Monday, June 27, 2011

Welland Half Ironman

If you are just tuning into my blog here is a quick background on my life. Just opened a new gym in January, had a baby March 1st and did I mention I decided to race an Ironman. This takes us to the weekend in Welland. First words from my wife were you better do well with all the training you have been doing. lol She backs me the whole way with racing especially knowing the caliber of athletes I will competing against in Lake Placid. Love you Shannon. Also it was Hayden's first Half Ironman and had a shirt on that says "my daddy's faster then your daddy's!!!"

The week leading into Welland was tough. Monday was a 13mile track workout with 2 x 2 mile (ouch) and Tuesday jumped straight into a 36km run, which felt good as the run went on. Wednesday I cranked the bike and same friday. Swimming was going great too so all and all a solid week of training going into Welland. Randy and I took Saturday off to give us a day rest...all you need as an Ironman haha.

Race day I felt tired but strong. I was excited to race haven't raced a long distance race since last year so was pretty pumped. The canal was actually cold so got to wear my Vendetta Wetsuit, which is crazy fast and always wearing my sable goggles. Gun went off and I tried to keep on the group in front but fell off and settled into a 1:30 pace. I was ready to bike.

Goal on the bike was simple...hammer. Get to my threshold and hang on. My Cervelo P3 was a monster and I decided to test out my 2 hed 3 wheels with my Wingspan Rudy Project helmet...can you fast. Bike time was 2:14 which is a 40.2 km/h. I was caught by one guy on the bike who picked up the pace for the last 10 km and man he was avg 43km/h and hammered my legs. To be honest I thought he was going to fall apart on the run but...

Off the bike I was sitting 3rd overall. I have been training for an Ironman so hammering a bike and running felt a bit off because I haven't trained that way so the first 5k I kept it a bit easy and let 43/h biker get ahead of me and figured I couldn't catch him...he held strong and have to say great job because he was running well. The last 16km of the run I brought the pace down to 4min per km and was clicking along felt smooth....just running right lol

Needless to say I finished with a 4:15 Half Ironman, which is a great way to start the season on tired legs. Next up is Peterborough and then Lake Placid Ironman.

Thanks to Xterra, Sable, Wheels of Bloor, CEP, Saucony, CeraSport, Rudy Project!! You guys make me race fast and look pretty haha.