Thursday, June 25, 2009

Workout Report and Can't Believe there is no more MJ

The past few days have been great. Training has been awesome and really excited for my upcoming races!

Tuesday was back to the run. I headed to Bell School Line and did a 15min warm up into 30 sec sprints up a 10% grade. It was just enough to make you bum hurt!! The I did a 15min cool down. Bobby Rose came out for the hurt fest! He did great!

Wednesday was insane. So First I headed to Rattlesnake Golf and Country Club for a round of golf! I was on feeling great and my swing was looking awesome! After a solid round it was time to work. The weather was hot, which I like, so I decided to do my ride on the trainer. Yes the weather was warm but for strong repeats and a TT it is a lot more consistent. I did 10x2min around 500 watts then did a 30 min TT holidng 280 watts! Feeling good!

Off the bike Shannon, Nate, Jen and I headed to the track for a brisk 10 x 1km haha.

The goal for me was to drop the first 4 repeats under 3:30. 1)3:21 2)3:23 3)3:25 4) 3:22.

Next was a 3km repeat, which didn't go too hot. I wanted to smash it and took the first mile out a bit too hard and came in just over 5:30..lets just say the wheels came off and I threw up! I regrouped and did another mile, this time being a bit more consistent and running a 5:45 mile..haha

Now came the fun part. 3 more 1km repeats. This hurt a lot. My goal was to get under 6min miles...the way my legs were feeling made it tough. I was trying to stick 43-44 per 200m and did so every repeats! 8) 3:40 9) 3:39 10)3:41


Today was a rest day with a Master's swim. It was a great set, which broke me down like every other swim!!!

Also I can't believe MJ died today. 50 years old and had cardiac arrest.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Guelph Lake

Yesterday was a solid day! I was feeling good going into this race after a good week of training. Muskoka went well and now it was time to work on the speed. I haven't competed in an Olympic distance triathlon in a couple years so it was sort of exciting..haha

The swim went well ok. It was a double loop course and a mass start. I got my ass handed to me in the first 500 m but once I got out of that mess I found my rhythm. After the first lap I was able to see I was sitting around 20th position in the water and had to work the 2nd lap to keep my speed up and stay in position!

Out of the water I always...excited to get on my bike. I was feeling a bit flat on the bike until Johnny caught up to me, I wasn't letting him beat me on the bike and stayed my distance away and we pushed each other to some of the fastest bike splits. It says 42.4km on the bike but I think it was more like 40..that is what my power tap said. I have to say great work to Johnny on that ride. I averaged 290 watts, which is were i usually am!

Onto the run I was excited my game plan was to stick 6min miles and try to get under 37min! I ran my ass off and felt good. I came in at 37, but had to stop and pee..didn't want to cramp up!

Happy with the day and finishing 5th overall, 3rd in the Pro Field.

Good work John!