Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ready To Race

After the 1/2 marathon I got right back into it. I threw down a big training week and was really focused on improving my swim and run. I had a ton of help from Hewson and Reid on getting the proper technique in the two sports.

On the past weekend we were at the Kinetico Triathlon, which is our team sponsor. We helped out with the KOS Triathlon, which is kids from 3 too 16. It was a fun to see these little children out exercising and enjoying the sport we all love. In the morning we did a Duathlon, which was a 4km run 15km on the bike and another 4km run. The 1st run was ok, the boys went out hard and I came onto the bike in 6th overall. After going the wrong way on the bike..(Thanks to the motorcycle) I got back on course and held my position strong. After two solid runs I stuck the same position and finished 6th.

In the afternoon we did a demo for the kids, which turned into a hammerfest in the water..haha..thanks Jenn!

This week has been all about prep for the Milton Triathlon on Sunday.

Monday was a solid training day, with some serious off roading with Sean and Nat. We went too Kelso and ripped up the trails...however I need a new front wheel on my mountain bike. I got a bit crazy and after trying to cross the gap..I did not make it..haha After that I went out with my beautiful fiance and did a 10km run. Shannon took it out hard at the start and slammed down a great run. She is looking good for the wedding.

Tuesday was another solid effort training. Ended up going to Kelso. The water was around 58 degrees so after getting a double swim cap in effect I did around 3km in the water. Swim is feeling really good. Then did 5km warm up 5 hill repeats then tried to get myself home...legs were shot!

Today was awesome. We did a Brick in Gulliver's lake around 20 min. Then hammered a bike. Today was the best I have felt in a while on the bike. I was able to stick around 310watts on the bike for 20ish km. Off the bike was awesome. Did a 5km(3mile) run holding around 6:20 per mile. We were supposed to do it again but I opted out and did a 2.5km cool down. Feeling to good to really kick the crap out of myself before this weekend.

I am going out hard this weekend. LETTING THE DOG OUT!