Sunday, March 27, 2011

Around The Bay Race Report

I was actually very excited to Race ATB to see my fitness. With many life changes this year and take away 3 weeks at training camp is was going to be interesting to see what I could do. With the weather being not that co-operative over the winter months I have done a large amount of my training on the treadmill going fast and knew I was missing some key long runs in my arsenal. Last year I ran a 1:56 with ease and knew it was going to be a tougher day at the office.

My goal was simple 1:59:59. I knew that would be a stretch but hey, gotta give'r!! I actually listened this year and took the pace out around 3:50 per km and felt good. At the 10km mark I was 38:40 and was a bit ahead of pace. The next 10km started to hurt and i felt pretty good with my projected time. I wasn't over dressed and wore my Vizi Pro Saucony Kinvara's matching shirt and gloves(there was no way you could miss me out there!) At the 20 km mark I was sitting pretty at 1:20 and hit the 21km mark at 1:24! After that is when legs started to fall apart....

Mentally I was ok with that. I knew going into this race I had high hopes and to be honest I can deal with the consequences;) I didn't stop and throw in the towel I slowed down the pace, regrouped and pushed for home. The hills were work but I pushed hard up and recovered on the way down. I am not disappointed in anyway by the time I laid down at 2:06 because I know it was what I needed to get the fire going.

I am happier then ever right now and for me Family and business comes first. I am loyal to the sport and will ready to put down some fast times in the triathlon season. Thanks to Saucony and Cerasport for dressing me for this weather today...and with the Vizi pro if I pass out at the side of the road you will know who it is lol.

Great start to 2011