Wednesday, May 26, 2010


What a great start to the season! Victoria Duathlon came quick and we had amazing weather to race. The first run was fast and I have been working on a lot of distance so to hammer out 3:17km for the first km hurt just a bit. I came into transition in the 2nd group and knew I would have to hammer the bike. I have put a ton of work in the bike over the winter and the trainer paid off as I was able to make my way into 3rd overall off the bike. Sorry to Karsten, who had a call against him, which ended his day. Sean Killed it the whole way and 2 guys ended up passing me on the 2nd run....story of my life always the zebra getting chased by cheetahs haha. Long bike boys!! I only had 1 bottle of Cerasport on the bike and should have had a bit more but my new Specialized is killer! Funny how the top guys off the bike were riding Transitions;) Thanks Gears! haha

So I need some help! This year I am helping to great causes for cancer. In Ontario I am helping out which is built from a guy named Joe Finley, who is still fighting cancer but wanted to do a triathlon! He is a legend! I want to race 500 dollars for the charity but also am heading down to help out people do their first triathlon. I may even join in the race! Please help out would be great!!

All you have to do is go to, Donate to Tyler Lord and you are good to go!! Thanks everyone for the help and happy racing;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I push.....

Not to set records.
Not to pass my opponents.
Not because I need to win.
I push because I love speed.
Because it's my passion.
Because perfection is performance.
And for the knowledge that I will:
learn from yesterday. Live for today.....
Never give up

...time to race