Monday, March 29, 2010

Around The Bay Race Report

Before I start I have to give some serious shout outs to a few athletes. Evan, Simon, Mike, Kyle, Mitch, Brian, Mark and Krista had a great race. It was a great field of runners and glad I could be a part of it!

This was my first time doing Around the Bay 30km race. I usually split the 15km Relay with a client and have some fun but because of Boston I had to get a long run why not a race, it's what we do! We had perfect weather with a slight headwind for the first 15km, nothing crazy just enough to make you tuck in behind the bigger guy;) Thanks Roger for the draft! My plan was to go out steady and descend.....and so here is what happened!!

Gun went off and I got excited. I feel into a nice pace, and of course hitting the first km it was 3:32, not 4:10. So I went with it. I figured I was feeling good and if I keep a consistent pace and don't over do it I should be alright. The group finally settled down and we were running around 3:50 per km. This was my marathon pace so I went with it. Because we went out a bit quick when we hit the 10 mile marker we were spot on 60min. This is about the time I got smart...yes everyone smart.

Krista and Roger put a slight surge after getting water and I let them go. I hit 3:50 again and they must have hit a 3:43 km on that 17km split. Later finding out Krista's GPS wasn't working that great and it said she was running slow, where really us old school watch people had the right time...mmmm This is when I put it in cruise control. I felt awesome, the hills felt easy and I was right on pace. I had 3 gels by the 24km point and the legs were still strong as ever. I hit the top of heart break hill and just kept banging off 3:50 per km until I hit Copps. Finishing time 1:56:45. AVG 3:50 per km.

So I woke up this morning feeling fresh and headed to the pool. The legs felt worked but not overdone. I was able to put down a solid 3km swim followed by a cruise 10km run. Legs feel great confidence is up and most importantly I had a ton of fun out there. It was great watching everyone run on such a great day!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zersenay Tadese 58:23 WR in Lisbon

On March 21st the new Half Marathon Record was set. Check out the video very impressive