlds!

Saturday ( Aug 30th) was the first day of serious training:  It started out with a 4 hour bike.  Did 45 min warm up 45min hammer.  Then 30 min cruise 30 min hammer. Then did another 30 min hammer and a 30min cruise then pushed it out one more time to just ruin my legs.  Ended up being 125km!  Grabbed Rufus and off we ran with a 10 min cruise then 10 x 30 sec strides at the track.  Rufus made it through 5 before calling it a day.  Then we cruised it home!

Sunday (Aug 31st)  Was a crazy run day 1:45 in the morning.  Started with a 30 min cruise.  then 3 x 15 below 1/2 pace.  I ended up pushing out 6:18 per mile on the first 15, then 6:20 on the second 15, and then held on strong for 10 min before blowing up on 6:15 per mile!  Then regrouped and pushed as hard as I could.  There was a 5 min rest in between and then ran home at race pace which is 6:24.  I hurt more then you can believe.
Later in the day I headed to the pool and did a solid drill set to get faster!  Brought out the paddles to really work on speed!

Monday (sept 1st)  Rest day!  Thank god, my legs are shot!  But hit the pool and did a tempo swim keeping up the tempo for 3 x 10 min 30 sec rest in between!  I am taking the optional ride off today and getting ready for a serious ride tomorrow

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July Wrap Up

What a month. It has gone by so fast and I am glad I have a little break before the real training begins.

After the Sprint in Peterborough I was called by the Rhode Island 70.3 Race director who wanted us to come race the Inaugaral 70.3. What a race! I was using this as a training run but when I saw the competition I had to go out and kill it!

The swim was awesome 2 foot waves from the Hurricane in the Atlantic. I lead out the 2nd pack with a 28 min swim, which I have to thank Xterra for! Also I later found out no one could see and they were all trusting me...I was trusting Sable Goggles! What a great suit to hit the wavey water with. Got on the bike and went to work. I hammered out a 2:25..not my fastest bike but couldn't get down any food? I think it was the salt. We had a solid tail wind, which gave us a little push when the legs got tired! Blackwheel acted like a sail to drive me up the road!

After getting off the bike I was feeling good and ran a solid 1:28. I finished 15th out of 24 pros and finished in the top 15 overall in the race. Good start and was gearing up for Newfoundland.

Newfoundland came quickly. Now for anyone who doesn't know I am getting married on Saturday and learned real quickly that you have to be careful at a bachelor party! Long story short I fell and hurt my side.

I took the next week off because swimming was not feeling well...even with the Xterra wetsuit. After arriving in Newfoundland I decided to suck it up and give it all I got. I hit the water in my Xterra Pro wetsuit and was feeling tight in the chest and just hung on to the feet on Mirinda Carfrae until I got onto my bike. I was feeling great in the aero and had a solid 2:22 ride and was ready to run!...

I ended up making it 10km before almost keeling over from a tight chest. After going to the emergency tent they sent me straight to the hospital for X-rays.

I ended up fracturing the 4th rib and called it a day. I took the the week off and am looking to recover right now before I head to France for my honeymoon.

All and all I had a great July. I learned a lot not only about triathlon, but about life and consiquences we take. I am excited for September where I will be racing in the Muskoka 70.3 and then training and hammering the 70.3 Worlds.

I wanted to say thanks to my sponsors who I couldn't do this without. Xterra Wetsuits are the best on the market! 2Xu is killing it with my speedsuit, Sable water Optics are making me see everything on the horizon and Blackwheel for making me go so fast on the bike! I will be away till the 22nd riding Mt. Ventoux and then it is go time...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Peterborough Sprint...Yes Sprint!

Haha. Wasn't going to race this weekend but was asked to keep Bob company heading up to Peterborough..which only took us 2 hours to get there...Bob is a solid driver!

Was feeling tired after a hard day Saturday of training but was gonna have some fun...cheer the boys on in the half and hope for the best in my race!

I came out of the water just behind the lead back of Juniors. Thanks to 2XU, Xterra and Sable water Optics! I then got on the bike and hammered my new Blackwell Wheels, which go really fast...haha After catching up with the Junior Draft Pack...(there was around 5 of them!) I was able to pace them and come 2nd off the bike! Although my legs were sauced.

I was able to run the 5km in 18min, which put me in 5th overall...not too bad after the prior day of training. The boys did great though! Sean said it was going to be a training day...yeah right...turned into him winning the Half Ironman in 4:03...killed my time by 15min! Dave came in 4th with a solid 4:11...Good work boys!

Post week of training!

Saturday turned into a festival of fun..haha Jenn and I met up and ran 11 miles in the Valley, which are crazy hills and rolling! I made her hurt..great work Jenn. After that we hit Kelso for a 2km swim...nothing crazy, worked on some sprints and swam some laps. Then we hit the bike for 90min. Took it out to the hills and brought along my buddy Derek. It was a solid day and knew it would hurt Sunday..haha

Friday: I took the day off and did a solid Golf game with Mike!

Thursday: 80km bike ride and a 5km run off the bike..swam during the day too

Wednesday: Another Solid swim, 10 mile run with a 2 hour bike..nothing crazy!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Texas 70.3 Race Report

What a race in Texas! At the race meeting the water was only 76 so that meant no wetsuit swim. I was feeling really confident in the swim and knew it would be a good day. After a crazy start I cam out of the water in 29min, which for no wetsuit is wicked! Thanks Xterra for making me fast!

Onto the bike I was in a great position. I was around 10th overall and ready to hammerfest the bike into the money. The wind was coming from the Southeast and nailing us right in the face, which was fine with me. The rain picked up around 25miles in and it didn't help on the descents out of the canyon. I was feeling ready. I was fueled up and the legs were ready to run...what could possibly happen.....BANG! Two flats with 5 miles left in the bike...I was demoralized. I couldn't believe this is the second 70.3 I have blown a tire on. Side note: The wind and rain brushed stickers or as they are called "goat heads" onto the road, which are pieces of plant or cactus, which shred your tires! Long story short I was at the side of the road for 25-30 until a lady said I could have her wheels to finish! Thank you again whoever you are!

After arriving into transition I almost called it a day until Dee Dee told me to go run it off....All I thought was run off a 1/2 marathon? haha...but I did and I thank her very much for the push. After having a nice bathroom break I still ran a 1:32 on the run..and easily could have went sub 1:25 on the run...will be ready for Newfoundland in a couple weeks.

Overall I recommend the race to anyone. It is very laid back and the people are great. The course is a solid one and the wind will make it fun! Back to training now

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Updated Week From Texas

Workouts from Friday:

Ended up going to Kelso for an open water swim. Did the 3km loop around the perimeter. Feeling solid in the ater. Later that day I did 60km on the bike and ran 20 min off the bike. Trying to get that 110km. Now at 80km for the week

Saturday: What a great workout today! After a morning at the gym Amaral came over and we suited up for a bike ride. 5km into the bike ride we saw a mass of people heading west on we followed of course! It was the ride to Conquer Cancer. We helped out by pulling people who had amazing stories to tell, from how they quit smoking to do this, and how they survived cancer. After going out 55km with they, Mike and I decided to turn around and head home. We did around 110km that day. Later that after noon I did a 30 min run then had to clean as we got ready to go to a Shower. Getting gifts is fun!

Sunday: Woke up at 7am to the phone ringing...did I mention I was hung over. It was Derek. We ended up going to Kelso for a swim. I thought it would be smart not to bring a wetsuit. Well a km in I thought my nipples were going to peel off chest. This is why you should always have your Xterra Wetsuit on you at all times! I learned my lesson Glynn!

I was supposed to get in a run but never happened. Life came first and it involved a clean of the house, All and all a solid run after for the week of 86km

Monday: We haven't been getting the greatest weather to train so after a 12 hour day at work I got on my bike and did a 40km spin with pickups. Still avg over 200 watts! I was flying. Later that night was meeting with the DJ for the wedding. So no swim

Tuesday: I was able to get into the water for a 2km swim. Stroke is feeling really good and in Texas I believe it will be a wetsuit swim! We will find out race day. Gonna need Xterra's help opn this one.

Wednesday: TRAVEL TIME. I got to the plan for 5:50 am. After making it from Buffalo to Detroit, Detroit to Dallas, Dallas to Lubbock, I was finally at my place of destination! I was picked up by Steve, who was more then welcoming and can't thank him and his wife Dee Dee, for everything. After we got back to his place we headed to Texas Tech (Sorry Steve!) for a swim practice. What a beautiful outdoor pool. I did 3km hard and it felt great.

Thursday: (Today) Just got in from a 50 min run with pick ups! Legs are feeling awesome. I am heading for a massage at 11:30 then off on the bike for a 50km ride. The new Blackwell Research Wheels are looking amazing and everyone here is jealous.

Feeling good!...Ps. Love you Shannon and Rufus!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Week of Hurt

Like I said I would report back on the hurt from Wednesday.

We met at Gulliver's Lake at 9:30 and did a solid warm up before getting our wetsuits on and hitting the water. We did another warm up then 4 x 800m hard around the bouys. I will able to latch onto Brit and Jenn in the swim (thanks ladies...haha) On the Last repeat we ditched the wetsuits and went to town!

The plan for the bike was 3 loops of a 15km course. I brought my road bike with my powertap to monitor the output of watts I was pushing. The 1st lap went ok. I couldn't get into a groove and to be honest was feeling beat up for the next two laps. After the 1st lap I started to feel great. Legs were moving and averaging 300 watts on the bike felt easy. Sean, Yorke and I broke away from the group and never looked back. I haven't felt this good in a while. Legs had no feeling, which is a good thing! No pain, I think it is the tent. After the 3rd lap it was time to run.

So for 45km we averaged 40km and 290 watts on the bike..that is sick. The run felt even better. I was able to throw down a 17 min 5km off the bike and just out run Sean. Body is feeling solid.

Later that night I went for another 9km run with Shannon. It was a nice run to end the night.

Thursday was another epic training day. The goal was to break! I met up at 11am with Mat Reid at his store Runner's Den Waterdown. A solid shop if anyone is in the area! The workout was to run to Downtown Hamilton YMCA for a swim and back. We found out that the run was around 14km to the Y and 14km back! 28km run we ended up doing. My legs felt great. I hammered it the whole run and just felt good. The swim however wasn't that great. Really was hurting only did around 2000m in the pool. Needed to get prepped for the run home..haha

Thanks for the workout Mat.!

Right now including Sundays race I have ran a total of 75km...gonna make a 110km!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muskoka Chase Race Report

Sorry it has been a while since I last updated my blog. I have been in serious training mode coming up to the Muskoka Chase race the past weekend. It was a 2km swim, 55km on the bike and a 15km run.

Last weekend was a great prep weekend for me. After a killer day with Dave (100km on the bike and a 3km swim) I entered the Bread and Honey 15km run. What a day! First when you wake up and your legs are that fatigued you just hope for the best.

I got to the race and right away knew it was going to be a hot one. After trying to keep on 6:10 mile pace I feel off and pulled through a 59min 15km run. I ended up 10th overall in the race and only 10 of us cracked an hour. We later found out the temp was 39 degrees! No wonder it felt hard.

The week went fast in prep for the Muskoka Chase weekend. I had some exciting news though. Blackwell Research, the best wheels in the world have sponsored me to represent! They are killer wheels and accounted for my insane bike split..haha Also Sable water Optics for making me see in the water. Without them I would probably be down stream somewhere..haha

The race breakdown: The idea is the girls get a handicap, which this year was 18:30 min. I told Jenn to go fast because I was after her..haha ...I didn't catch her..

Leading up to the race I was feeling great. My body was in working order and ready to race to win. I went out in the swim and found a group to hand on too. I was able to hop on someone's feet and we came out of the water in 32 min, thanks too Xterra and Sable for getting me in a good position out of the water. After a fast transition I got on my bike. I knew today was going to be a solid day.

For everyone who doesn't know Muskoka it is pretty damn hilly! As my coach told me not to burn out in the hills I really kept watts consistent and still came away with the 6th fastest bike split of the day. Thank you Blackwell Research..haha. Heading into transition I was feeling great.

I got off the bike and attacked! My goal was to stick with Nat, who was killing it....we came off the bike together and hammered the run. My goal was to run sub 60min for 15km. I felt good and with the hot weather I knew it was going to be solid. Nat took it out hard and was running just over 6min miles. I a hilly run course we had to be careful. We started to pick people off and finally Nat broke away from goal was to stay consistent and not lay it on the table 8km in. I finally caught Dave Gagnon, who was a great French Triathlete. After dropping him he picked up the pace and surged past me. I wasn't going to let that happen! We picked up the pace and ran down Nat at 12 km. Gagnon kept that pace up and put a couple surges in the run, trying to drop me. Thank god for Yorke on the side of the road yelling at me! The last 2km was a nice climb. My goal was to put a dirty surge in and drop him for good. I held back on his feet then hammered and didn't look back!

I took the run in 58min and finished 11th overall with a surge to finish strong. I was really happy with the race. Everything is coming together and ready for Texas next week....let it be hot!!!!

Monday Workout: 3km swim around Kelso with Kyle. Felt awesome
50km on the bike....did a bit more cause I got lost in Mississauga..haha
15min run off the bike easy

Tuesday Workout: It was a busy day at work, but I was able to do 12km run in Hilton Falls. My puppy was able to do 10km before almost falling over...he is my little trooper!! Then came back to the gym and did another 5km tempo on the treadmill. Run is feeling good and trying to really make it strong for Texas!

Wednesday is going to hurt. I had a cancellation and just relaxing right now before a workout that is going to break me..haha...Will report the hurt. I again just wanted to say thanks to 2XU, Xterra Sable water Optics, Altitude Tech, and Blackwell Wheels....All of them are keeping me going fast!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Day With the Boys

What a solid day of training. Started off with big day at the gym. Started 6am until 10am with clients working there asses off! Good Work Ladies and Gents!

I met up with Team Turnpike's one member Dave, Yorke then man! and Rachel..haha. We went too Gulliver's Lake, and did a killer swim workout. I did 1 loop moderate. 1 loop hard then 1 loop trying to hold onto Dave and Yorke...always fun..haha. All up around 40min of swimming! XTERRA IS SICK!

Then came the thunder! Dave and I did a solid bike ride through the hills on Halton . We ended up averaging around 32km and rode 3 hours around 96km. Off the bike Dave did a 40 min run and killed it. I took my puppy for a walk! Racing tomorrow!

Awesome day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Chase Weekend Training

Sorry it has been a few days since I last posted a blog.  Work and training have been crazy.  
Race Report from Milton:  Everything was feeling great.  I had a couple great weeks of training with my team and leading up to the race I felt prepped and ready to go.  After a few open water swims with my new Xterra Vector Pro X 2 I was ready to race.  Sean and I got to the race site early and got in a solid bike and a swim to get us ready to hurt.  The swim went out hard and I felt awesome.  I got into grove and came out with the 2nd pack.  That was probably my best feeling swim in a while.  I got onto my bike and hammered.
The wind was directly in our faces, which I loved.  I was able to work my way into 4th overall just behind Andrew Yorke.  I stuck Forth position off the bike and was feeling really good on the run.
I took the run out hard and stuck it strong.  Johnny attacked on a climb and overtook me for 4th overall I ended up finishing strong in 5th.  Overall I am really happy with my race.  I felt strong in all three events and ready for Muskoka then Texas.
After the race Sean, Jenn and I did an extra 6km run because the race was pretty short for us long distance athletes!
Monday came quickly and after a long day at work I got home and headed out on a 10 mile Fartlek run.  The run felt great, legs felt great and was flying!  After the run I headed to the pool for a hard set.  Warmed up with 500m then did 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 Descend.  Felt really strong on the main set then did 10 x 100 mod on 1:40 coming in around 1:31.  Later that day I got out onto the bike for a 2 hour spin.  Felt really good.  That night I headed back into the altitude tent and slept around 9000ft!

Tuesday was an awesome day.  The rain was coming down hard and I don't know about anyone else but running in the rain is why I run.  I did another 10 miles but did 5 x hill repeats at Jack Darling park.  Long and consistent!  Running is coming along.  After I got home I headed to the pool and did 300 warm up then 15 x 100 on 1:40 1-3 descend!  That main set was for Mat..haha  Then did a couple 500's to make up the swim.  Really working on my catch and getting faster..can't let down Xterra!
Wednesday was EPIC!  Started on at Gulliver's lake up in Hamilton.  We did a 20 min hard swim. The new Xterra suit was feeling fast in the water and the catch was coming along.  Onto the bike we did a 15km loop, where Nat and I broke away and hammerfested a crazy bike split averaging over 310 watts for the loop into a 5km run.  We were hunted down like zebra's on the 1st loop of the run..haha.  The next set we were feeling fatigued but did a 30km loop.  Nat and Sean were able to break away and keep it into the run.  We did another 5km loop.  Body is feeling solid.  Was pretty tired after this day....I actually was loosing vision..haha...crazy head wind.
Thursday came and went.  I decided to take it easy on the body and did a 10km run with my puppy who is running faster then me and did a team swim.  More on speed work last night.
Today I am getting ready for an open water swim.  Gotta get the swim down then going for a 2 hour easy ride.  Nothing crazy today ...gearing up for the weekend!
This is going to be a great training weekend up in Muskoka.  Nat, Sean and I are going to up north and doing 110km bike ride into a 30min swim.  Then Sunday 55km bike ride into a 15km run..Should be fun!
Also I just wanted to wish our Canadian athletes all the best in the Worlds this weekend.!  We have some amazing athletes competing and I hope everyone Kills it!
Hewson:  It is time to let the dog out
Mat :  Bike like a boy
Johnny:  Run like you beat me..haha
and soon to be brother in law Kyle, I wish you all the best what you do and kill it!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ready To Race

After the 1/2 marathon I got right back into it. I threw down a big training week and was really focused on improving my swim and run. I had a ton of help from Hewson and Reid on getting the proper technique in the two sports.

On the past weekend we were at the Kinetico Triathlon, which is our team sponsor. We helped out with the KOS Triathlon, which is kids from 3 too 16. It was a fun to see these little children out exercising and enjoying the sport we all love. In the morning we did a Duathlon, which was a 4km run 15km on the bike and another 4km run. The 1st run was ok, the boys went out hard and I came onto the bike in 6th overall. After going the wrong way on the bike..(Thanks to the motorcycle) I got back on course and held my position strong. After two solid runs I stuck the same position and finished 6th.

In the afternoon we did a demo for the kids, which turned into a hammerfest in the water..haha..thanks Jenn!

This week has been all about prep for the Milton Triathlon on Sunday.

Monday was a solid training day, with some serious off roading with Sean and Nat. We went too Kelso and ripped up the trails...however I need a new front wheel on my mountain bike. I got a bit crazy and after trying to cross the gap..I did not make it..haha After that I went out with my beautiful fiance and did a 10km run. Shannon took it out hard at the start and slammed down a great run. She is looking good for the wedding.

Tuesday was another solid effort training. Ended up going to Kelso. The water was around 58 degrees so after getting a double swim cap in effect I did around 3km in the water. Swim is feeling really good. Then did 5km warm up 5 hill repeats then tried to get myself home...legs were shot!

Today was awesome. We did a Brick in Gulliver's lake around 20 min. Then hammered a bike. Today was the best I have felt in a while on the bike. I was able to stick around 310watts on the bike for 20ish km. Off the bike was awesome. Did a 5km(3mile) run holding around 6:20 per mile. We were supposed to do it again but I opted out and did a 2.5km cool down. Feeling to good to really kick the crap out of myself before this weekend.

I am going out hard this weekend. LETTING THE DOG OUT!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mississauga Half Marathon

Race Review.  Well after a crazy training week who would have thought about doing a 1:22.  

My goal for the day was to hold 6:20 per mile.  I took it out and stuck it.  I didn't change the pace once and Dave was right, it did feel good.  After I finished I got to see my Fiance Shannon cross with an amazing time of 1:46.  She is a machine and I love her so much!  PS she doesn't like hugs after running a half..found that out real quickly!

After the race we headed to Cora's for a solid meal and then we went out for dinner with my family.  A solid day and happy with the results so far.  Now I just have to stick it off a bike.  Thanks Glynn!

This week has been all about the run and swim.  I am gearing up for Texas and it is going to be a chilly race so Xterra is going to get me through the swim with their Vector ProX2.  Fast in the on the bike and kill the run..I don't ask for much..haha

Tomorrow is a serious brick with the boys...!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Epic Training Week

 What was supposed to be an easy week turned into a crazy ass training week:

Monday was the travel day so was sort of SOL for training.  Although flew home with Richie Cunningham, who is a really down to earth guy.  Just gotta catch him in the future!

Tuesday was back to business.  I did an easy 10km run at Hilton Falls.  Really just wanted to loosen up the legs.  Then the swim set was great.  200m warm up.  4x 100 on 1:45, 200m easy, 4 x 100 on 1:40, 200 m easy, 4x 100 on 1:35, 200 m easy, 4 x 100 on 1:30, 200 m easy.  Followed by 12 x 12.5 head up front crawl 12.5 spin the arms out.  Then a cool down.  Main goal is to increase my threshold.

Wednesday was another solid swim.  300m warm up then 12 x 200m 1-3 descend.  300m cool down.  Avg I was coming in on 3:10 an fast was 2:58.  Then did a great tempo run.  15min easy 15min 6mile pace then 15min 7mile pace with a cool down.  I think I did around 8 miles.

Thursday I headed to Flamborough to to track.  Did a solid 3mile warm up then 4 x 1 mile trying to hold 6:20 per mile.  Let me know tell you this is harder then it looks.  The first few I was coming in sub 6 min mile.  So my main goal was to pull back on the rains a bit.  I finished off the last two at around 6:10 per mile.  Then did a 2 mile cool down.  Not a bad 9 mile run.  Then did a awesome pool workout with Mat.  It was 8 x 100 with 20 sec rest then 200 m recovery into 8 x 50 threshold on 3 min.  My avg speed was around 37sec per 50m.  It is coming.  Need to get that technique down.  into 2 x 200 m scull swim. All and all a solid day

Friday was swim day.  After some intense running workouts I wanted to focus on the swim.  So I did a solid warm up around 500m then did 4 x 500m on 9 min.  I felt great.  I was feeling realy consistent and flowing the stroke.  Thanks Mat!

Saturday was the day.  Hewson came over and wanted to lay a hurt on me;)....or was it the other way around.  We took Benson and Stella out on a 90km Journey.  For anyone who doesn't know...those are our tri bikes.  Funny part is no one ever waves to you on a tri bike....I don't get it..haha....  The main goal today was to be consistent.  So we stuck 200w the whole ride.  We went from my place all the way to Limehouse and back....ok we really got lost and ended up in a place could limehouse.  After almost being hit by a guy in a pick up we got the hell out of Limehouse.  Off the bike we took Rufus and Remy for a solid walk in the field then got to work on the run.    Did  I mention I am doing the Mississauga Half Marathon today (Sunday)!  We did a 10km run and really worked on form and changing a few things on my stride.  For people who don't know I am a major toe runner and Dave thought it was a bit too much.  After fiddling with a few things I am very excited about the outcome and ready to try it out today.

Today is sunday morning 5:20am and my legs are a bit fatigued after this week...haha  Feeling really sold for today race.  Shannon is still sleeping so I have to go wake her up!

will post the results later!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

St.Croix Race Report

What a trip!  It started on a full day flight from Buffalo to Chicago to Puerto Rico and then headed to St. Croix.  I left home at 10am and didn't arrive until 8:30pm at night.

I was picked up by Janine, who is my number one St.Croix girl!  I was welcomed into her home and her family is amazing.  After a great meal of salmon I headed to bed.  I will update my pictures because when I woke up all I could see was Paradise!  And a new best friend named Ermis.  A 120lbs Mastif.

The Thursday we headed to the boardwalk to the start of the race.  After putting on my new Xterra Speedsuit I did the 2km swim course and you couldn't ask for better conditions.  I also saw some rays as I was swimming.  That night we went out for dinner and then headed to the 5km Race at the Buccaneer, which was part of the 70.3 course.  I ended up right behind Faris Al Satan and took a solid 4th place in 18:24.  Felt great!

Friday I headed to the beast after a 750m ocean swim!.  It was a mile climb up the mountain with a avg 20% grade.  It was intense and after an adventure on the bike we finally made it back to Cane Bay.  That night we headed to the Jump off, where the town shut down the streets and we walked the streets and had some dinner!

Saturday was rest day and final prep.  After meeting up with guys at the Pro meeting I headed to the swimming pool and got in a 500m swim, then got on my bike for a 20min ride and a 15min run with some pick ups.  Feeling good and ready to go.

Sunday was Race day.  Woke up early and felt great.  The start involved a 200m swim out to an island to the start.  The weather was turning bad and the waves were choppy.  Nerves got the best of me and after trying to keep on the heels of the big boys I fell off hard core.  If it wasn't for my Xterra Speedsuit I don't know where I would have ended up.

After exiting the water I regrouped and hammered the bike.  After 10miles my water bottle fell off my bike and that was part of my nutrition gone.  At around mile 21 aka the beast it started to down pour.  The weather got really bad but after mile 40 the rain cleared up.  I was able to pull back a few of the guys and was in the top 13 pros.  With 10 miles left, heading down a hill on the east coast my chances to place top 10 ended when I blew my back tire out.  After taking 10 min to get that sucker repaired it was too late and I shut it down.  I have a half marathon this weekend and didn't want to kill myself on the run.  I cruised the run and ended feeling happy that I finished the race and didn't pull out.

I learned a lot from this race and even though it was not a great one, I sucked it up and finished.  I want to thank Tom Guthrie for making all this possible, The Schuster Family for taking me in and all my sponsors, who without them I would not be where I am today!  Also a big thank you for getting the speedsuit to me before I left XTERRA!  And Altitude Tech!

Time to train harder ... really motivated to kill it.  Texas is next!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeling Strong

Today was a nice day. The weather wasn't great but woke up feeling refreshed after sleeping at 10000 Feet in my altitude tent. Today was to be an easy one after a killer weekend with the boys, and to be honest I was a bit sore after playing a golf game with my business partner Steph. If anyone cares I had a solid round. 89 for the 1st of the season...not to shabby.

After training clients all morning my body needed a workout and running was going to be the answer. Today's workout called for a 45 min easy run with pick ups. Lay off the swim for today. (Sorry Dave for not coming tonight!) The run went really well and did a solid 9km. I ran in the trails and pushed the hills and recovered on the top. Body is feeling really good. Will be wearing the new Xterra Speedsuit for the race, which I am very excited for.

Also stopped by Racer Sportif today and talked with Frank. The RAAM team is gearing up for a challenging adventure across America. The call from Frank was 30min all out pulls! That will be epic! Also wanted to send out my respects to Dennis and hope all goes well tomorrow.

Time to rest and sleep. Almost travel time!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ready For St.Croix

Well it is go time. I have been training very hard for the past couple months and ready to put it to work.

March was a great month of training in Clermont Florida with Sean and Nat. We through down a big 10 days and by the end did over 25km of swimming, 106km of running and 600+ of cycling. Everything is feeling great and lost a couple pounds on the way. After returning home the weather never got better but I pushed through and with the help of some good friends, got some serious training in.

It is now April 26th and I leave on the Wednesday for the islands. I just received my new Xterra Speedsuit, which is the best out right now and ready to perform with it on the non-wetsuit swim. My goal for that race is to hang on the back of Craig's feet..haha

This past week was some great training. Good friend Dave Hewson came from the slums of Toronto to help me out in Milton. He had to deal with no traffic, beautiful sceneries and a hurt from me..haha . On the Wednesday we through down a 75km bike ride, which was all in the hills. It felt great and my main goal was to be consistent and really work on my peddle stroke. Of course swam that night and it seems the sets keep getting harder. Dave made us warm up 2000m 50m free on 50sec x 4 then 4x100 on 1:45 x3 with a 200 easy . Then it was 800m (200m on 3:00m 4x100 on 1:40, 200m on 3:10) x 2 with 300m in between easy. We ended up swimming over 4000m that night.

Thursday went to the track. It was great to be outside and threw down 6 x 400 , 2 x 800, 2 x 1000m. It felt awesome. The body is feeling great. Swim is a given

Friday turned into an epic training day. The weather wasn't that great but that didn't stop Dave and I to get our hurt on. It was a brick day to get the legs used to hurting off the bike. After a easy 10k warm up we threw down a 10km bike ride hard with a just under 3km run. The first set was insane. Dave was all about the hurt and we averaged 265 watts and off the bike I ran 3:18 per k and Hewson threw down 3km flat to hunt me down like a zebra.haha. The next set we went for broke and averaged 270watts and hammered a solid run off the bike. All and all amazing workout. We then went to the pool and hammered out a hard set. Just got the arms moving and was able to stick out 2km.

Yesterday was the day I knew I was ready to race. I brought out the race bike, which is a P3 from Cervelo. Probably the best bike ever! It was a great ride averaging 200 watts for the whole ride. In the middle of the ride I did some 5-10min pick ups and legs felt awesome and ready to race. Hewson and I then got back after a 65km bike ride and threw down a 44 min run , sticking 4min k's. However there was a little twist to the run. We ran moderate pace out and negative split on the way back. Altough the wind was 30+ in our face on the way back..Hewson almost broke me.

Feeling good today. Going for a golf game to get my mind off things and recover!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Winter Training

What can you say about this weather. -15 to -30, wind that can blow you over and loosing feeling in your body. Other then that training is going Great.

Last Sunday I had a solid half marathon. Not what I wanted but there was a crazy head wind on the way in from the run. I ended running a 1:25:04, which is pretty good for early in the season. After that to calm the legs Shannon and I went for a 90 min Cross Country Ski.

Monday was another fun day. Bob and I made it out on our roads bikes for a solid 85 min ride. For a winter day it was perfect we maintained a solid effort. After that I took Rufus for a 30min cross country ski. He is getting bigger and faster! Tonights swim practice was from 9pm to 10pm. It was a tough set. 14 x 75 IM into then 15 x 100 IM 1 to 3 descend. With a solid warm up and cool down. I also have a bet going with my coach to make every swim practice till May or I have to do 10 x 100 fly!

Tuesday I really felt the legs, so I took it easy. Did an easy 30 min run, worked, and then went to swim practice. This was a tough one. The coach thought it would be fun to burn out our arms before swimming! In between each set we did 100 pullies. The set's were 3 x 1000. First set was Fly, Back Second Set was Back Breast and Third set was Breast, Free. After that we did 5 x 200 Pull Descending. Was hitting 1:25 per 100, which for me is really good. Swim is coming along nicely.

Wednseday. I Love Wednesday! I really like hurting on this day. In the morning Rufus and I went for a quick cross country ski then I rested for track that night. Today we took it easy with 5 x 800. Coach said to go a bit easier but I was able to hit 2:37, which hurt but felt good. That night another solid swim with sprints!

Thursday was a light day and did an easy trainer ride then another swim practice at night .

Friday I took the day off work! What a awesome day, got my taxes done and then threw down 14km run up the escarpment. Went up 14 sideroad and did 90 hard followed by a light jog going up. When I hit the top of the escarpment I went 5km tempo run and it felt good. After taking my time going down Bell School Line I picked up the pace for another Fartlek!

Only 5 days until Florida! Get me to the warmth

Friday, January 4, 2008


Wednesday was a solid training day.

Ended up doing a track workout on the treadmill. Warmed up 3km then did 9x400m on 1:15. The run felt good and I didn't overdue it. Did a 3km warm down. All together a 10km solid day of track.

Thursday: Woke up to a -17 C day so had to make the best of it. Ended up doing a 12km run with pick ups. I was supposed to due hill repeats but will get them done Friday. My avg was around 4:25 per km with the pick ups. The run felt good except for the footing, which I had to be careful with. I wasn't able to make it swimming. Kyle is heading back West and then down south to Arizona so we went out for a nice dinner.

Today is going to be another solid day of training which i will post later...


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Back at it!

The past three days have been great. Except the pools have been shut down because of the holidays.

Dec 30 was a awesome day with a 1.5 hour ride on the compu-trainer. I was able to put out for the 1st hour close to 220 watts. I forget the exact avg but I believe it was around 215. Not a bad ride. I also did a 5km warm up running 19min and then off the bike I did another 20min run with Bob.

Dec 31 Bob and I decided to go at it again on the compu-trainer. Before the ride I did an hour run avg 4:27 km/h. Felt really good until I hit the bike and was only able to output 210 watts on the Lausanne Bike course. Good Choice Bob!

January 1st Bob and I got back on the trainer for another 63 min ride. We attacked the Alcatraz Course and I was able to output 210 watts again. Not bad for off season. I then ran and easy 30 min run. The roads were horrible so I would rather have an awesome day at the track is go time. GOTTA GET FAST