Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston Marathon Wrap Up!

All I can say is what an experience it was to be part of a race that goes down in history. Also I really don't understand why people want to go back every year! It is a tough friggin race! Harder then any 70.3 race I have ever done and my legs are feeling the wrath of all the hills!

Boston is more then you could imagine. 26 000 runners filling the streets and people on the sides of the roads cheering you on, giving food out, and girls offering kisses at Wellesley College, what more could you ask for. It is truly an experience I will never forget and hurt I will never forget.

We had amazing conditions in the morning with wind coming out of the NW. That meant slight tailwind the whole way. The one problem with that is you can go fast!! I met up with a couple of my Saucony teammates, as we looked pretty good with the Saucony attire and arm warmers, in Corral 1...front of the race. Little tip for anyone in the future wanting to do the race, start a wave back! Being at the front meant we took the first mile out in 5:50...not my smartest move but with people pushing at your back and people in front of you you go with the flow. Flow meant 18min 5km....mmm My goal going in was 2:45, I think on any other course it is possible and maybe even this course, but I went too hard for the first 10 miles and came in around 1:02 at the mark. By the time I hit the bottom of Heart Break hill it was enjoying the experience. My teammate Matt, who is a 2:38 marathoner had the same issue I did so we both enjoyed the experience, no regrets and pushed for the finish...not fast but we made it haha.

My buddy Dave emailed me after the race and asked me, "when did you start to think about putting a bike in front of any of these guys before the run?" I said around 25km haha

To everyone who did the race: Steve, Derm, Brian, Angela, Glenn, Matt, Mike, Kelly and anyone else I didn't mention great work, amazing job and keep running....for me it is about the swim bike run!

Have to also thank Saucony for taking care of me and the other guys in Boston. So glad to be part of such an amazing team!