Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All about Hurting

After an epic training day, it was time to lay the hurt. Woke up Sunday morning in my tent to a 6:00am alarm clock. After sleeping at 7000 feet it was hard to get up. Upon moving I found that my training from the previous day toke a toll and the legs were feeling...let's say good! It was time to get ready to race!

Steve felt good as we headed the The Run For the Grapes Half Marathon. After trying to do a warm up I gave up and waited for the start of the race. It started out fast like it always does and I was able to settle into 4min Kilometers. That felt comfortable for about 16km. As Bob put it I did not look good and did not say hi to him.

I broke pace for a Km then got right back on the 4min pace. I came in at 1:26:00, which was pretty good for having no legs. Little did I know but Steve decided to Smash!! his old record by 5 minutes and run a 1:26 just 9 seconds behind me! Damn!

I can't forget Bob too, who stuck it out considering he did not want to race! Good season, time to MTB!

Monday came quickly and did a 75min MTB ride, which felt awesome then headed to the pool with Tyler. I opted out of Swim Team practice to work specifically on my freestyle. After a 1000m warm up we did 5 x 200 on 3min with a 1min rest. Then I did 300m K with Fins, then a 200m warm down. Felt Awesome!