Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeling Strong

Today was a nice day. The weather wasn't great but woke up feeling refreshed after sleeping at 10000 Feet in my altitude tent. Today was to be an easy one after a killer weekend with the boys, and to be honest I was a bit sore after playing a golf game with my business partner Steph. If anyone cares I had a solid round. 89 for the 1st of the season...not to shabby.

After training clients all morning my body needed a workout and running was going to be the answer. Today's workout called for a 45 min easy run with pick ups. Lay off the swim for today. (Sorry Dave for not coming tonight!) The run went really well and did a solid 9km. I ran in the trails and pushed the hills and recovered on the top. Body is feeling really good. Will be wearing the new Xterra Speedsuit for the race, which I am very excited for.

Also stopped by Racer Sportif today and talked with Frank. The RAAM team is gearing up for a challenging adventure across America. The call from Frank was 30min all out pulls! That will be epic! Also wanted to send out my respects to Dennis and hope all goes well tomorrow.

Time to rest and sleep. Almost travel time!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ready For St.Croix

Well it is go time. I have been training very hard for the past couple months and ready to put it to work.

March was a great month of training in Clermont Florida with Sean and Nat. We through down a big 10 days and by the end did over 25km of swimming, 106km of running and 600+ of cycling. Everything is feeling great and lost a couple pounds on the way. After returning home the weather never got better but I pushed through and with the help of some good friends, got some serious training in.

It is now April 26th and I leave on the Wednesday for the islands. I just received my new Xterra Speedsuit, which is the best out right now and ready to perform with it on the non-wetsuit swim. My goal for that race is to hang on the back of Craig's feet..haha

This past week was some great training. Good friend Dave Hewson came from the slums of Toronto to help me out in Milton. He had to deal with no traffic, beautiful sceneries and a hurt from me..haha . On the Wednesday we through down a 75km bike ride, which was all in the hills. It felt great and my main goal was to be consistent and really work on my peddle stroke. Of course swam that night and it seems the sets keep getting harder. Dave made us warm up 2000m 50m free on 50sec x 4 then 4x100 on 1:45 x3 with a 200 easy . Then it was 800m (200m on 3:00m 4x100 on 1:40, 200m on 3:10) x 2 with 300m in between easy. We ended up swimming over 4000m that night.

Thursday went to the track. It was great to be outside and threw down 6 x 400 , 2 x 800, 2 x 1000m. It felt awesome. The body is feeling great. Swim is a given

Friday turned into an epic training day. The weather wasn't that great but that didn't stop Dave and I to get our hurt on. It was a brick day to get the legs used to hurting off the bike. After a easy 10k warm up we threw down a 10km bike ride hard with a just under 3km run. The first set was insane. Dave was all about the hurt and we averaged 265 watts and off the bike I ran 3:18 per k and Hewson threw down 3km flat to hunt me down like a zebra.haha. The next set we went for broke and averaged 270watts and hammered a solid run off the bike. All and all amazing workout. We then went to the pool and hammered out a hard set. Just got the arms moving and was able to stick out 2km.

Yesterday was the day I knew I was ready to race. I brought out the race bike, which is a P3 from Cervelo. Probably the best bike ever! It was a great ride averaging 200 watts for the whole ride. In the middle of the ride I did some 5-10min pick ups and legs felt awesome and ready to race. Hewson and I then got back after a 65km bike ride and threw down a 44 min run , sticking 4min k's. However there was a little twist to the run. We ran moderate pace out and negative split on the way back. Altough the wind was 30+ in our face on the way back..Hewson almost broke me.

Feeling good today. Going for a golf game to get my mind off things and recover!