Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pink Lady

Here is the first look at the weapon for Clearwater.  Who ever is racing me will see it pass them!  I will post a picture with the Blackwell Wheels!  It looks Dirty!

Training is going great.  Just threw down a serious training day yesterday with a 2.25 hour run with Steve. (Sorry for breaking you bro!)  a 3km swim just felt awesome in the water, and then hit the road with Parsnips and D-Rock!  We pounded out some hills then I hit the dinner sesssion!

First off I wanted to congratulate John and Stephanie on there marriage!  Welcome to the club!  Secondly I wanted to thank C3 for an amazing year and great training!

I have decided to train with Lisa Bentley, who will take me to the next level!  Barrie has been an amazing coach, friend and I thank him for everything he has provided me with over the year!  Running is everything and Lisa is going to make that happen!

Heading into Clearwater I feel awesome.  Bike feels fast..running feels fast..and if I can get on some serious feet I am gone!  4:07 is the goal at hand and I see no reason why not!  What do you think Rinny!  Canada dollar is down meaning I am going to make some money!

Got a new treadmill today so waiting for that right now then doing a serious bike run session, into a wicked pool set!

Will keep everyone posted on the end result!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trek or Treat and training

Friday was a great night.  Not only did I get to race with my beautiful wife, but also got to spend time with my close friends...and of course Greg..Thanks Running Company!

First off I just wanted to say how proud I am of a few people.  Derek has worked so hard this year, and after sitting with me and having a thing you know he is 30 + pounds down and running his first 10km race in 50 min! His wife was right along side him...who by the way is jacked already in 55 and her sister Alison, who has worked so hard and did a solid 66 min 10km!  I am glad they were able to take part with Shannon and I and we are excited for the future for them!  PS  my wife smashed it and ran a 48 min the dark..and up hills in a forest...animal!

I decided to take 2nd..after working hard the whole run I found out that I am a triathlete and not a runner...(I have a horrible kick and was out sprinted with 10 m left!)  All good though, it was a tough race and was hard to pace in the dark!  All and all can't complain ran a 36 min 10km and knew I had to wake up to run with Lisa at 8am.

SATURDAY!  I headed to Caledon to run with Lisa, Jenn, and Bob.  It started out fast...I think Lisa wanted to break me and with a crazy loop my goal was to run a 6km loop....hilly as hell and be consistent and do it 4 times!  I pushed the first lap with a 25 min, then stuck another 25 min, then had to pee and she wouldn't stop the time so ran a 26 high then blew up with a 27 ish...all and all I can't complain running 28 ish km that morning.  I am feeling strong and will take the mental side of that run to Florida...I am going after Rinny!

Later that day I got a ride on the trainer for an hour then hit the pool with Drags...I was shattered and slept like a baby!

SUNDAY!  I woke up bright and early and headed to the pool and met Jenn.  It was a hard set of 24 x 100 dropping each 100.  By the last 6 I had the pull buoy and paddles on and thank god for Jenn being there or I would have sunk!  After I met up with Bob and did a 60 min hill repeat run ....headed to T.O ...ate at the King Eddie, then got on the bike for a 40km time trial!


MONDAY was a solid recovery with an easy swim and a run with Shannon...she out sprinted me at the end

TUESDAY ...decided to run at 4am with Jim...I figured being that early I met as well work hard.  started out easy and the goal was to increase the pace every 15 min for 60 min.  started out around a 4min km then dropped it to a 3:50 km and finally finished at 10.6 for 15min holding 3:36 per km.   Its coming..
Headed to the pool that afternoon and dropped 30 x 100...I don't even want to talk about it!  It hurt

That night took it to the trainer for an easy grind! 4 x 100 big ring...Tomorrow is going to hurt

Race Review

Been a while since I have posted.  Sorry to everyone who keeps up with my blog.  I always try and find the time to post but get busy with life.
Back tracking a bit I headed out to Austin Texas to race in the 70.3 Longhorn race.  Also this was Simon Lessing's last race and I was glad to be a part of it!
I was feeling great going into the race, with the help of Lisa I was feeling confident in the water and really felt strong for the run! I ended up staying with Richie...we didn't snuggle this time as I took the coach!  I just wanted to thank Fred (never met him) but let me stay at his place during my stay in Austin.  On a side note I loved Austin and can't wait to go back to train!
Heading into the pro meeting there were 51 pros who came out for this race.  It was a big field and I was excited to be there.  The swim was a non wetsuit swim and with the help of Xterra I was able to come out in 24?? for 2km??  I think it was a bit short but got on the bike and hammered.  I didn't have my Guru yet so had to use my Cervelo, which we have parted ways and also my blackwell wheels!
I hydrated great on the bike and was feeling awesome going into the run.  I didn't have the best timed run but felt great and had the legs moving.  I ended up 25th in the pro field and 28th overall...finally starting to come together!  Finished with a 4:23 70.3!