Friday, June 20, 2008

Week of Hurt

Like I said I would report back on the hurt from Wednesday.

We met at Gulliver's Lake at 9:30 and did a solid warm up before getting our wetsuits on and hitting the water. We did another warm up then 4 x 800m hard around the bouys. I will able to latch onto Brit and Jenn in the swim (thanks ladies...haha) On the Last repeat we ditched the wetsuits and went to town!

The plan for the bike was 3 loops of a 15km course. I brought my road bike with my powertap to monitor the output of watts I was pushing. The 1st lap went ok. I couldn't get into a groove and to be honest was feeling beat up for the next two laps. After the 1st lap I started to feel great. Legs were moving and averaging 300 watts on the bike felt easy. Sean, Yorke and I broke away from the group and never looked back. I haven't felt this good in a while. Legs had no feeling, which is a good thing! No pain, I think it is the tent. After the 3rd lap it was time to run.

So for 45km we averaged 40km and 290 watts on the bike..that is sick. The run felt even better. I was able to throw down a 17 min 5km off the bike and just out run Sean. Body is feeling solid.

Later that night I went for another 9km run with Shannon. It was a nice run to end the night.

Thursday was another epic training day. The goal was to break! I met up at 11am with Mat Reid at his store Runner's Den Waterdown. A solid shop if anyone is in the area! The workout was to run to Downtown Hamilton YMCA for a swim and back. We found out that the run was around 14km to the Y and 14km back! 28km run we ended up doing. My legs felt great. I hammered it the whole run and just felt good. The swim however wasn't that great. Really was hurting only did around 2000m in the pool. Needed to get prepped for the run home..haha

Thanks for the workout Mat.!

Right now including Sundays race I have ran a total of 75km...gonna make a 110km!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muskoka Chase Race Report

Sorry it has been a while since I last updated my blog. I have been in serious training mode coming up to the Muskoka Chase race the past weekend. It was a 2km swim, 55km on the bike and a 15km run.

Last weekend was a great prep weekend for me. After a killer day with Dave (100km on the bike and a 3km swim) I entered the Bread and Honey 15km run. What a day! First when you wake up and your legs are that fatigued you just hope for the best.

I got to the race and right away knew it was going to be a hot one. After trying to keep on 6:10 mile pace I feel off and pulled through a 59min 15km run. I ended up 10th overall in the race and only 10 of us cracked an hour. We later found out the temp was 39 degrees! No wonder it felt hard.

The week went fast in prep for the Muskoka Chase weekend. I had some exciting news though. Blackwell Research, the best wheels in the world have sponsored me to represent! They are killer wheels and accounted for my insane bike split..haha Also Sable water Optics for making me see in the water. Without them I would probably be down stream somewhere..haha

The race breakdown: The idea is the girls get a handicap, which this year was 18:30 min. I told Jenn to go fast because I was after her..haha ...I didn't catch her..

Leading up to the race I was feeling great. My body was in working order and ready to race to win. I went out in the swim and found a group to hand on too. I was able to hop on someone's feet and we came out of the water in 32 min, thanks too Xterra and Sable for getting me in a good position out of the water. After a fast transition I got on my bike. I knew today was going to be a solid day.

For everyone who doesn't know Muskoka it is pretty damn hilly! As my coach told me not to burn out in the hills I really kept watts consistent and still came away with the 6th fastest bike split of the day. Thank you Blackwell Research..haha. Heading into transition I was feeling great.

I got off the bike and attacked! My goal was to stick with Nat, who was killing it....we came off the bike together and hammered the run. My goal was to run sub 60min for 15km. I felt good and with the hot weather I knew it was going to be solid. Nat took it out hard and was running just over 6min miles. I a hilly run course we had to be careful. We started to pick people off and finally Nat broke away from goal was to stay consistent and not lay it on the table 8km in. I finally caught Dave Gagnon, who was a great French Triathlete. After dropping him he picked up the pace and surged past me. I wasn't going to let that happen! We picked up the pace and ran down Nat at 12 km. Gagnon kept that pace up and put a couple surges in the run, trying to drop me. Thank god for Yorke on the side of the road yelling at me! The last 2km was a nice climb. My goal was to put a dirty surge in and drop him for good. I held back on his feet then hammered and didn't look back!

I took the run in 58min and finished 11th overall with a surge to finish strong. I was really happy with the race. Everything is coming together and ready for Texas next week....let it be hot!!!!

Monday Workout: 3km swim around Kelso with Kyle. Felt awesome
50km on the bike....did a bit more cause I got lost in Mississauga..haha
15min run off the bike easy

Tuesday Workout: It was a busy day at work, but I was able to do 12km run in Hilton Falls. My puppy was able to do 10km before almost falling over...he is my little trooper!! Then came back to the gym and did another 5km tempo on the treadmill. Run is feeling good and trying to really make it strong for Texas!

Wednesday is going to hurt. I had a cancellation and just relaxing right now before a workout that is going to break me..haha...Will report the hurt. I again just wanted to say thanks to 2XU, Xterra Sable water Optics, Altitude Tech, and Blackwell Wheels....All of them are keeping me going fast!