Thursday, June 3, 2010

REV3 and Being a Spectator

Last weekend a group of us headed down to the Ottawa Half Marathon. Shannon and her friends were racing well I was on the sidelines watching...

My thoughts after Spectating:

1) Logistically it is a full event on its on. You have to make sure we see them at the start, fit time in for the long line at Starbucks to get a coffee, make it to the 10mile at the time they pass and then see them cross the finish line. If you are not prepared then you will have one unhappy athlete because they will not have seen you.
2) Leading into the event I was a bit nervous. The night before I didn't know how to eat and having a beer was foreign to me. I honestly didn't know how the body would react to race day...for my wife.
3) Cheering is a new language where you have to be careful what to say. "your slowing down, speed up!", is something I don't recommend saying. However after a day in Ottawa, I learned the best response was "Stay Alert!" Oh yes, it is a response, which will make the athlete think. I know if I was racing and someone said that to me I would sit back and go, yes, I must stay alert, instead of someone telling me I look great, keep going. I don't know about anyone else but hearing that making me want to fight someone..haha
4) After Shannon finished the race and did great, I might add. I also felt a sense of accomplishment and how, I two, needed DQ!

Overall it was great to see my wife race. I love her drive and commitment, even if she took the long runs a bit easier;)

REV3 weekend, rest day today then ready to hammer!