Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Training

The weekend: Well the weather is getting better outside, still cold, but tolerable. The workout on Saturday was a 1:45 run then bringing it just above race pace and hold around 6:20 mile pace. Nothing crazy just controlled. I was excited to get outside and back into Neyagawa, which is a 5mile loop of hills. Nothing nice about the run, just a ball of hurt! Jenn met up with me and her little brother Eric was there for support and fuel!

Like I said it is a tough route and Eric soon found out that riding up those hills would be tough. That is when I grabbed the bike and ran up with it. (Extra training) haha. After the first lap, Jenn and Ryan took it to the road and I attacked the loop again. I really wanted to find a nice pace and push the hills and recover on the down. That is exactly what I did and with my legs tightening up on every hill I got through the run!

An hour later I met up with Shannon and headed to the pool for a 3100m swim. Nothing Crazy, just swimming. Had to try out my new sable goggles: My new goggles from Sable were supposed to be in my hands two weeks ago, but long story short, a trainer at our gym forgot to tell me about them and pretty much hid them. When Sable called me to ask if I have recieved them I said no and later found out they have been in the gym for a week....Don't even get me started! Back on track the swim was great and really found a solid rhythm in my stroke. It's more Nemo swimming..haha

Sunday Workout: AM Club Swim, PM: 4 hours on the bike; build in the middle and be strong in the hills. The swim was great. Felt really strong and was holding around 1:23 per hundred. Feeling good! Next the bike. The wind was not nice and to be honest was done after a couple hours!. The goal was to make it to the coffee shop..Alive! We now call that route the Bob Rose Classic!

Monday is a well deserved off day, and back into physio!

Around the Bay in 1 week!