Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good Start to the week

After a great weekend Monday came fast. On schedule was an easy swim with a lot of technique. I was feeling good and after talking with Barrie, did a double swim practice. 2500m during the day and 3500 during swim practice. Stroke is feeling really strong. Worked a lot on arm position in the water and was flying by the end of the night. Also wasn't supposed to run but the wifey wanted to get in a good 8-10km so we did! Nice and leisure run. I threw in some pick ups because that is what Pre would have done..haha

Tuesday was an ok training day. After feeling the effects of the weekend...and getting little to no sleep because of my work schedule I opted out of the 90 min tempo run and did a 40 min tempo run...as hard as the body could go. 20 easy 20 hard and 20 mod. Felt really strong, then headed off to the pool. Had another great swim practice a lot of work on my back stroke, which is coming along and ended with some 100IM in the water. Lead the pack out...moving up!

My favorite part of the day came when Shannon and I went shopping for new clothes.....ok hoodies! Long story short, we ended up in the Youth section and I am now the owner of XL Boys clothing...it fits so why pay the GST!

Tomorrow I have a big training Day ..hard ass bike with a 90min fartlek run...night time

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Training went great today. Started off at the pool and did a 1km warm up into 6 x 200 odd pull, and even free mod. I was supposed to do 10 but that got real boring. To my luck a couple old swim buddies were doddling around and wanted to do a fast set. We finished with 300 pull hard into 3 x 100 ball busters! Then 200 pull hard into 4 x 50 on 50 then 100 pull hard into 4 x 25m IM. Cooled it down and called it a day.

That afternoon Shannon called and wanted to get out for a run. I had to do a 60 min ez run with pick ups so Shannon stuck in strong and had a great run! We then headed up North to visit my friends in Walter Falls. (Very far north)

It was shitty weather but we had a great time Saturday, and might I add my first day off in ages! We went caving and off roading, so the weather didn't hold us back that much. We would have liked to climb but the weather would not let us.

Today (sunday was a great day) The day started on the track with 4 x 1km repeats. They felt ok, legs were tired from the past week so was able to hold 3:23 per km, that is 3 seconds slower then Thursday. Then I was going to head down to the Toronto Marathon to cheer on Steve in the Marathon and the Craven's in the 5km Corp Race. After almost getting run off the road my plans changed quickly and I headed north. I ended up at Rattlesnake Point throwing down some repeats on the biggest hill in Southern Ontario. Then did a mod 30 min run off the bike. CLEARWATER 4 WEEKS AWAY

NOW FOR THE EXCITING NEWS!! Steve Santia Qualified for the Boston Marathon in a stunning 3:04:44. After months of training, injuries and dealing with me he has done it. CONGRATS, I couldn't be more happy for you! I will be there in Boston cheering you on! ALSO! Jim throwing down a 5km in 21 min and Deb throwing down a 27min 5km! That is aweomse....hard work pays off. Congrats to all and I am excited for the training over the next year!