Saturday, September 29, 2007

Train Hard

This has been a great week for training. In the words of Sean, nice crisp air and a ton of scenery!

Wednesday it was a bit wet, we did have a slight thundershower but I made it out of the bike for 90km. I kept the pace high and pushed the speed to make the legs hurt. Was able to go past Shannon and my house and they had a second floor which is pretty good. That night I headed to the track. Gord made me do 5x400. Not a tough track workout but was coming in around 75 to 79, which felt really good! At night hit the pool for a great 9pm swim!

Thursday I was on a course! haha i mean Golf course. I was unable to make the brick, but threw down a 10km run, where I ran it hard just above 4 min pace and then went to the pool that night!

Friday came quick, and was going to take an off day but wanted to get the legs turned over for the race this weekend so I did a 5km run sub 20 min.

Saturday turned into a big day! Started out in Caledon in the Quarry for a 3km hard swim with Sean and Jenn. Followed by a 70km ride. Sean and I brought out our stealth's (TT bikes) and threw it down. After that followed a 30 min run, which was supposed to be easy but turned into a a nice little negative split run. Felt great. This of course was followed by a dip in the local creek. Oh and yes the water was around 65 this morning!!

Getting ready for tomorrow half marathon run for the grapes. The tent is doing great too. This is the 2nd night Shannon has slept at 6000 feet in elevation!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Does Anyone Else see the resemblence!!

Shannon won't let me grow the mustache though! But look at the form!! Now I just gotta get as fast as Pre

Pre Lives

Another Solid day of training. After a couple of clients canceled on me I was able to get in my much needed run! The run was a 30min warm up, 2 x 10min hard, 5min good tempo, 15min cool down. 75min run. The run was great. It was humid in the morning but took her easy and was able to drop the pace sub 4min for the 10min hard. Felt good and fast. I felt a lot better on the 2nd 10min hard. What would pre do

During the day Steph, Simon and I headed to the range to work on our golf game. We have a serious game on the Thursday with a client. Jeff wants to play from the tips and all we had to say was bring it on!

After a humid and smoggy day I headed to the pool for my annual swim practice! It went well 30 min dry land and then hour in the water. A lot of work on the kick today, which is nothing new. But was really working on my back stroke and keeping my form together. Felt great! Am feeling really good and excited for Nov 10th in Clearwater.

Train Hard! It is supposed to rain tomorrow but will still be out on the bike! 80km and 50 min fartlek run or track!

tent time

Monday, September 24, 2007

Start to a great training week

This past weekend was a great ramp for Florida.

After heading to the Trials in Neyagawa, which by the way are some of the best trails around. If you are heading into them start at the West Bank and Work your way to the East Bank. I was able to throw down a solid 11 miles holding just over 4:15 pace. It felt solid, except for me running into a tree and getting a nice cut down my side. By the time I ended the run I was bleeding!

Later that day got the call from K. Jones to head out on an easy 1:30 bike. Sometimes nice to have company. Except somebody hit a speed bump and ended up ass over tea kettle on the school parking lot. Won't mention any names...Kyle.

Saturday after working in the morning, was able to get out on the mountain bike for a hard 1:30 bike ride in the trails, mainly hills, and then 5 x hard hill repeats off the bike.

Sunday was great and I thank my fiance for the push. After a horrible golf game, I was able to make it out for a solid 1:20 run, finishing with 4min k's. Shannon threw down an hour flawless!

Monday was the start of a great training week ahead. With great weather I made it out for a 90min ride with Pick ups then 20 min core off the bike. At night I was able to throw down 2500m of free style at the pool. 500 warm up. 5x400 swim, pull and pick ups! Tonight we increase the levels on the altitude tent to 6000feet. Boulder Styles!

Oh and Before I forget Good Luck to Matt Maracle and the rest of the St. Catherine's Baseball team in Shanghai China next week. For anyone who doesn't know the Special Olympics are being held there and these athletes are amazing!