Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tucson Training Complete

What a wicked 10 days of training! I left last Thursday and got stuck at DFW because of a freak snowstorm. I finally made it to Tucson on the last flight out of the airport...it was either that or take a 18 hour bus ride! Nat wasn't happy with the 4am pick up but he is the man for coming and getting me. The crew training together was me, Sean, Dave, Nat, Yorke, Taylor, Nate and Sarah

So here is what we did in a nutshell;)

Friday: 4500yard swim/2 hour ride (welcome to Tucson)/Drills with Nate and a 35min run
Saturday: 5000 yard swim/3 hour tempo ride (tough) / 30 min run off bike
Sunday: 5000 yard swim/ 2 hour run with 3x25build in the middle. Sarah stuck it out with me as we ran/ 90 min rude
Monday: 5000 + yard swim/ 2.5 hour ride
Tuesday: 5000 + yard swim (hardest paddle set ever)/ 2 hour ride/50 min run in the trails
Wednesday: 5000 yard swim/ 2.5 hour ride with 2 x 20min steady/20 min cruise run
Thursday: 5 hour ride (Mt. Lemmon)
Friday: 3000 yard swim/2 hour ride/ 20 min run off bike
Saturday: 2 hour ride/ Swim at U of A 5000m +/ Track workout 15 w'up 3x800 6x400 3x200 15min
Sunday: 3.5 hour ride (Sarah and Tyler race up Gates Pass) /70min run steady off bike

So that is how it went. I am feeling really good after the week. My body is really holding up to the training and I am super motivated for the season. I am super happy with the performance of my new Specialized Transition from Gears. It was so responsive both on the flats and the hills! Also getting my ISM Breakaway saddle on the bike really kept me comfortable on those long rides, without loosing power. Thanks Ira and Dave! Also a quick shout out to Saucony for the gear, which looks great for 2010! Can't wait for the new shoes they have coming out!! Exciting!!

Nutrition was key over there because of the dry heat. I used Cera Sport EX1 to keep from slowing down. By far my favourite drink for training and racing, sits well in my belly.

MT. LEMMON DESCENT http://www.twitvid.com/27E80