Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All About Speed

Tonight was a solid day of training. Sean met me at the pool this morning and we threw down a 4000m swim including some very serious video taking we did! Video can me seen on youtube under tylerlordtri. This evening I headed to the track with the best running coach around Gord Dickson. If you don't know who Gord is google that name and you will be impressed with his credentials in running. Now to make me that fast!!

Tonight was a tough one. Especially on a 200m track. 4 x 2K with only 200m recovery. That is 10 laps of the indoor track in Mississauga. I was able to hold 40 seconds per 200m and come in around 6:45 per 2km. Feeling fast and focused on getting that half down.

This weekend is a long run in Mississauga with my team the Nomads. They are a fast group of runners who are committed to getting the job done! 1:50 is the run and going to take it really cruisey. Krista if you are interested in coming down for a run, could use a partner with matching gear. Drop me a line if you can make it

Run starts at 7:30am on sunday from the Rivergrove Community Center. Going to be a cold one so keep warm!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Race Pictures

Of Course right after I post a blog new pictures show up. Check out Krista and I in the Saucony Gear

"Look This Way!"

So this is what happens when you aren't ready for a picture! Accept an award then BAM! Turn and can't even open my eyes..Had the Saucony Gear on, all good!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Robbie Burns 8km Race Report

Today was the 30th anniversary for the Robbie Burns 8km race in Burlington, Ontario. First off, I want to thank the race director Bob Brake for a great event, with fast competition, great prizes and great food! I totally recommend his races to anyone looking for a good time.

I was pretty excited for this race. I have been working with Gord and the Nomads on my speed at the track and in tempo runs so was excited to push the pace at this race. The goal was to go out and stick around 3:30 to 3:32 per km. At the start line I met up with Krista, who is a great runner and now with Saucony! Also another Saucony team mate Mitch Free. We had the same goal in mind so it was going to be a fun day.

First 1km we took out pretty easy around 3:32. In most races it gets down into the 3:20 range so was pretty happy about that. At the 2 and 3km mark the pace was feeling good and we again did around 3:32 and change. I was feeling good at this point and we had a group of around 6 or 7 people running fast. The front 7 were just ahead but out of reach. I am not in 3:20 pace yet...but will get there! At the 5km mark everyone was looking good and I made a move. I had to push the pace because there were too many fast kickers in the group for me to beat at the line. I dropped it down to a 3:28 and people started to drop off. Krista stuck right with me and Mitch wasn't going anywhere either. As we passed the 5km mark I wish we had a photographer because Saucony was representing with 3 across. At the 6km mark Mat Reid tried to make a move and I wasn't letting him go. This put a bit more hurt on the guys behind and separated the pack even more. I surged with a km left and only 1 guy got me at the line. Finishing time 28:19, which put me 9th overall and 3:32 per km.

I am super happy with the race and the outcome. I am becoming more and more confident everyday in my running ability and excited to see what I can do off a bike. Next year is sub 28 and I will be ready.

On another note training has been going great. I have some awesome friends around to help with all 3 sports. My cycling is going really well and the watts on the bike are over what I expected this time in the season!

Krista drop me a line and we have to do some running together! Have some great trails in Oakville.

Only a couple weeks until Arizona! Super excited to get out on the bike and train!