Thursday, December 17, 2009

Allied Force 2010

So it has been finalized by our Mascot Maverick that Team Allied Force is on the highway to the Danger Zone in 2010! This was Posted on James Loaring Blog a couple days ago!

Several months ago, Mike Hay and I began acting on a vision to create an informal "field of dreams" squad (or team or club or group or network or call it what you will) that consists of a few other local passionate tri-geeks. The goal was to combine a few talented endurance athletes/coaches together for the occasional sparring session here in Guelph. Mike and I are both busy with family and full-time jobs, and we wanted to find a way to maximize our training time that is available after engaging to our more important family and work priorities. This state of time poverty is a common place that most triathletes find themselves in. While we are both more passionate about coaching others to success--then we are towards our own athletic goals--we feel that it is important for our on-going coaching development, to continue to train and compete with purposeful structure and goals. We knew there were other talented elites (several who also coach) that were training solo for part or much of their training program. They also head their own teams, or are loyal to other well respected and established teams. But sometimes they train on their own, and would prefer to spar with others during some of these occasions. Allied Force was born.

What is Allied Force?

Allied: "Joined or united in a close relationship"

Force: "Strength or energy of body or mind; active power; vigor; might; often, an unusual degree of strength or energy"

Allied Force is an informal, unofficial, non-sanctioned, not-for-profit, non-recruiting, tri-geek stomping ground for elite triathletes and/or endurance coaches--whom might benefit from training with a few other like-minded individuals for the occasional work-out--if the alternative is to train solo. The primary purpose of Allied Force is to encourage on-going learning and development while exercising...and having fun doing so.

It will be an opportunity to combine forces and put to the field our knowledge that we have gained from the lab, or books, or from our own training/coaching/racing experiences. We will continue to be our own guinea pigs, continue to search for clues. Similar to attending a coaching conference, or clinic, or seminar, we will be passionately engaged while out on the field playing, swimming, biking, running.

But it won't always be serious! While techy talk might comprise a portion of the chatter, make no mistake that a large portion of chatter will be comprised of mindless blabber and trash-talking.

The Current Roster:

Mike "Stinger" Hay
Steve “Houdini” Hewick
Mark “Merlin” Linseman
James “Viper” Loaring
Tyler “Wolfman” Lord
Dave “Iceman” Sharratt
Ryan “Hollywood” Smith

Maverick, my fearless bichon-poo, is the Team Mascot. His bark is much bigger than his bite. He has frightened many, even the likes of Thomas the Tank.

Why the cheesy code names?

Priority #1 in the sport of triathlon is.....(insert drum roll).....HAVE FUN! Every triathlete needs a nick name to help fuel more humour to the process of the Daily Grind. You can be serious and structured and focused, while having fun, at the SAME time. One without the other will never lead to optimal results.

Onwards and upwards we go...along the highway to the Dangerzone

Going to be a Great year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More SC Pics

Had a few extra to put up!