Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Festivities!

This weekend is huge! Main fight event in Chicago. Oh yes, the windy city! Shannon and I are heading out tomorrow 6am to catch a flight to the Strikeout Fight to watch Fedor!!! So most of you are like who is this guy Fedor and why does he get to exclamation points!! haha He is the best fighter in the world. I googled him, I know. He will be taking on Rogers, who is a big dude, but Fedor is undefeated and looking to take another win. Ideally Fedor and Brock Lessner would be a good fight, but lets me serious! Lessner will get dropped!

Amazing! So this morning I headout out early to Lisa's house to do a 3 hour training ride which was pretty good. Hurt a bit but haven't really hit it hard on the bike for a month now! Will be taking training off tomorrow to head to chicago then back for Sunday morning! Monday is go time.... Time to get back into things!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

And Now.....

I am never saying I have exciting news again. After 5 different people asking if my wife was pregnant I have learned my lesson. Right now Shannon has to deal with me and Rufus and many of you who know me that is work in itself.

Still going to make you wait....

Want to do a huge thank you to Ian at IMFIT.CA and Younique As many of you know the past year I have been with Guru and They helped me with bikes, set-up, VO2 max testing and just being a great guy to talk too. I put my all into helping Ian because I truly believe he is guy who is very passionate about making people better, faster and stronger. I also recommend anyone in the Area to check out his shop located on Main St. In Milton. If you want to get fast then heading to Ian is the way to go.

Now for the exciting news......

Our Personal Training Studio, Kim Gym (after the owner Steph Kim) is located in Port Credit Mississauga. We have a great facility, which is for private personal training and attached to the gym are 2 yoga studios. Across the Street is Gears Bike Shop and on the South East Corner is SPC Physiotherapy. It has taken a bit of time to get everything set up but there is a huge opportunity to make Port Credit a powerhouse for athletes!! Training, yoga, cycling and Physio...what more could an athlete ask for!


In 2010 I will be riding for Gears Bike Shop on a 2010 Transition Pro. I am excited about the new partnership and what it can do for both companies as we get bigger into the future. Gears is a world class shop with amazing mechanics, bikes and anything you need to cycle. I am super pumped about the Port Credit Area! PC WHAT!! just kidding!!

More To babies

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Road 2 Hope Race Report

So...marathon... one word...hurts!

Ok, so now it is over and many people asked what I was looking to do. My goal was to hit around a 2:48 marathon, and I ended up doing a 2:51:33...this is how it went down.

Going into the race I was a bit nervous. Not because of the distance but because I was scared I would have no one to run with. I was going into the race with no knowledge of the pain I was going to feel. Lisa and I had a plan and I was going to stick to it as well as I could!

I race started fast and right away I was sitting in 8th overall. I ended up running with a guy named Roger, who was great to work with! We each took a Km and held around 3:53 per km. At the 21km mark we were sitting around 1:22 and by the time we hit the 30km mark we were at 1:58! This was perfect we were right on pace for a 2:48 ish marathon finish. At the 21km mark we headed down...and I mean down the Red Hill Valley Expressway, which was 8km of pain on the quads. This I believe set up the last 10km to hurt as much as it did......

Before I get into the pain, I must say the weather was perfect and I had a kit from Saucony, which was perfect. Arm warmers, singlet, shorts, Type A3 Racing flats and 4 gels tucked away in the arm warmers. Thanks again Mike for making my first marathon feel not so bad in the chaffing department! haha

Onto the hurt.... I hit the 32km and started to feel fatigued. I have felt tired before but when Lisa said it would hurt a lot I didn't expect this. I went from 4:00 per km to 4:15 -30 per km. I was starting to fall apart. At the 35km mark I was passed by the lead female and Roger was able to keep with her. Figured he knew what he was doing when it was his 10th marathon! My goal now was to survive and not stop. At the km marks Lisa and Dave got me going by telling me to surge and keep surging until the end! I pushed as hard as I could to get that sub 2:50 marathon but came up 90 seconds short....

I am super happy with my result and have signed up for the Boston Marathon in April. I am still not walking properly today and respect every Marathoner and Ironman around. I have never been in that much pain and for some weird reason am excited to do it again! Thanks to Saucony, Cera Sport and of course LB and Dave! Couldn't have done it without your support and telling me Rufus is beautiful! Oh and can't forget my main crew (Shannon and Rufus)!! Love you both!

Time to rest and have some very exciting news coming in my next blog!!!...stay tuned!