Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lots to talk about!

Sorry it has been a while since I have written a solid blog. Life is full speed ahead. Work, Wife, Hayden and Training have been the only thing on my brain. I have the best wife around because after some discussion I am giving Ironman another shot. This time I'm not messing around. Rev3 Cedar Point was an Ironman event I thought I would have the fitness for and didn't respect the distance enough going into it ( meaning didn't put the quality long runs and bricks together). Swim/Bike was easy but run polished me off. This year I have the motivation, support and training behind me to really step up my game and race how I'm supposed to race an Ironman. Lake Placid will be the Ironman July 24Th.

Currently I have 4 solid weeks of training under my belt including a training camp in Arizona. This next week is a rest week, which is a great time to test out my speed at Memphis in May. I will be heading down Thursday night to Memphis and goal is all out. I have been feeling great coming off the bike so will be fun to lay it out for 10km and not like the 30km runs I've been doing lol.

Other news! Received an email from Rudy Project and they will be helping me out for 2011. I am now equipped with the fastest TT helmet on the market and some crazy new sunglasses which I will be wearing to race and casually. Can't wait to test it out next week!

Also going into Memphis I will get to put on my Xterra Velocity Speed suit. USAT still allows the suit in their events, which means I will still be able to float haha. WTC has changed their ruling on speed suits, which means Xterra and all other speed suit companies had to make a lighter suit with less buoyancy. For Ironman I will be wearing my Xterra Vendetta Wetsuit which got me out of the water last year in 57 min, It's a beast in the water and really allows for a lot of roll.

Other then that life is great I will be racing Peterborough and Welland Half Ironmans with no taper to gear up for the big race.