Thursday, July 3, 2008

Texas 70.3 Race Report

What a race in Texas! At the race meeting the water was only 76 so that meant no wetsuit swim. I was feeling really confident in the swim and knew it would be a good day. After a crazy start I cam out of the water in 29min, which for no wetsuit is wicked! Thanks Xterra for making me fast!

Onto the bike I was in a great position. I was around 10th overall and ready to hammerfest the bike into the money. The wind was coming from the Southeast and nailing us right in the face, which was fine with me. The rain picked up around 25miles in and it didn't help on the descents out of the canyon. I was feeling ready. I was fueled up and the legs were ready to run...what could possibly happen.....BANG! Two flats with 5 miles left in the bike...I was demoralized. I couldn't believe this is the second 70.3 I have blown a tire on. Side note: The wind and rain brushed stickers or as they are called "goat heads" onto the road, which are pieces of plant or cactus, which shred your tires! Long story short I was at the side of the road for 25-30 until a lady said I could have her wheels to finish! Thank you again whoever you are!

After arriving into transition I almost called it a day until Dee Dee told me to go run it off....All I thought was run off a 1/2 marathon? haha...but I did and I thank her very much for the push. After having a nice bathroom break I still ran a 1:32 on the run..and easily could have went sub 1:25 on the run...will be ready for Newfoundland in a couple weeks.

Overall I recommend the race to anyone. It is very laid back and the people are great. The course is a solid one and the wind will make it fun! Back to training now