Thursday, March 12, 2009

Isn't she pretty (in Pink)

So I know everyone thinks Professional Triathletes, "live the dream", but for some of us we are married and have to keep the house clean.
  Today was my off day, which in reality isn't, because I am doing a 90min swim tonight with Mississauga swim club, but that is what we call off.  Instead of putting my feet up I had to make the house spotless for my wife.  So Rufus and I first went for a serious walk, then did a little vacuum, some dusting, then got down to business cleaning my Guru!  I will be working at the Bike show representing not only Guru, but Younique Cycle, so that meant my girl had to look her best!
All and all a pretty productive cleaning day!
Update from yesterday.  There was a serious wind warning, which meant trainer ride.  I made 2 hours before wanting to fight someone.  Thanks babe for keeping me company!  I also swam in the afternoon!  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love the rain (Younique Cycle @ Bike show)

Tuesday was insane.  I procrastinated in running for an hour and then suited up to do my 90 min run.  The set was 15min warm up, into 30 min hill repeats at Bell School Line Hill.  To anyone who doesn't know that is the escarpment and people have been known to fall backwards off their bikes on that hill!...Sorry Jim..haha.  The rest of the set was after the repeats do, 10min tempo into a 15min cool down!
The procrastination tactics costed me because 10 min into the run the sky opened up...again.  haha  I can't get away from the rain.  It turned into a serious down pour of rain and hail.  All I could think of was Florida and how warm it was for everyone training down there.  I pushed on and worked hard on getting up and over the hills.  I figured I was out there so I might as well crank it hard!  The tempo run after felt strong.  I was holding around 5:40 miles and wasn't letting up at all.  I pushed it home and got muddy as hell from the trucks spraying me down Derry.  Got home took the dog for a walk and played with him in the rain.  People must have thought we were insane! haha.  All and all.....well worth getting wet!
That night was swim practice.  Mike gave us a set that I was not in the mood for..This is what it was:
1000 warm up
Into 45 x 50 on  (5 on 55) (4 on 50) (3 on 45) (2 on 50) (1 on 40) .  No rest No time for recovery until you got to the 5 at the start of the set.
I worked on staying long and getting a serous turn over happening...feeling fast.  Was coming in around 36s per 50. 
300 warm down.
This weekend is the bike show and I will be helping out my main sponsor and Guru!  It is going to be great


Quick Catch up on the week;

Sunday was awesome.  Felt really good and went out for a solid 3 hour bike with Derek.  It was fun.. He had a road bike and I used my cross bike.  Good times!

Monday was an easy day after a serious weekend of training.  I went to the gym and did a treadmill run.  Now everyone knows when you are feeling good you gotta pick it up..haha  I got into an easy run and pushed it holding around 6:05 miles.  It felt great.  Did around 7 miles then shut it down.   Later on that day I got onto the rollers and did a new PB of 90min.  Only fell off once when a good song came on..haha

That night I met Jim at the pool and put out a solid swim.  More recovery and aerobic effort then anything else.

Tuesday was awesome!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Toronto Time!

Yesterday was a great training day.  I met up with Dave Hewson in Toronto and after some serious smack talking we were ready to get training.  We headed to the Toronto athletic club to throw down a little swim.  Dave was an animal out there and after we saw the lifeguard couldn't swim (inside joke..haha) , we had to focus on saving ourselves...haha  We started off with an easy 1000 warm up and went into the main set, which was all threshold.  It was a yard pool but Dave and I were still throwing down some serious times!
After that swim we got some food in the engine and got ready for a run.  It was a rainy mess outside so we decided to take it to the cemetery off of St.Clair.  I learned it was an 8km loop that a lot of serious runners train at!  About 20min in I started to get a serious noose bleed, which wouldn't stop.  We were keeping a solid pace and there was no way to bring my heart rate down.  Dave then spotted a kleenex on the ground.  It was a bit used but when a nose is bleeding you gotta stop it!  So I attacked and got it all the way up there!  We had a great run, even with the rain!
After the run we had a glass of wine and I headed to Mike and Jenn's Party, which was also in Toronto!  It was a great day and evening, also my wife looked stunning when I got to the party..wasn't to excited that she was taller then me with her hells on ..haha