Monday, March 19, 2012

Let the 2012 Season Begin!

I know it has been a while since I have last posted a blog but I have been training and getting ready to race!

I have had a great build up for this season with a training camps in Arizona and Clermont. I have gotten the mileage in on the bike to get my legs into working order for my upcoming race in Texas. I have also been working a lot on swimming and running.

I recently jumped into the Chilly Half Marathon that was sponsored by Eload, which I am teamed up with for the 2012 season and the chilly stood up too its name. It was a cold and windy day but I was feeling good and knew my Saucony/Eload teammate Krista would help push the pace. We started out pretty easy and I was able to settle into a comfortable pace next to Krista. I was having a bit of foot pain but was feeling really good so kept on the pace. At 6km Krista pushed on and I was by myself. I felt good and held 3:43/k ...pretty much the whole way lol. At 13km we turned back into the wind and I didn't know at the time but around 15km I had a group of 6 guys sitting on me. (I found that out as I went into the finishing shoot and they blew past me lol, I had nothing left) All good though, I was excited to pull them and hold my pace strong. Have to give a major thanks to Kelly from, amazing race series!!

So the first race of the season is April 1st in Galveston Texas. I'm not going to lie, starting next to Lance Armstrong will be pretty cool but am focused and ready to put the work the training fitness I have gained over the past winter! Lots of racing this year and watch out for the new racing team. New uniforms, fast athletes, hungry to race!


XTERRA WETSUITS: Love everything about their wetsuit. From the flexibility to the buoyancy, makes me fast!
SABLE WATER OPTICS: Honestly the best goggles around. Leak Proof, Fog Proof and very durable!!

WHEELS OF OAKVILLE: The best bike shop around. Les and his staff is honest and knowledgable in everything about bikes. Say you know me and get a great discount!
QUARQ: Been with Quarq a few years now and they stand by their product and the power is best!
RUDY PROJECT: Awesome glasses, helmets and kits making me fast and looking good

SAUCONY: Know your strong! Their are the best shoes around!! Love the clothing line they have and the new colours for 2012
ELOAD: The nutrition is like no other. Sits well in your stomach, sodium content is amazing for racing and the gels taste great!!

Thanks to everyone again for standing behind me for the 2012 season!! More updates to come!!