Sunday, January 3, 2010

And so the winter has come....

We did pretty good GTA for holding off the snow but good old Mother Nature has brought the snow and the cold. The past couple days have been rough. -26 degrees, which doesn't feel to good on the face. Today I was going to run with the Nomads, which is great squad out of Mississauga who will run in any temperature, and conditions....they have balls..haha Bob and I headed this morning to the run at 7am and we saw the wind which was going 40 mph and -23 at that point. We went into the Rec center to get ready to run and as it almost struck 7:45 we both looked at each other and headed back to the car. I can toughen out a lot of things but running in this weather would not have benefited my training one bit. Instead I headed into the trails.

I have talked about the Bronte Creek Trail before but I must say it is the best around. The pine trees block the wind from coming in and there was no snow or ice anywhere, this is probably because not a lot of people go on it. I had to do a 1:40 run today and did it with Ease running 50min out and 50 min back running around 4:20-30 per km. Nearing the end of the run I jumped out on the road and felt the wrath the wind was doing and was glad I called it quits today on the road. Hopefully everyone from the Nomads was safe running out there and will see you all Wednesday at the track!

So what to wear in these conditions.... I first brought out the heavy duty shoes the Saucony Triumphs which allow for more support and warmth then my normal lightweight trainer the Sinister would provide. Next I had a pair of Saucony Tights with their SonicLite Pant over top....don't forget body glide. Top Layer I go a bit overboard but better warm then cold on a training run. Dry Fit shirt for my base Layer, long sleeve dry fit next then a hoodie, cotton all the way! I put my Saucony jacket on with the hood up! On my face I wear a bellaclava with a hat on top. Gloves I double up and socks I usually just wear one pair? Not to worried about the feet haha.

I hate being cold so I go to the extreme. Well everyone be safe out there and remember to dress warm!!