Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 ...and Training!

I think I am finally over the need for coffee. Woke up had my normal breakfast and usually have the need for a coffee...but not today! Had my tea and off to work I went. Also went out for dinner tonight and no drinks!! I must say I have been adding Lemon Juice to the green tea and it was cleaned me right out! Good Times.

So training today! It was a solid workout. I met up with James, Mike, Dave, Tom and Steve and we were going to do a serious brick! For the guys it was their first brick of the season so we were a bit conservative.

The workouts was 3 x 6km on the bike into a mile run. Drop the times each one.

The first bike was a tempo, which we did as a TT with a bit of drafting! Off the bike I stuck a 6min mile. The next two we had to drop the times. The second bike we went out a bit harder and formed an echelon, which gave each of us a 5 second pull at the front then recovery. Off the bike the guys were moving and James, Dave and Mike did a 5:35 mile and I came in with a 5:42 not too bad after yesterday's workout. The last was all out. My goal was to really work the bike and hold steady on the run. I did just that and threw down the same pace as the last mile. Solid day at the office! Excited for the weekend.

Also I just probably saw the funniest movie ever! The Hangover! I haven't laughed so hard in a while, especially when they find a tiger in the bathroom..."there is a jungle cat in the bathroom" Funny!

Tomorrow is a long bike, swim and spending time with my wife!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Milton photos and Day 4

It is day 4 of my no coffee, no alcohol and no junk food. It was not a good day. Hopefully my body will start to accept the fact that for 1 month I am making my body a temple. I think the hardest thing is in the morning. Being at the gym for 5am and waking up for 3:50am takes a toll on my body. Ps, Green tea isn't as tasteful as coffee! I made it through and really focused my attention on the training. As everyone knows I decided not to do Conneticut. This meant more time for training. I have been really working the swimming and I think it will pay off in Muskoka! 27min would be awesome!

The workout today was crazy. Just the look on paper was enough to make you want to curl up back in bed. 10 x Bell School Line top to bottom then a Time Trial to Milton (roughly 55min) at race pace. Jump off bike and do 4 x 1 mile below race pace. Mat made me work and I threw down Nothing over 5:40 per mile. My best was a 5:33. Not bad! Then back on the bike and Time Trial home. I was feeling fast today and ready for tomorrow!

I will be swimming in Caledon with Darren, then heading to Guelph to meet up with James Loaring. Going to be fun, we haven't met up in a while to train together!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wheels for Sale!!

So I have 2 sets of wheels sale right now

The first set is my 100mm Blackwell Research Wheels Tubular 700cc. They are great wheels and compared to a disc are the same with 0 % drag. I have only ridden them on races and they go fast. They also have a special spoke just helps with the wind so you don't get tossed around! Had no problem in Milton with the 65km side wind! I also have the carrying bag which goes with it as a bonus..haha My sponsor Ian would like to see my on a Hed and can build up a tubular with a powertap! So excited. I am only asking $1600 bucks for both wheels and carrying case so let me know!

Next set of wheels is a set of Zipp 404 clinchers 700cc with a built in powertap pro wired! They are a great wheel to train and race out. If you don't know about power to and find out! It is an amazing training and racing tool, which helps you stay just below your threshold to optimize performance! These are going for $1500 bucks

If anyone is interested give me a shout, they should go quickly!

Training Up to Date

June is a big month. Finally into the groove! Nice weather, weight is good and feeling healthy! My buddy Steph and I had a bet for the month of June. No coffee, no junk food and no alcohol! I am now on Day 2 and let me tell you it is going to be a bumpy ride but a good one. I am allowed green tea to keep the caffeine flowing in me!

Yesterday was great. Legs were a bit tired from the race but hit the pool in the morning with Mississauga and was hitting 50's in under 40. Solid for a recovery swim. Ended up doing around 3400m then headed back to work. The day was looking crappy out but motivation is at a high so mounted my road bike and headed out! It was rainy and cold but as Lance would say he is busting his ass on the bike and so am I. Thankfully I had some company, Brian who I train. I made him go do 2 hours before me then I met up for the last 2....he is a trooper! Legs were feeling great after that!

Today was all about the run. I am still trying to get that gear I had last year to kick and hurt on the run! Today did just that. Headed back to Neyagawa with a team of runners. Their goal was to break me. Jim started off the First Lap and pushed the pace. We went 35 for the first lap, which is solid then dropped it down to a 34 on the 2nd lap. 10 miles in I grabbed my Cera Sport Ex1 to me no coffee makes you need something in the body! Onto the 3rd lap Jim gave the baton to Mark the Elk Parsons who trotted his way up the hills. Mark is a tank running and pushed me hard, I wasn't letting him go though! I dropped the hammer and dropped him and put down a 33 on my 3rd lap. 25km in I hit the road and did some extra running to get to 2 hours. Not a bad day out there. I refueled and have the 2xU compression socks on right now! Also rolling on the Trigger Point because my legs are feeling like mush! Wicked day, starting to get that hurt back!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Milton Race Report

The weather was calling for a cold one and that it was! I was feeling good going into the race with a solid saturday warm up.

The morning was chilly. The water went from 64 degrees down to 57 degrees...not cool. The wind also picked up to 65km per hour. Fun Fun.

So the swim started and I started off well. I had the new Xterra Vendetta Wetsuit, which felt awesome. I couldn't get into a groove they the current pushing me into the boys! I was able to see everything though with my Sable goggles! Amazing as always. I few of us got together and swam in together and came out just over 11 minutes. Not bad can be better.

My transition was slow trying to get my gloves off but once I got on my bike I was feeling good. Like I talked in previous blogs my bike was dialed in by Younique Cycles and was feeling great. Guru stiffed up the back end, which I could really feel. The customization of the frame allowed me to be in aero for the whole ride...funny enough the top leaders all had Guru's...need I say more. But no one can match my ISM Pink Saddle..haha

Into the run was feeling good.... except for not feeling my feet! Got onto the run and ran down the guy in front of me. Taylor caught me with 2 km left and actually felt good to go fast. Actually work.

Came in 9th overall. It was an ok not great. Took 5th last year..ggrrrrr. I must say though my hydration was great with Cera Sport Ex1 No cramping and right after the race I was on my Trigger Point system getting healthy for some serious training.

Report: I had some things come up, which will not allow me to race at the Rev3tri in Connecticut. I want to thank Heather for all the help and excited to get down there in 2010. Also Greg for giving me a place to stay!

Muskoka Chase is coming up....getting ready