Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rope workout

Hurting More in the Off Season....

So last week was Florida Ironman and when I finished my legs were tight, my back was sore and a little discomfort in my neck. I know the effects of the race would last for a couple weeks but the pain went away after 2 days. I am excited for the rest right now with everything on the go but this is also an important time to get back to the basics.

Strength Training is key to decrease any muscular imbalance I am created in season and also decrease any atrophy. I have been doing functional workouts this week with a bit of everything. Kettlebells, ropes, weights and cardio is the usually mix. This puts muscle back onto my body, which in turns creates a higher metabolism to burn more fat!!

I also started back into Muay Thai with the boys at Kim Gym! You want a crazy core workout, come try out a session;)

I believe changing it up at the end of season is key. Your body needs the break and it gives you a chance to rethink goals for next season and have fun!!!

Take care

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Year End

What a great year of racing. I have had a blast and finished it off with an Ironman. It didn't go as planned but at the end of the day it's just a race;)

What went down at Ironman Florida.

Swim was awesome! They said wetsuit, I smiled and put on my Xterra Vendetta, which is super fast. After a fast start I was off and stuck in a great pack. We swam the full 4km together and came out in 57min, which is quick.

Onto the bike I didn't know how cold it was 4 degrees celsuis and that was chilly. Thanks to however the guy was at the aid station who gave me his gloves! Lifesaver! After a cold start I got into the groove and was flying along. Was glad to get off my Mach after 5:09 of riding.

So as you can see I was having a stellar race. Feeling good I got into the run and 10 miles was going great holding 7:30 per mile. Then it happened!! I guess the 3000 calories in liquid didn't really like me and it wanted out. Over, and over and over again. So run took a bit longer then wanted but hey, they don't call it an Ironman for nothing.

Overall I learned Ironman is a different animal, racing goes out the window and strategy and commitment takes over. I have the utmost respect for everyone who does one and for those who go 8 hours, legendary. Next season is all about Hiperformance Gym, which is going to be huge, racing locally and supporting the athletes I coach. And of course get my groove on as a dad;)

Thanks to sponsors for a great season and can't wait for next year.
Saucony, Mach Bikes, Cera Sport, Xterra, Livrelief, ISM, Sable, Gears, and of course my wife;)