Monday, November 30, 2009

Wintercross 5km and Ride and Tie Event weekend

This weekend was non stop with Saturday being the Wintercross 5km open in the morning then watching Kyle and Simon race in the afternoon in the AGSI Cross Country Championships.

Larry Bradley did a great blog on the race so I would say check out his blog for a great race recap! Thanks Larry. It was a great race and to be honest I just went in to go fast! Need to start getting that speed up!

After my race I headed over to the Saucony tent where I met up with Matt Merko who is the man for Saucony!! He showed me the new line of shoes which looks awesome. They have a great new shoe for 2010, which is comparable to the Nike Lunar...but of course better! Also the Winter Razor shoe looks great and allows you to go through the snow or mud well saving your feet! After looking at the new line of shoes, Matt hooked me up with the new Vizi Pro. Now this gear is crazy. It is super bright, like orange bright and lets people see where you are. This will be great when I am running in the winter and don't want to get hit by any cars. In the states this stuff is crazy! Thanks Matt for the Gear, 2010 is going to be crazy!

After I had a wardrobe change I geared up for the 10km Men's race. Simon Bairou was going to be racing along with, Wyke, Gillis, Milne, Whitfield, and Jones. It was a great field and was going to be a great race to watch. Bairou got out front and never looked back! 5km he was gone and finished with a 28:51! 10km cross country....dear god Kyle and Simon did great and placed 2nd in the team event! Great work guys.

The next day I made it to the pool and put down a 4km swim before heading over to Dave and Lisa's for the yearly party and the first annual ride and Tie. It was a 6km race with 2 partners and 1 bike. I didn't really understand the event until it got started. I figured I would run the whole thing, which as my partner Jody explained to me wasn't the best way to go. Jen and Mike went out hard and got us on the turn around. I later learned the more switching you do from Bike to Run the faster you go...more energy saved! Lesson learned..haha.. It was a great night and everyone involved did awesome, including Richard Pady and his wife pushing their kids in a stroller..amazing!!

Thanks again Dave and Lisa and to all who were there!!