Saturday, September 25, 2010

Retul and Refit

So just looked up the race pictures from Cedar Point Full Rev and first thing I notice in my bike picture is how not aero I am. (Note Picture at top of screen) My goals right now are simple. 1) Make bike aero, comfortable, and fast 2) Get this nutrition thing down.

Day 1)After sending Bob the pictures he was in my garage within the hour and we were dismantling my bike and redoing all the angles. I am crazy about feel on a bike and want to optimize my power and save energy so I can dial in the Marathon at IM Florida. The next day I tested it out with Sean on a 105km bike ride and I think Sean wanted to kill me after all the seat adjustments I was making on the ride..haha.

Day 2) With the numbers pretty dialed in I headed to Gears and worked with Dai to make the bike perfect. After 30min he had it. Dropped the bars down, pushed back the seat and I was sitting pretty and feeling good. Excited to test out the position this Sunday. I have attached a pic of the change.

In terms of nutrition, you don't know how specific it is until you do an Ironman. a 70.3 Race is 10 x easier then the planning you have to do in an Ironman. Jen from Cerasport and I have been mingling and we have a great race plan set out.

Excited and ready to race in IM Florida

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