Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breaking Compu Trainers

Today was an awesome set with Mat Reid. We met at Runners Den Waterdown and got to work. After a 15min warm up we got into a few pick ups and then hammered a 20 TT . I can honestly say I have never seen Mat work so hard. He hammered in the warm up and I had to hunt him down like a cheetah to a zebra! I pulled out holding 280 watts for 20 min and Mat did 235 (don't quote me on that!) ....that was just the beginning

We then got into a little set that I like to call hurt! It was supposed to be 5 x 4 min hard but we found a course which was 5.83 km and decided to break ourselves! The first set I was able to avg 301 watts for 7:34 seconds, Mat was 251 watts for 7:54. Next set I went to break! I average 310 watts and killed the course. Mat decided to give it too and came in with over 260 watts!

We cooled it down and tried to rehydrate!

PM Workout: Interval set: 15 min warm up with strides then got into it. Main set 2 x 800m then match it with a mile this twice. First set I was running with consistency and did a 3min 800 and did it again. I ran the mile in a solid 6min..but it didn't hurt enough so I made it hurt....! Next set ran a 2:48 800 and then dropped a 2:38 800...then meant I had to throw down a 5:26 mile. I got it done with a 5:23 mile ...i was broken.

I did an easy swim at night with Derek and work on a lot of technique to get the catch and body position down.

Wednesday: I was a bit sore today but had an awesome set with Mat at the pool! (Mat is killing the training) We threw down a 200m warm up then 4 x 50 drill swim. Then came the hurt. 6x (50-75) on 1:05. make the 75 hurt, which it did. Then the main set 12 x 100 on 1:35. I wasn't feeling that great until I came in on 1:28 and thought it was going to be a good day. Slammed out the set and went home to bed!

That night I had to do a 2:30 bike and 30 min run off the bike...nice and easy. I ended up doing a 2 hour bike with Derek and my wife! It was a fun ride then we went out for dinner!

Today is a hard set so will report after it is done hurting!

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st!

I am back and ready to go!  After a fantastic wedding and a spectacular honeymoon with my wife in France I am good to go for training and getting ready for Muskoka!  I have new goals, new sponsors, and a new outlook on training!  

First off I wanted to say thanks to Ian Maclean and Guru for providing me with a fast ride and getting going faster then I already am.  Also I would like to thank 2XU who makes me look good, Sable for great vision in the water, xterra for making me even faster in the water, and of course Blackwell, which makes my wheels go uber fast!!

I am keeping the wraps on my new ride until it is finished and will bring it out for 70.3 Worlds!

A little background on France.  I know most people reading this will know the Tour de France and stage 15, which is Mt. Ventoux.  This is where Lance there down a serious climb and raced Pantani to the top!  I rented a bike well I was over there and headed for the summit!  What a ride, to think what the tour riders do and to what I was doing is hilarious!  I climbed up in 1:28 and descended in 20 min..haha

I am glad to be home and focused on the task at hand.  My goals are solid and I have people backing me and helping me for the Worlds!

Saturday ( Aug 30th) was the first day of serious training:  It started out with a 4 hour bike.  Did 45 min warm up 45min hammer.  Then 30 min cruise 30 min hammer. Then did another 30 min hammer and a 30min cruise then pushed it out one more time to just ruin my legs.  Ended up being 125km!  Grabbed Rufus and off we ran with a 10 min cruise then 10 x 30 sec strides at the track.  Rufus made it through 5 before calling it a day.  Then we cruised it home!

Sunday (Aug 31st)  Was a crazy run day 1:45 in the morning.  Started with a 30 min cruise.  then 3 x 15 below 1/2 pace.  I ended up pushing out 6:18 per mile on the first 15, then 6:20 on the second 15, and then held on strong for 10 min before blowing up on 6:15 per mile!  Then regrouped and pushed as hard as I could.  There was a 5 min rest in between and then ran home at race pace which is 6:24.  I hurt more then you can believe.
Later in the day I headed to the pool and did a solid drill set to get faster!  Brought out the paddles to really work on speed!

Monday (sept 1st)  Rest day!  Thank god, my legs are shot!  But hit the pool and did a tempo swim keeping up the tempo for 3 x 10 min 30 sec rest in between!  I am taking the optional ride off today and getting ready for a serious ride tomorrow