Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update Time, Simon and Morning Runs

The past couple of weeks have gone by quickly. Shannon and I moved into our new home on Bronte Creek April 14th and 2 days later I was on the road to Boston for the marathon. I got home on the Tuesday and was right back to the gym training clients and just trying to put one leg in front of the other. After hobbling around for 3-4 days training was back in order. Kim Gym in Port Credit has been rammed with clients wanting to get in shape and Steph and I have been putting in the hours to train everyone.

I have to give full credit to Steph for everything he has done with Kim Gym, during this time in our lives. I haven't mentioned this on my blog before but my close friend Simon, who is Steph's brother got into a serious snowboarding accident well I was in Arizona training. Simon crushed is C6 and after many events, which I don't feel like talking about he is on the road to recovery at Lyndhurst in Toronto. Currently he cannot walk and only has function in his 1 arm and and other hand but friends and family are his backbone to a full recovery. It is going to take some time but he will walk again...

These leads me to the other morning. It is tough right now because we are trying to get clients in shape, train ourselves and sleep, (not to worried about the sleep right now). Nicole Stevenson, who is a brilliant runner has helped me with my running and after looking at my training moved my long run to Monday. Understandable that I had a hard tempo run Friday and doing a long run on Saturday is not that good! My normal schedule at the gym is from 5am in the morning till 12pm then I come back for 4pm until 7pm. It is a long, but fun day and on this day doing a 25km run in the middle would have been bad quality so I talked with Shannon and made the decision to run at 3am to work for 5am.

I woke up at 2:30am, let the dog out and strapped my backpack on and head lamp and off I went. The weather was perfect and it was surreal running so early in the morning. I had a ipod but never turned it on. It was great to listen to myself breathe, listen to the wind..and to be honest when I cut through some trials not to get attacked by wild animals..haha I was having a runners high out there and miles just started to click on by. It also was great to think, about what? Life, my wife, work and racing! It was a long run so I was trying to go around 4:25per km but I hit the 13mile mark just under 1:30..not to shabby. It was great to get the run in and not to mention get to the gym just in time to get a coffee, shower and train! Doing this run isn't normal but it really makes me think about the runners who do the 100 mile races and are running at night, totally exhausted and I can see how they get the energy to keep is just cool!!

Other then that my first triathlon is coming up June 5-6, REV3! I think it is important to jump into the biggest and toughest field around straight off the bat! I am excited also to get my Xterra wetsuit on because I have been doing all this swimming and can't wait to see the results from all the hard work!