Thursday, June 26, 2008

Updated Week From Texas

Workouts from Friday:

Ended up going to Kelso for an open water swim. Did the 3km loop around the perimeter. Feeling solid in the ater. Later that day I did 60km on the bike and ran 20 min off the bike. Trying to get that 110km. Now at 80km for the week

Saturday: What a great workout today! After a morning at the gym Amaral came over and we suited up for a bike ride. 5km into the bike ride we saw a mass of people heading west on we followed of course! It was the ride to Conquer Cancer. We helped out by pulling people who had amazing stories to tell, from how they quit smoking to do this, and how they survived cancer. After going out 55km with they, Mike and I decided to turn around and head home. We did around 110km that day. Later that after noon I did a 30 min run then had to clean as we got ready to go to a Shower. Getting gifts is fun!

Sunday: Woke up at 7am to the phone ringing...did I mention I was hung over. It was Derek. We ended up going to Kelso for a swim. I thought it would be smart not to bring a wetsuit. Well a km in I thought my nipples were going to peel off chest. This is why you should always have your Xterra Wetsuit on you at all times! I learned my lesson Glynn!

I was supposed to get in a run but never happened. Life came first and it involved a clean of the house, All and all a solid run after for the week of 86km

Monday: We haven't been getting the greatest weather to train so after a 12 hour day at work I got on my bike and did a 40km spin with pickups. Still avg over 200 watts! I was flying. Later that night was meeting with the DJ for the wedding. So no swim

Tuesday: I was able to get into the water for a 2km swim. Stroke is feeling really good and in Texas I believe it will be a wetsuit swim! We will find out race day. Gonna need Xterra's help opn this one.

Wednesday: TRAVEL TIME. I got to the plan for 5:50 am. After making it from Buffalo to Detroit, Detroit to Dallas, Dallas to Lubbock, I was finally at my place of destination! I was picked up by Steve, who was more then welcoming and can't thank him and his wife Dee Dee, for everything. After we got back to his place we headed to Texas Tech (Sorry Steve!) for a swim practice. What a beautiful outdoor pool. I did 3km hard and it felt great.

Thursday: (Today) Just got in from a 50 min run with pick ups! Legs are feeling awesome. I am heading for a massage at 11:30 then off on the bike for a 50km ride. The new Blackwell Research Wheels are looking amazing and everyone here is jealous.

Feeling good!...Ps. Love you Shannon and Rufus!