Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July Wrap Up

What a month. It has gone by so fast and I am glad I have a little break before the real training begins.

After the Sprint in Peterborough I was called by the Rhode Island 70.3 Race director who wanted us to come race the Inaugaral 70.3. What a race! I was using this as a training run but when I saw the competition I had to go out and kill it!

The swim was awesome 2 foot waves from the Hurricane in the Atlantic. I lead out the 2nd pack with a 28 min swim, which I have to thank Xterra for! Also I later found out no one could see and they were all trusting me...I was trusting Sable Goggles! What a great suit to hit the wavey water with. Got on the bike and went to work. I hammered out a 2:25..not my fastest bike but couldn't get down any food? I think it was the salt. We had a solid tail wind, which gave us a little push when the legs got tired! Blackwheel acted like a sail to drive me up the road!

After getting off the bike I was feeling good and ran a solid 1:28. I finished 15th out of 24 pros and finished in the top 15 overall in the race. Good start and was gearing up for Newfoundland.

Newfoundland came quickly. Now for anyone who doesn't know I am getting married on Saturday and learned real quickly that you have to be careful at a bachelor party! Long story short I fell and hurt my side.

I took the next week off because swimming was not feeling well...even with the Xterra wetsuit. After arriving in Newfoundland I decided to suck it up and give it all I got. I hit the water in my Xterra Pro wetsuit and was feeling tight in the chest and just hung on to the feet on Mirinda Carfrae until I got onto my bike. I was feeling great in the aero and had a solid 2:22 ride and was ready to run!...

I ended up making it 10km before almost keeling over from a tight chest. After going to the emergency tent they sent me straight to the hospital for X-rays.

I ended up fracturing the 4th rib and called it a day. I took the the week off and am looking to recover right now before I head to France for my honeymoon.

All and all I had a great July. I learned a lot not only about triathlon, but about life and consiquences we take. I am excited for September where I will be racing in the Muskoka 70.3 and then training and hammering the 70.3 Worlds.

I wanted to say thanks to my sponsors who I couldn't do this without. Xterra Wetsuits are the best on the market! 2Xu is killing it with my speedsuit, Sable water Optics are making me see everything on the horizon and Blackwheel for making me go so fast on the bike! I will be away till the 22nd riding Mt. Ventoux and then it is go time...