Friday, January 4, 2008


Wednesday was a solid training day.

Ended up doing a track workout on the treadmill. Warmed up 3km then did 9x400m on 1:15. The run felt good and I didn't overdue it. Did a 3km warm down. All together a 10km solid day of track.

Thursday: Woke up to a -17 C day so had to make the best of it. Ended up doing a 12km run with pick ups. I was supposed to due hill repeats but will get them done Friday. My avg was around 4:25 per km with the pick ups. The run felt good except for the footing, which I had to be careful with. I wasn't able to make it swimming. Kyle is heading back West and then down south to Arizona so we went out for a nice dinner.

Today is going to be another solid day of training which i will post later...


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Back at it!

The past three days have been great. Except the pools have been shut down because of the holidays.

Dec 30 was a awesome day with a 1.5 hour ride on the compu-trainer. I was able to put out for the 1st hour close to 220 watts. I forget the exact avg but I believe it was around 215. Not a bad ride. I also did a 5km warm up running 19min and then off the bike I did another 20min run with Bob.

Dec 31 Bob and I decided to go at it again on the compu-trainer. Before the ride I did an hour run avg 4:27 km/h. Felt really good until I hit the bike and was only able to output 210 watts on the Lausanne Bike course. Good Choice Bob!

January 1st Bob and I got back on the trainer for another 63 min ride. We attacked the Alcatraz Course and I was able to output 210 watts again. Not bad for off season. I then ran and easy 30 min run. The roads were horrible so I would rather have an awesome day at the track is go time. GOTTA GET FAST