Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week Training

What a solid week.

Swimming has been going great and same with the running and cycling.

Skipping ahead to Good Friday 10 miler. It was an awesome day! The weather was around 5 degrees a slight head wind coming up plains road and fast field. My goal was to go out and stay just under 6 min miles and try and get top 5.

I tapered on the Thursday and was feeling fast. I had a solid warm up and got my strides in. I was lucky to have my wife there and Lisa who gave me a little extra motivation! I started off a bit fast just to separate the field. I fell into 4th place and held it. I was feeling really good and was saving some for the 2nd lap. I was right on pace and hit 8km in 30min. I got passed by a girl..yes a girl, but I didn't feel that bad when I found out she is a pro marathoner..haha I stayed right on her and finished strong at 60min. I avg 6min miles and came in 5th place overall.

After a solid cool down I got onto the roller for 60min.

Today was a fun ride day. I didn't have to work in the morning so got to go out with the Mississauga Group ride. There was a ton of solid riders there including Jen and Krystal! Always fun to ride with people you know. The ride was a bit cruise but not bad at all for a 3.5 hour ride. Off the bike I did a nice little 30min run. Feeling good ready for tomorrow! Big Day