Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cornwall Tri/Team HP/Free Training?

What a busy couple weeks it been. 2 weeks after Bracebridge Half Ironman I headed to Cornwall for the Olympic Triathlon. Rob Allen is a great race director and besides the rain but on a great triathlon that I recommend for any caliber of athlete. I was excited to make the trip down because not only was there good competition but also prize money;) When I got to the race I was greeted by Jaime Stevenson, Ryan Cain, Rick Hellard and Mike Greenberg, these guys are great athletes from the Ottawa region and I knew they would be going fast out there!

The race started fast and I got into a great pack. Jamie and Mike got out front and I wasn't able to make up ground on the swim but did come out in the pack of 5 behind those 2. Onto the bike it was raining pretty hard and the only thing about the course I didn't like was the turning. My bike is my strong suit so having to always break I wasn't able to make up as much ground as I wanted and also kept guys who can run fast around me. I got off the bike with Ryan in 2nd and tried to hold onto him but he is in top form right now and I am Ironman shape, which meant I was running 6min miles and that was it haha. Not bad but didn't have that extra kick to push the last 3 km. I ended up 4th overall and took home some money so I can't complain much about that. All and all I had a great time and it just adds to my fitness going into the Full Rev Distance Triathlon in 3 weeks.


I have been training 5 athletes right now and they are doing great. They are placing in the top of their age groups and I can't wait to see what they do in the future. From racing professional and working full time 5-6 athletes was all I was willing to take because I felt the quality would go down in coaching and I didn't want to see that. Well times have changed..haha. Mike Rutledge (UTM and MIssissauga Swim coach) have decided to get a team going. With his knowledge in swimming and cycling we will make a great team to make athletes fast. Mike has got me from a 1:30 per 100 swimmer down to a 1:25 over the course of a year. Very Excited


The biggest issue for most weekend warriors is time commitment. Most athletes want to do well but getting in a 3-4 hour ride and then run 60min on the weekend is tough. What Mike and I want to do is set a schedule so you get a cycle, a track practice and 2 swims a week with us so we can give tips, motivate and watch you progress into a age group winning athlete.


I am in talks with many of my sponsors to give great deals on clothing, bikes, shoes, wetsuits and all other triathlon related gear. I want all athletes to have the best equipment without going insanely over their budget. Everyone on a Mach bike would be amazing!!!

We are in works to figure out pricing and times but if anyone is interested or wants any other info just send me an email!


Starting September I am looking for someone, who needs to lose a significant amount of weight. I have been a trainer for almost 10 years and feel it is time to help out the community. Many people can't afford training or being an athlete and I want to help that person who has the drive to lose weight and get into great shape. If you know someone who wants to lose weight and wouldn't be able to afford it let them know I am on the lookout. All they would have to do for me is start a blog, which I would attach to my website and they have to post on Wednesday and Sunday commenting on how they feel that is it. Full year of training for 2 blogs a week. Not to shabby.

email me at tyler_hiperformance@hotmail.com