Sunday, September 13, 2009

Demi-Esprit Triathlon Race Report

Leading into the weekend I was feeling great. I have been doing a ton of training really focusing on my run. I was excited to get to Montreal and see the course, which is mentally tough! The 2km swim was in a water basin, the bike was on the race track (20 laps) and the run was around the swim course (4 laps) The course was located on the island where Expo 67 took place. I was told if it is a windy day it would be fun on the race track! Of course it was windy!!

We drove down on the Friday, which left us little to do some race prep because the race was on Saturday. Morning came quickly and I was ready to go. The race started fast and I was able to get out front with the lead group. My swimming is getting much stronger and I came out of the water in 28min. I transitioned fast and got onto the bike! I was feeling good and ready to throw down a serious bike split. My goal was to average around 40km an hour and put down around 290 watts. The head wind was a bit tough but I was able to fight through and come off the bike in 2:12, which is right were I wanted to be. Time to Run!! I was excited and legs were moving fast. Mentally, I was ready to hammer and started putting down sub 6min miles right away. I figured it was time to go fast!! First lap was awesome, 5 miles in I was sitting around 30min, which was right on pace. I was told by the lead bike that I was 2:30 down on the leader and tried to pull him in. Jerome was looking strong and I couldn't pull him in! The last lap was getting tough and I finished with a 1:23 run. Finishing time was a 4:07 and a 3rd overall finish. I am super happy with the result and will be working a lot on my run. I need to be throwing down a 1:18 to really be in the top 10 internationally!

I also have to thank my support crew for this race. My wife is always great to have with me. She doesn't mess around and keeps me going strong! Also to Steve and Sam! They are my celebration crew and took care of the night festivities. I have never seen so much champagne. Also couple other shout outs!

Mark "the ironman" Parsons just completed his first Ironman in 11:15! This is a guy who got bird poop in his eye and caused a huge viral infection and was on antibiotics right up to the race start!

Also to Sean for killing it at Muskoka and taking a 6th overall! Killer buddy! Also Richie you are an animal and what can I say killed it! Must have been the marble slab we had before the race..haha

Next on the list is the Hamilton serious training mode. Time to become a runner