Monday, September 22, 2008

Fresh Start

This year has been a great year with ups and downs...but mostly ups. I haven't written a blog in a while, probably because I have been training my ass of getting ready for the 70.3 Worlds. I have had some great help from friends and family to prepare me for this race.

Training as been great! Muskoka was solid but knew going into the run I didn't have the mileage in my legs to hold the pace I was going at and that is how I ended up 14th!

It was a wet day but weather was fine and the field was strong. After Luke decided to jump the gun we were off. The front pack got away and I stuck on with 4 other pro's and we same together. It was a slow swim and I came out in 30 min. On to bike I lead the attack! I was feeling awesome. The hills were flawless and after training on that type of terrain I made back a few spots and came 12th off the bike. I picked my way into 11th overall and then I derailed! There is no excuses on how it happened, just not enough miles in the legs ..remember I just got married.

I have some new help, who I will mention later who is going to take me to new levels of fitness. Training has been going amazing with the weekend a 5 hour bike with 30 min hard intervals into a 60 min run, paced by a MTB ! Thanks Derek. After making a few comments I wasn't letting him go!

Swimming is improving day by day...swimming 4km a day will do that. The set yeserday was 4 x 800 in a 25m pool...don't know about anyone else but that set almost killed me. Also yesteday did a build 90 min bike ride into a hard 30 min run holding 6:20 miles....! It's coming and I can't stop....I know that everyone is training as hard as me right now and that is why I have to keep going.

Will keep everyone posted on progress!