Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Day

Today was an awesome day of training! It started with a ride in the am. The ride was a 30 min warm up with 6 x 10 min balls out! then cool it down with an easy ride. Well, found out that the morning was still a bit chilly..haha it was around 8 degrees out! Thank god I remembered gloves!

Tips for cold weather.

1) 2 sets of gloves
2) Layer your ass off
3) Serious chamois butter for reasons I wish not to speak of
4) Good music on the ipod. (only one ear in of course)
5) booties! Especially being a triathlete with holes in your shoes.

I was lucky that I had the wind at my back and headed Northwest up to Moffat, then down through Milton. I was able to avg around 280 watts for the 10min hard sections. Not bad for a morning ride.

Next was swimming! I met up with Bob at the pool and he was ready to go like a little Jack Russell. ( He will understand!) We warmed up with a 1000m, then focused on form. I have video, but told Bob I wouldn't put it move for various reasons....crossing over..haha, the man can bike!

After a solid swim and video review I went home and got ready to run. The goal was 8 x 1km repeats sub 6min miles. Shannon jumped on the treadmill and stuck with me the whole way. She worked harder then me..haha!

I was able to hold around 11mph on the treadmill and come in around 3:30 per km! Feeling good, almost up to Richie's 22km tempo run at 3:40 per km...I don't even want to talk about it! haha

I have added some pics to show everyone our family day!