Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Ironman Pro Membership

This week a new membership came out for Pro Athletes who race 70.3 or Ironman events. WTC has made a membership, which costs 750 US, and allows professional athletes everywhere to race any event at anytime. They also explained that the money raised will be used for anti-doping costs.

Thoughts anyone?

2010 Gear Up

So the colour scheme has changed for 2010. Pink is out and Red is in! Was over at Gears Bike shop the other day and was able to get a sneak peak at my bike for 2010. I will be riding the Specialized Transition Pro. This bike is Crazy! Not only did it win the Prologue at the Tour De France but guys such as Macca and Tj Tollakson, who are throwing down the fastest ride splits in Ironman ride it! I am super excited to get it and start training. After talking with the team at Gears I can see why they are one of the best bike shops around. Not only do they care about their cyclists but they are also super knowledgeable about everything to do with bikes. Head over and check them out! 2010 is going to be great!

I have started back into light training for 2010. I fell weird not heading to Florida right now and getting ready to race the 70.3 World Championship but on the other side of things I am able to recovery and get ready physically and mentally for the long winter and the large amount of training I will be doing! To allow the pro's and age groupers who are racing good luck!!

Many athletes have asked me what the plan of attack is for November and what to do during this time? It has taken me many years to finally say a break is needed over the month of November. Not totally off but running for me is fun right now and just enjoying being out with friends...who I usually can't run with because of the speed I am training at. Also I love getting out on the Mountain Bike with Sean or Bob and just kidding around! This is why I do the sports because I enjoy it, not because it is a job. I am however getting ready to swim fast. I have talked with my coach Mike Rutledge from Mississauga Aquatic Club and the goal is simple. 26min for 2km in the water. I was hitting 28 last years and that just doesn't get it. I kill myself on the bike to catch up and then I am burned on the run. Time to swim.

So to everyone enjoy a month of fun training and plan the goals for 2010. Always good this time to thank the people who have stuck by you over the season wether it be sponsors, family, training partners or friends!

....In saying that thank to;

Gears Bike Shop for supporting me in 2010 and gearing me up with the fastest cycling bikes and gear around
Saucony Canada who has the best racing and training shoes ever made
Cera Sport who is keeping me hydrated during the long training sessions and races.
Xterra Wetsuits for keeping me fast in the water..even in a non-wetsuit swim
Sable Water Optics for allowing me to see in the water! They are the best googles
ISM saddle sore or bum pain..need I say more?
The Running Company for being there since I was an age grouper back in 2004
Altitude Tech who lets me feel like I am living in Colorado at 9 000ft!
LG for Gearing me up with the fastest Aerodynamic Helmet around and light carbon shoes
2XU for the best compression around
Trigger Point Therapy for keeping me injury Free

Also I have to thank my coaches Mike and Lisa who deal with me on a day to day me that is tough!
and last But not least my wife Shannon and Rufus who are my two biggest supporters, when I don't want to she is the one who tells me to get out there and train. Love you Babe.

Sorry for the long post but had stuff to say!! Good luck guys in CLEARWATER!!!! RICHIE WIN IT!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Weekend Away

What a great weekend!

Shannon and I were going to drive to Chicago but thanks to a close friend we ended up flying down! We left bright and early to Chicago boarding a 8:15 flight. We landed and were off! Shannon and I headed to the Magnificent Mile, which is actually pretty neat! We went to town hitting all the shops along the way. Of course we got a few things!!!

We finished off our day and headed back to the hotel for 2ish then got ready to head to the fight. Now the funny part about this is we kept asking people were the fight was and nobody had a clue! We were getting a bit worried until someone said it is 22 miles outside of town?? Weird. So off we went! The Undercard fights weren't that Shannon took a nap and I got a Fedor Shirt!! Now for the main event! Fedor vs. Rogers.

Rogers got a stiff jab out of the gate on Fedor and broke his nose. The crowd was going crazy chanting USA....I guess it's what they do. The Fedor got in some bombs until he was mounted by Rogers who landed a few heavy blows! Now Shannon and I had to think fast. We wanted to see the fight but being in the middle of no where meant we had to act fast at the end of the fight to get out and back to the hotel...22 miles is a long way back! 2nd round began and again Rogers put the pressure on Fedor who was bleeding from the face. Then it happened! Fedor stepped in, faked the shoot and gave Rogers a right hook that landed square on the chin of Rogers sending him to the floor!!!! Man what a fight!! As he was hitting the ground Shannon and I ran out the door got a cab and made it home!! So good! We jumped on the plane in the morning and I was able to get in a game of golf on Sunday!! haha

Back to Business now. Great Practice this morning now heading out for a 2 hour ride!